Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blogger Stories Part Two

My second recent blog-encounter was with a blog-friends sister.
So a proxy-blog-meet.

Not that I wasn't very delighted to meet with C for her own sake, which I was. But it was also the next best thing to meeting Joyce.

I found Joyce's blog in my former shamelessly blog-slutting days when I used to put myself about more in the blogosphere and leave comments on strangers' blogs.

Joyce's brother was dying of cancer and she wrote about that sometimes, with honesty and pain and humour and in a way which really moved and helped me, at the time when we'd just had diagnosis of my mum's cancer.

Plus Joyce can really write, and is very funny.

And has ugly sweater parties which I dream of one day attending.

And shares my passion for vintage fabrics and old buttons.

Just look at the wonderful gift she sent over with her sister:

I've only had this a week, but have already received a couple of passing comments on how fab it is.

Look, it has neckties for straps, isn't that brilliant?
and vintage buttons and everything.

I love my bag, thankyou so much Joyce.

Joyce makes bags like this - well, in fact, not quite like this because each one is unique - and auctions them to raise money for refugees in Darfur. Where she finds the time I don't know because she has her own children to look after, and other peoples' during the day-time.

To date she has raised over $10,000.

As well as using recycled fabrics, buttons and buckles Joyce transforms old waistcoats, fragments of embroidery, still-usable bits of loved-nearly-to-death clothing, vintage handkerchiefs, lacey doileys... Each bag has its own character, adjustable strap and handy pockets inside and outside.

So, if you are looking for a very special christmas gift for someone, and would like to make a contribution at the same time to helping people who have lives and problems which most of us can't begin to imagine, then look at Joyce's eclectic bags, and bid away.


Akelamalu said...

What a lovely gift and an ingenious way of using up bits and bobs!

natural attrill said...

What a beautiful bag, and what a fabulous present to get, lucky you!
I hope all is well for you.

Chick said...

I love vintage fabric & bags & this one is lovely...what a great cause...I'll be sure to check out her site. your favorite kind of chocolate for me...I like Godiva...but would love to be more discerning & less of a pig when it comes to the stuff.

ArtSparker said...

That is lovely, we called my Grandmother Buttons, I think of her whenever I see vintage buttons

Jay said...

Wow, that is a fab bag!!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

What a wonderful bag and what a superb idea - off to check out Joyce's bags right away!

joyce said...

Letty- Thanks for the damp eyes at 7:30 am! Just the lovely encouragement I need whilst in a slump and not feeling too perky.
The pics are great as well, since I had photographed it thoroughly before sending it off, and then my Sam decided to take video of his Lego men and deleted all my photos... Silly man.

Thank you so much. And I loved seeing the photo that Carol forwarded of you and she in an English pub. *sigh*. Living vicariously through my sis is Something, for sure. But what a thrill it would be to walk the Thames myself!

Squirrel said...

What a great gift. My little sister is (this minute) in the middle of a move back to DC (she was renting her home out to a family from ??? (I forget) but the renters have gone back to the Middle East) and she is moving back in -- so I can visit her for the inauguration if I like... hmmm.... Maybe she will start blogging... who knows? She does read blogs. And she's crafty ...but being a single mom keeps her busy.

Jeff update: still in pain.

Squirrel said...

Grandmother buttons! what a great name.

Robert said...

Ah, most wonderful and exquisite!! What a fabulous gift! Thank the lord that I'm not a girl... or I would go goo-goo-gaga over our bag! And for such a great cause!! You girls ROCK!!!

xo, r

R.L. Bourges said...


Reya Mellicker said...

The bag is beautiful! And it's so right for you. Wow, how cool.

"Proxy Blogger" would be a great blog name, don't you think?

Also thanks for the comment on the bird vid. If you like it, it must be cool. You know what a fan I am of your vids.

Trac said...

Oh wow, I didn't realise that it was the 'lady of the lovely bags' sister that you were going to meet!

I lurk there quite often and have fallen for several bags along the way, but I've never managed to stay awake until 2am gmt, for the final bid!

But one day.... :O)

Barbara said...

I love your unique bag. It gives me ideas for how to use all the odds and ends that are collecting in my sewing room.

Brava to Joyce for raising money for Darfur. I would like to believe that people like her can make a difference!

Lynne said...

Just lovely!

ArtSparker said...

Proxy Blogger sounds like the bad girl in Billy Liar.

Pecos Blue said...

That is very nice.

lettuce said...

isn't it, lamalu?
and penny too
(oh that rhymes)
(hope you are well penny)

do chick. i left a choccie comment on yr. blog

ArtsParker, grandmother buttons - thats just fabulous! and Billy Liar - thats a book/film i haven't thought about for a long time!

hello jay. i like your new hair

hello Vanilla. :-D

Joyce i hope you're feeling more perky now. (i'll email you pics)

squirrel - what an amazing time to be moving to DC

ah robert. So, what do you as a boy go goo goo gaga over? ;-)

indeed, rlb

reya, i've watched it x3 now.
Proxy Blogger - excellent! it could provide an anonymous service in posting things people don't want to put up on their own blogs. hahaha

trac, i've seen more than one bag there which made me think of you

barbara, i think so

and agreements to lynne, Artsparker and pecos blue

Gary said...

Blog-slutting days, LOL. It must be a phase we all go through when we first discover the joys of blogging. The bag is truly brilliant! I am off now to check out her other creations.


Gary said...

Letty, I have been visiting Joyce's bag blog ever since I last visited yours and I am simply taken by her creations. I am trying to figure out who to buy one for rather than just place a bid without someone in mind because I can't resist. I think someone will end up with one this Christmas. Thanks for the introduction.

lettuce said...

yay gary! i'm so glad, i hope you get one. if you do, send me a picture