Thursday, September 18, 2008


... in Williamsburg:

empty (1)

seen from (2)

leaned through (3)

seeing by the light of (4)

looked at in (5)

and seen through





And next, the view I have as I sit at my computer - newly relocated from a situation looking at wall with my back to the room, to a far better spot facing the room and next to the window.

And i can see down the side of the house, past the guinea pig hutch and the bikes - dirty window marks -

into the garden - michaelmas daisies & New Zealand flax -

and gold-heart ivy.

1 & 2, windows in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
3, window and gentleman in Manhatten, Murray Hill.
4, New York Public Library

5, The U, either to or from Coney Island

6, Red Apple Rest (more pictures of this fab. building
7, inside the abandoned Bank building, Liberty NY.

8, inside an abandoned laundromat, the Catskills, NY (also more pictures of the laundromat
9, Nyack antique shop


mouse (aka kimy) said...

a wonderful collection of windows!!! I never realized how many photos I have of windows! I probably could post a window picture a day for years!

I love your view from your computer... quite comforting.


tut-tut said...

Ah, you've collected some great images. And I also love the view from your computer. rampant.

Betty said...

Love the library interior. Wonderful light, and so calm and peaceful.

R.L. Bourges said...

great selection.

I was so taken by the 6th photo I checked out the Red Apple Rest on Flickr - what an odd structure, looks unintentionally Japanese or something.

(and I love the one of the two people reading in the Public Library)

Trac said...

Reindeer! :O)

edward said...

wooo. there's a lot of windows to peeek into. i love the laundromat! and the reindeer, and the men leaning out and the people reading and the others. i would like to bite those dolls.

Barbara said...

You have such an eye for what would make a good picture. I love photos that make me want to invent a story to tell, as yours do. The view from your home-sweet-home window is definitely the best!

Shammickite said...

Edward's so naughty, he wants to bite everyting!
Windows... are they for looking out of, or for looking into???

lettuce said...

kimy, me too! I was spoilt for choice just from my USA pictures. Its is a nice view, I'm very happy with my new arrangement.

Tut-tut, it is rather rampant and also frequently full of neighbourhood cats. and mice.

Betty, you/we must go there next visit. :-)

rlb, isn't it an interesting building? i was very glad to see it in its decrepitude - its due for redevelopment, so will be interesting to revisit and compare.

trac! rudolf?

i bet you would, eddy. i know someone else who would too...

thanks barbara. ( i do take lots of picures which are rejects too...)

or, shammickite, for reflecting us back to ourselves?
(i love looking through other peoples windows. v. nosy, me)

Akelamalu said...

They are all good but I love #5 :)

Sally Crawford said...

Nice posts, lettuce, and even nicer to catch up with you.

Congrats at moving your desk over to the window. :))

WHAT is pic 7?

Lynne said...

oh, I do like this assortment of windows.
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks like he is asking for help to be let out...
The Red Apple Restaurant used to be quite the thing in its day. It's sad now.
Great pics!

d. chedwick said...

Looking at all these windows (is one a bank vault?) makes me wonder--all the new construction going on right next to demolition and abandoned buildings. No one seems to want to renovate much anymore. Even in Mytown people buy old houses now and tear them down to build a new one. In most instances the old house is worth saving too.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Gorgeous collection of windows! I love the way each one has it's own stories to tell. So incredibly evocative!

lettuce said...

lamalu,i like no. 7 too, its such a calm reflective place, quiet light

sally, i should have moved it years ago! No. 7 is the interior of an abandoned restaurant/motel in the US...

thanks lynne. :-)
(maybe it will be again?)

ched, I was thinking that, it seems such a waste

thanks 'nilla. I'd not realised how many windows pictures I take...