Thursday, October 09, 2008


Hands are handy

Thursday Themes are handy - once again I was lacking blogging inspiration, but now I have something to post.

This is (or was or was designed to be) a glove mould - its made of porcelain and was the one New York gift I bought myself on my first Spring trip over this year.

There was a whole wall of these in a Greenwich Village shop - if I ever go back, I will take a photo.

I just knew I wanted one.

Normally my little inner voice would say "... yes, but do you need it?do you really have space for More Stuff?..."
But being on holiday for no other reason than the sake of "My Self", my little inner voice was muffled by the silvery duct tape of self-indulgence and treatiness.

On my summer trip over, I bought myself
a. some vintage buttons

b. these:

from a thrift store.

Aren't they unusual / unnerving / cute / freaky / sweet / odd / special / disturbing / appealing / bizarre ? (delete as applicable)

They are about 2 inches tall - you know, Christmas-decoration size.
(though i deny any allegations of Christmas thoughts in August)

This one is unique, not only by being green and yellow, but also by having its bits - limbs, hands and feet - all present and intact.

Four of them have a hand gone or mostly missing, together with the odd missing foot or two.

This one has no hands at all nor even remnants of hands. (both feet intact though)

But this one, saddest of all, came out of the box with no head.

Being headless must surely be worse than being handless?

Imagine my relief at finding the head nestling in the bottom corner of the box.

The head, hung up by itself, would make a truly unusual / unnerving / cute / freaky / sweet / odd / special / disturbing / appealing / bizarre Christmas decoration, don't you think?


tut-tut said...

at first, I thought that was a rubber glove . . . how in the world did you get it back?

Those little clowns, well, I can see how you had to have them.

Akelamalu said...

Oh those have just become heirlooms do you want to adopt me so I can inherit them? :)

edward said...

Fishs Eddy what a great name for a shop.

i am getting a tree since i have one of the brothers clowns.

Trac said...

Fab! :O)

Trac said...


Fab is just short for unusual / unnerving / cute / freaky / sweet / odd / special / disturbing / appealing / bizarre

Fab! :O)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

that glove mould is so very handy and lends itself to thoughts of all sorts of mischief!

I do love theme thursday.... as I really love to explore everyone's take on the theme....

I'd like to give you a hand for a job well done!

R.L. Bourges said...

that glove mold would fit right in to my collection of hands, lettuce. (One of my aunts owned one of these and used it for her rings and necklaces.)

The yellow and green clown is my favorite.

oh and thanks for the comment about green almond wine over at my place. Here's a link to a green walnut liqueur if you're interested (it's the same principle, of course)


Barbara said...

Sometimes CUTE is enough justification for buying something. And these are indeed cute!

Look at it this way, you can enjoy them and then recycle to someone else when something CUTER comes along to take their place.

It's just STUFF!

Lynne said...

unusual / unnerving / cute / freaky / sweet / odd / special / disturbing / appealing / bizarre

Yes indeed. All those things. They strike me more as unnerving today than cute tho. Maybe it's just my mood, but they all seem to share some secret. Look at those grins---what are they plotting? :)

Shammickite said...

I've never been a great fan of clowns, either glass or real live ones. But these little chaps have a certain appeal. Wonder why there are six red & white ones, and only one green and yellow one. I think the green and yellow one is the boss clown and the others have to do his bidding in battle, hence the missing extremities. But I can't explain the headless one.

Lily and Agathe said...

Awful - awful, weird, freaky, unnerving and ludicrous ... sorry xx but I like the hand hehehe..

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm inclined to think I'd also not have passed up the opportunity to buy that hand!
As for the little figures, perhaps they will have their own paralympics on your Christmas tree! I like the fact that they are still smiling, despite their "disabilities".

Reya Mellicker said...

All adjectives apply. They're fabulous ... though the X's for eyes make them appear, uh ... dead.

Good Halloween decorations, eh?

Gary said...

This is why we get along so well I guess. I love these little guys and have that feeling of "why didn't I find them first?"

I like how you threw in the hands theme in an unusual way. LOL.

This was another good theme Thursday and one that I should have jumped on because, you know, hands are my thing.

PG said...

They certainly have - something - about them...not sure what...I don't think Andy would let them in the house!

(BTW, I sold my first pack of Christmas cards on Friday, so the madness is already starting...)

Aileen said...

Those hands seem to be following me around!

I've seen a display of them in a store window many times when I'm in NYC (in the union square area, though so it's not the same place you've seen them...)

Then a couple weekends ago, I went to visit my aunt, a very talented interior designer, and she had one of these hands (though bigger) in her kitchen- it's where she hangs her dish towel!) That's when I found out it was a glove mold- hers was specifically a man's glove mold.

I wonder why these hands keep showing up? :)

Trac said...

BTW - Love that hand.
How tall is it?

Betty said...

He he. I would definitely hang up that little clown head!
You did a good job getting that hand back to London intact.

Chick said...

I've passed the NYC shop with the glove moulds...they do great window displays I those ornaments are a litle bit off putting...but fun.

Pod said...

i may have bought them too. the headless one really reminds me of something way way back but i can't quite recall what. it slips away as soon as i touch it, like a dream can do.
you funny

Queenie said...

A roll of jokes came to my head when i saw the HAND, then i thought better of sharing my warped/sick/bizarre/non-funny sense of humour.
I know you were thinking Xmas thoughts in August, come on admit it!!!!

lettuce said...

Tut, its more bulky than heavy - I just wrapped it in bubble-wrap and brought it in my hand-luggage. tho' maybe thats what distracted me from remembering to pick up my camera when i left the plane.... :o/
(still v. glad i have it tho)

Lamalu, what can i say? um. No.

Edward you will LOVE your first ever Christmas tree. Eddy and Fishes - of course!

d'you know trac, i think you're right - thats JUST what fab means!
and the hand, its life-sized, about... (hang on) right, i can speak with authority now, 14" tall.

mischief, Kimy? do tell

rlb, a collection of hands, that does sound fab. Thanks for the link. The wine our friend makes is just sumptuous, i bet the liqueur is good too.

It is indeed Barbara! (though i doubt I'll be passing these along any time soon...)

Lynne, i know what you mean about those grins

Shammie, there was another green and yellow clown which - it seemed only right - stayed in Nyack. I like your explanation. The wretched generals always did seem to stay safely behind the front line, didn't they?

L&A, thats okay dear. I don't take it personally. I'm a little surprised not more people shared your reaction. I shant send you one for Xmas.

paralympics - ha! thats funny Vanilla.

Reya! halloween! of course.

gary, i was SO pleased to find them. :-) So, for you, would being handless be worse than being headless?

pg, i do see why some people wouldn't let these cross the threshold. Good luck with your sales! Everyone - go and look at pg's Christmas cards, they are FAB. (in a different sort of way...)

aileen thats very weird. T'would be very funny to keep dishtowels on one of these, great idea.

Betty - hang it rather than stick it? ;op

chick, i wish i'd taken some pics of the shop. I shall next time. They are a strange sight en masse.

why do dreams do that pod? its so annoying when you want to remember them. You funny too.

queenie, go on, do share please. warped/sick/bizarre/non-funny sounds most amusing.

(i admit nothing)

Lewis said...

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