Thursday, November 20, 2008

blogger stories Part One

Two weeks ago I had a weekend away visiting bloggers.

Wendy was one of the first bloggers I got to know online, and one of the first who I then also met in this physical reality - one of the first to become a good friend. Which means that I can be philosophical about the fact that she's not blogging now, because though I miss her blog, I keep in touch with her anyway.

And, popping over to Martin's blog, I see that she has, at least once, surreptitiously, hijacked his blog to share a few words with the world.

I had a great time with them both in Eastbourne. We walked along the beach.
Sorry, start again: we fought our way along the beach against a forceful - but thankfully not very cold - wind. With lots of pauses for photos and beach-combing.

We saw an extremely unexpected seal, looking quite at home in the sticky sand at the edge of the harbour. From the comments of other residents, it seems this was a return visit.

Apparently seals have been seen lately - and even regularly - in the Thames. Now that would be a strange sight.

On the Sunday we had a fab. British Sunday roast dinner at the Lands End pub, before some more pebble scrunching along the coast and a saunter along Eastbourne pier.

The starlings were doing their fascinating flocking-and-swooping thing. Whenever I started filming them with my camera they ducked out of sight on the other side of the pier - but I've caught them on video before, its here if you want to see. Not so much action at the start of this little filmette, but it gets better towards the end.

Eastbourne pier is a wonderful Victorian construction and looks just enchanting at dusk.

And then - back to the station to travel home.
Much as I love London, it was great to get some grime and cobwebs windblasted away.

And the sea did that soul-soothing thing it does:

That was nearly 2 weeks ago.
5 days ago, I met another blogger contact - Blogger Stories Part 2, which will be my next post.


Dumdad said...

Great photos. And thanks for the sea video - being a city dweller I, too, miss the sea.

Dumdad said...
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Queenie said...

I'm addicted to the sea, I just want March to come so we can open the holiday home (static). I remember that video clip i went back to see how long ago that was, but i couldn't see a date, is it a year???
I've never been to East borne, must make the effort and go there sometime it looks so nice.

Dumdad said...

The deleted comment was me - I accidentally double-clicked the first comment. Duh!

Queenie said...

Might even try Eastbourne as well.....

Coffee Messiah said...

Beautiful photos and living where we do now, I miss SF, it's bay and the pacific ocean, fog and everything ; (

martin said...

That photography course payed off...great pictures. When are you coming again ?.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wonderful photos and it sounds like another great blogger convergence! what a special place to meet at. I'm having serious sea lust after seeing this pictures!! I love visiting the ocean in winter...hmmmmmm

no worries about missing another theme. I think this was salt water! so see you got it covered and what a spicy group of buds!

R.L. Bourges said...

the sea. Never gives up, does it? Lovely shots, Letty. The blueish light is quite wonderful.


Akelamalu said...

Lovely photos Lettie. I've never been to Eastbourne but when I retire and get my bus pass MWM and I are going to travel the country on the bus - so you never know! :)

Shammickite said...

Great photos. I love being by the sea.
Eastbourne looks rather interesting. And that seal!!! Wonder why he's not off doing seal things with all his seal friends.
I've never met any of my blogger contacts, there are a couple who live in my area so maybe I will one day.
I've got 3 days left by the sea on this side of the Atlantic, then it's back to the Great White North.

Lynne said...

FAB photos! I love the blues. Totally. My fav pics are the first and last. Love the how in the last one the lights are reflected. Truly fab.

Your sea video looks a bit angry. The waves keep lashing away at the shore. Turbulent.


milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

these pictures are fabulous!! WOW, I definitely need to start following your blog more, this is great. I have never seen a dock like that with such a cool looking building. thanks for sharing!

Squirrel said...

beautifuo photos, I esp. like the one that is blue with the lamp post and lights reflected in glass. Very dreamy.

Chick said...

Lovely photos...the sea looks so the bird video too...I've never seen such flocking birds.

ramblingwoman said...

Sea, soothing? You could sand blast a house with the force of those waves Lettie!

(Glad you had a lovely time x)

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Sounds like a wonderful time, Lettuce! There's something very special about meeting bloggers in real life.
And your photos are absolutely stunning - I love that gloriously Victorian Eastbourne Pier.
By the way, just in case it got gobbled up in the ether, I did reply to your mail a few weeks ago but I know some of my mail hasn't been getting to where it was supposed to go - hope you got it.

The Dotterel said...

My parents live by the sea, which makes visiting them rather special. And I love the seaside 'out-of-season'.

ArtSparker said...

The Eastbourne pier looks like the counterpart to the pier in Santa Monica, which is mostly outside except for the merry-go-round. Seaside towns ARE wonderful out of season (as remarked above). Lovely that you were able to hang out with other blogging friends. I will go back and view the videos now.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love meeting bloggers in person - as you know.

The seal looks mighty cheerful, doesn't he (she?)

Love the lights reflected in the door. Very cool.

Looking forward to blogger report #2!

lettuce said...

Dumdad, you're very welcome :)

Queenie, Eastbourne is lovely - much quieter than Brighton, great architecture and fish and chips (and charity shops!!) And yes, it was nearly exactly a year ago

CM,I'd love to visit SF

thanks martin. oh, before 2009 is too old i hope!

Kimy, Eastbourne (and Brighton) are a possible day-trip from London... hint hint

rlb, it doesn't. i try and keep my videos short, but was tempted to just keep on filming
and on
and on

Lamalu its lovely coast along there - Bexhill, Rye, Hastings, Beachy Head...

go for it Shammie! all my blogger-meets have been great

lynne, yes, both turbulent and lashing (& thanks)

milly thanks! :) there used to be lots of victorian piers like this in england - and i think quite a few are still surviving. Best accompanied by fish and chips

thanks squirrel. i like that one best.

chick, its amazing to watch - hard to believe its not carefully choreographed. (or maybe it is....)

ha, RW - we did feel a bit sandblasted! it was great - both invigorating and soothing

it is special, Vanilla.

hello the Dotterel. i used to visit this bit of coast with my parents, and that does make it more special.

ArtsParker, what is it about the extra atmosphere being out-of-season gives? i do love it

reya, s/he did seem very cheery! popped in and out of the water a few times, then when we looked around, was gone. I felt quite honoured.

Donna said...

What a lovely lady! and a beautiful bag. I am always surprised at the generosity of bloggers. We were blog friends too even though we had Tat as a link ;-)

Donna said...

oh silly me I left this comment on the wrong blog entry! I'm tired and have flu so I have a good excuse. I wanted to say on this blog entry that I was glad to see Wendy and Martin are doing well and are happy in Eastbourne.
p.s I am having another blog giveaway this week so make sure you pop over in time to enter x