Sunday, September 21, 2008

Three Things

Part One
Status report: I'm currently in the busiest couple of weeks of the year, with new students arriving on Monday - so work, just lately, has been of the kind to make my head explode with the range, quantity and complicatedness of things to be done.

However a busy weekend has become less busy. Today I was to have been doing this with my sister and BIL - but due to a very sore throat and some glandiness around the neck I have decided to stay home and loaf. Freshly made loaf just done in the bread machine, yum, loafey slippers and still in my loafeycosy dressing-gown at 10.08.

I am sorry not to be there, esp. as its a beautiful day - but I am glad to be here. And I have unexpected blogging time.

Part Two
LG's birthday today.

Her birthday outing - with 2 friends, to Camden Market - was yesterday and for once both M and I were permitted to go with. So long as we kept our distance of course.

LG is now scarily 14. Though she has, effectively, been scarily 15 or so for at least 3 years.

Happy Birthday wonderful girl.

Part Three
No link.
(Except maybe a certain wildness in common to parts 2 and 3?....)

A little furry creature used to live in a cabin in the Catskills.
it was a sort of temporary lodging for him

but his residency came to an end when Steve discovered that he was, himself, (ie the little furry creature, not Steve) providing temporary lodging for some other, smaller organisms.....

And so, it was decided to return him to the wild

I wonder if he is still there, lurking in the undergrowth?


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh poor thing, hope you soon feel much better. Agree that under the circumstances every form of loafing is better than biking.

Be well soon.

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% Lettie.

Happy Birthday to your girl.

tut-tut said...

Nice portrait! is the b/friend still lurking . . .

good luck with all your various extreme work activities.

Betty said...

Happy birthday LG! xxx

letty, hope you're feeling much better v v soon.

(Love the flying raccoon :D)

R.L. Bourges said...

Three things of my own:

The youtube link refuses to open so the fate of the thing, whatever it was, remains a mystery for me.

Happy Birthday to your daughter (if she's willing to entertain good wishes from old ladies who are perfect strangers, to boot)

and hope you feel better for the onslaught of work awaiting you.


Reya Mellicker said...

Bravo! How wonderful to photodocument this event.

And how great to hear Steve's voice, too.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Oh yeah!

Pecos Blue said...

Sounds like a nice weekend indeed. Nice portrait.

Dumdad said...

Bad luck about the biking but at least you didn't get a puncture!

tut-tut said...

And so no bike cam, either! Maybe you need to rest . . .

Lynne said...

LG looks awesome!

I think the furry creature was too stuffed to wander too far into the undergrowth ...

do you think the owners of the cabin will miss him? not too likely I'm thinking ...

Nice throw, Steve!

Hope you're feeling better!

Steve said...

Ha! My finest hour! :)

Hope you feel better soon, Lettuce. I was sore throaty & glandy myself for a while but I seem to have gotten past it...knock on wood!

Barbara said...

Love the beautiful picture of LG, who still has just a bit of that little girl look left.

The scary creature is probably too "petrified" to come out of hiding!

dennis said...

Dennis likes LG

pretty face and pretty eyes how she will hypnotize

mouse (aka kimy) said...

3 things

1) be better NOW

2) hippo (belated) birdie sweet LG (love your hair!!!)

3) aw poor stuffed raccoon, I'm speechless (& quite shocked) but maybe some little forest creature could make a home of the raccoon's taxidermed carcass

Coffee Messiah said...


and Happy unBirthday to your daughter! ; )

Nothing wrong with loafing. ; )

Shammickite said...

How many raccoons make it onto Youtube? Not many I'm sure. The little fellow has found fame at last.
Feel better soon.... honey and lemon with a shot of scotch does the trick.

Gary said...

Happy Birthday LG!

Sorry to hear that you are (were) feeling under the weather a bit. The transition into a new school year seems to bring out the germs. Could it be stress or just a change of routine? I had a bit of that the first week of school that quickly passed.

Sorry to have been away from here for so long.

Steve said...

Don't be shocked, K. The raccoon was well past caring. Dust to dust, as they say!

Trac said...

Me too! - Ill that is.

In fact I was just feeling impressed with the huge amount of tissues that I have gone through just this morning! :O)

Hope LG had a good one!

edward said...

The live animals give Ricky the Raccoon a wide berth--he's slowly mouldering away .

Kim is en route now via train--she just passed poughkeepsie and from the other side (new jersey) a noreaster is barreling towards us, a fun wild weekend is ahead! possibly very wet as well.

wish you were here.

m misses you also and eddy.

ps I still have ricky's hand / paw. sweet little paw.

lettuce said...

thanks for the good wishes Vanilla, Akelamaly, Tut-tut and betty. (boyf was still lurking till yesterday pm.... its all over now)

rlb, thats strange, it should appear as a playable youtube, not a link. i will come and post a link on your blog. She was v. ready to entertain your wishes, thanky.

isn't it, reya? :-)

pblue, its a good picture, just as she is

indeed, dd.

doesn't she, lynne? since writing this i've felt better, then worse, then better.... hoping the story ends there.

theres a lot of it about Steve. Do these glands serve any useful function, i wonder...

barbara she does, she's still very much betwixt and between

LG would love Dennis too

don't be shocked Kim. It was the best thing for everyone. (what steve said)

CM, loafing is a newly favourite activity for me

shammie, the whisky by itself works pretty well too ;op

hey gary! thats ok, no need to apologise i know you're busy busy yourself. LG is often sick near the start of term, i'm sure its related to what you say.... and then of course she gifts it to us. meh

trac, i'm only just getting into the tissue phase. LG is still coughing like a navvy

Eddy! give kimy a special snuggle from me. and kisses too to m and j. Have a FAB time, i know you will.
[not too sure about the paw :o/]