Sunday, September 07, 2008

more communication

Thursday themes are great for when i feel like a lazy blogger - i'm always likely to have some at least slightly relevant photos to slap up here......

but after posting last Thursdays "Communciation" pictures, i came across just a couple more relevant pictures from my recent US visit.

And I also actually gave a bit more thought to the topic (hmmmm a hazlenut in every bite)
so I am now being a not-so-lazy blogger, and doing a follow-up post.

With writing.

Its hard impossible for me to imagine what travelling would be like without the instant communication which we take for granted.

In fact I'm not sure I would have visited the US at all if I hadn't developed friendships through blogging and then email.

And I've also been thinking about the ways in which communications and communities spring up, all over the place, with the slightest opportunity - flickr is designed primarily for sharing photographs, but people use the comments box (and even the tags labelling the photos) in all sorts of ways... communicating and developing relationships...

I do believe the instinct and need for communication is one of the most characteristic, universal and inherent human qualities. Speaking, myself, as a recovering introvert.

While away, on both of my USA trips, I didn't miss M or LG at all.

But I texted them frequently and emailed. So, we were in contact... so in a way it didn't feel as if I was so very far away...

[Eddy checking for new emails dozing]

I wonder how much I might have missed them if I'd been mobile- and computer-less? It would certainly have felt odd. If I was travelling completely alone, rather than visiting friends, I would definately buy a lap-top to take with me.

Tho it has occurred to me to wonder whether these advantages might mean that i am missing out on some aspects of travel... there is a certain appeal to the possiblity of being really adrift and out of contact. But i don't think I could trade the internet for that experience, at least not at this stage in my life.

I agreed - rather reluctantly - to let M buy me a mobile phone about 5 years ago. On the explicit understanding that he would accept that I wouldn't always have it with me.
[he doesn't accept it]

But of course I was soon appreciating the convenience of being able to text him with shopping lists or additions to shopping lists. And some of its more qualitative uses.

We didn't speak on the phone while I was in the States

[telephones in the NYC public library]

but knew we could, if we needed.

[telephones in Grand Central Station]

I didn't write any letters or postcards.

I would be sad if people stopped sending postcards altogether, but i seem to have stopped doing so myself.

So, I think I will start again. Next holiday or outing. New resolution.

[mailboxes nr. Liberty, NY]

LG is also extremely appreciative just now of all this wonderful communication technology. Actually, I think she's too accustomed to it all to be truly appreciative - but she makes extensive use of it.

She had an additional week in the Channel Islands, after M and I returned to London and to work.*

Now she is home she is spending an inordinate amount of time sat at a computer (whenever possible, M's new computer with the handily-extra-large screen) and engaged in multiple MSN conversations - catching up with London friends, and keeping in touch with Jersey friends.

In particular a certain recently-acquired Jersey boyfriend.....

*{not v. happy with colour-communicating-mood idea after all... did it communicate anything?}


Akelamalu said...

Communication by phone and particularly email make it so much easier to keep in touch these days. MWM, like you, doesn't take his phone with him when he goes out so for him it's pointless having one!

tut-tut said...

I have no idea how to text or even enter a person's name on my Directory list on the cell phone.

I'm still an introvert; maybe I need an intervention. Your travels amaze and delight!

boyfriend!?! you might be getting some in-the-flesh visits . . .

R.L. Bourges said...

re your question about color: I've become so used to it indicating a link, I clicked both times! technology-driven communication codes :-)

Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to understand life without e-mails, webcams and mobile telephones. Having a daughter who moved to New Zealand has made me realise that all those early settlers went away with no way of communicating other than 'mail' which would probably have taken 3 month to get here and another 3 months to get a reply. I am in touch with her if not daily at least weekly and see my grandaughter whom we left aged 6 months last year ,on the webcam and she recognises us.

Leaving a daughter 12,000 miles away is like a bereavement, daily I miss her. I cannot comprehend life 150 years ago when one would say goodbye and have to realise that life with them was over.

Thank goodness for technology and communications, isn't it wonderful?

Sorry if I rant on, I can't imagine life now without my computer!!!!!

Squirrel said...

I used to hate cell phones, but I hear from a wider group of people thanks to them. when I hear from an old friend, or get an e mail from a cousin I'm glad for these $ saving devices. My cousins and friends can go to a library and contact me almost instantly for free via e mail. It is amazing.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Enjoyed your post Lettuce - words and piccies are good! Shame that awful word has to be mentioned again regardless of colour!!

Sue x

natural attrill said...

One of the best things for me about going away, is that I dont have access to a computer, and therefore cant work. Probably one of the pitfalls of being self employed and emails coming in all the time, I cant 'turn off'.
So, definately no computers for me whilst on holiday.
Mobile is just for emergancy really.
I like postcards though!
Perhaps I am just old.....

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

One of the things I have come to love are power failures - no internet, no email. Admittedly it took a while to get used to but it struck me whilst "down" how much else one can get done, not to mention just having the time to be still. When I travel, I steer clear of email and internet and, if I can, my mobile too - unless of course, I'm in one place and D is in another then I'd be lost with being able to text him!

I read an article the other day about discomgooglation - a new stress state which occurs when people are left without email and internet access. Makes you wonder what we were doing just 15 years ago...

Barbara said...

E-mail, mobile phones, and Blogging have made the world seem infinitely smaller. I somewhat panic when I'm in an area where mobile phones don't work or there is no Wi-Fi. I do think a return to the hand-written word with glossy pictures is a good idea. Next trip!

Bob Dylan said...

here's one problem with postcards: They rarely make new ones anymore, except for Top Top tourist destinations... so if you visit Delaware often, you'd be sending the same old tired postcards.
another problem--you run out of room.
another...some postal services are a nightmare.

another--you need both time and patience.

Bob Dylan said...

I believe I will send Tut Tut a letter soon.

Lynne said...

You communicated perfectly letty.

Loved your post! Loved this pics!

Jay said...

We are so rarely unplugged lately.

My sister recently moved quite a distance away, and while I absolutely indulge in long-winded emails, I've also been sending real mail, postcards included, every other day at least.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a great post! I love the pics of public telephones ... I haven't seen one of those in a long time.

I, too, marvel at the friendships and kinships I've developed through blogging. Right now I'm listening to a CD of a woman who lives in Tanzania. Fabulous music, fabulous person. If not for blogging, I would have absolutely no idea she was out there singing, riding horses, etc.

As for travel, I'm no good at it. I'm always terribly homesick even if I can communicate with folks back home minute by minute.

You on the other hand are a great traveler. I'm so grateful to know you, darling Lettuce!

lettuce said...

Lamalu, i do generally take it.... but sometimes not, and thats partly as a matter of principle! (and i don't take it to the toilet with me... i know some who do... :o/)

tut-tut, maybe i can intervene at a distance by emailing you lots of good reasons to visit me in london... as for the in-the-flesh boyfriend, M for one is very glad he is at such a distance.

thats funny, rlb - so it did communicate something, even if not what i intended. as so often no doubt...

lusks you are very welcome to rant here. I can't imagine being so far from LG, IT must transform the experience for you.

squirrel, I used to be just a teensy bit luddite about the techie stuff, but i too keep in touch with people much more now

V2V, blogger just didn't offer me a nasty enough colour

Penny, I'd like it for just a week or so, i think, if i was with - not apart from - my family.

Vanilla - discomgooglation? what a dreadful word. Heres a worse word: discomwikipeed. (i wish our students had to do without wikipedia)

barbara, i hope to receive a glossy picture with some words from your next trip

bob, some of those are the reasons i stopped sending them.... but i do like really bad taste postcards

thanks lynne! did you spot any postcards on Coney Island?

jay i might not send postcards (new resolution not yet acted on) but i love letters, notes, cards, scribbles, packages....

reya i don't' think i'd have imagined you to be a very homesick type. i hope it wont stop you visiting me in london

Trac said...

Just as I was about to say THANK YOU for the marmalade, which is very yummy, I heard the post drop and went to look and there was a postcard!? Hardly ever get one, and only ever send one to MIL from the kids.

In fact, and I hate to mention the 'C' word, but I find myself only sending minimum amounts of Christmas Cards now too!

But I'll text and email people to wish them a happy one! :O)

Steve said...

Are those all different conversations on LG's screen? Wow. My head is spinning.

Betty said...

Way too dependent on my mobile phone (maybe that comes from having very mobile daughters!)

During the day I carry one for work as well. At least they have different ringtones :-(

tut-tut said...

Ooh; I'd love to see you in London. Maybe next year? When we have a wondrous new president?

Also, I'd like to receive a letter from Squirrel/Bob/etc. Put a bug in their collective ear.

lettuce said...

synchronicity, trac.

me too steve, i think i'm quite good at multi-tasking. But that scares me!

betty, mobile daughters can have that effect

Yes, Tut-tut. Yes! Yes!