Monday, June 02, 2008


I've been struggling a lot with mess lately.

Mess in my head and my heart and my home.
(and at work but i couldn't think of a term beginning with 'h')

Clutter and litter and dust everywhere, conflicting and divided interests, piles of complications everywhere, things (some people) misplaced or missing (or sorely missed)

too much of most things
too little (mostly people) of those I most want and need

sorry for this miserable moan about mess


i've missed blogging

and feel less miserable
& mustn't mope

& am making headway with working through messes (mostly)
& marking lots of mouldy exam scripts
& mean to post more frequently
& might actually manage to do so


once thought of, has to be eaten


Sally Crawford said...

Blogging (attention 'out there') is supposed to help with these head messes, Lettuce.

As is sticking some flowers in a vase together with moving your desk over by the window.

Blog, blog, blog . . . it's a community of head messes.


Lee's River said...

courage, ma belle.

Lynne said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down letty. Must be post-USAvisit-depression. Did your new camera arrive yet?

I am starting to feel a huge lift of spirits this past week. I won't say yet just why because I don't want to jinx anything, but all will be clear at the end of the week. ;)

Sending hugs and thoughts your way.

Steve said...

Maybe we all need messes in order to appreciate neatness? Anyway, I hope things get better. If you miss blogging, blog more. We're all here eager to listen. :)


zquilts said...

Beauty truly does surround us if we can begin to simply open our hearts to it. It's so hard to do that though when our hearts are heavy with sadness. You will feel the light again soon. Hang in there

Bob Dylan said...

feel better ... i'm thinking of you.

Donna said...

Oh Letty-Lou, thinking of you and sending hugs xxx

tut-tut said...

Oh dear; I'm sure I could commiserate, especially if it involves someone close to home . . . I'm having my own issues here, and trying to keep things discussed out of earshot of others . . .

Akelamalu said...

Let it all out on your blog Lettie. Hope you feel less messy soon. x

wordwitch said...

I hear ya sister - must be something in the "spring" air these days - my blog, too, is rather bleak and dark. Wish this virtual hug could be real.


Gary said...

You have given me a task on which I have, at this point, invested way too much time to walk away unsuccessful. Yet I have.

I am unable to think of or find an 'H' word to describe work. Darn it!

If there is anything I am learning it is that life is messy. The good comes with the bad and all that. It is the small moments of bliss that make all the difference. Look for those and hold on tight.

lusks said...

Keep your chin up as they say, sorry you're feeling down.

Pod said...

up with vegemite!!

Lib said...

come visit here this summer!

IntangibleArts said...

...i'm just sayin'...

Trac said...

I sometimes miss blogging too.

But if there was a national ban on marmite, I wouldn't miss that!

lettuce said...

Sally, flowers in a vase is an excellent idea. Desk by window would be nice. Too much mess in the way. :o/

Lee, thankyou

lynne yes, it is partly a post FAB-holiday return to reality thing. Agog for your news. things crossed.

steve, how very zen of you. (about the mess, not about the marmite)

zq yes, you are right. and sometimes its the simplest things.

thanks bob.
and donna.
and how nice to be thought of by you special people

oh tut-tut. life is complicated sometimes isn't it? "poo" to complications. (aren't I articulate?)

thanks lamalu. I'm getting a few things straight

Wordwitch there does seem to be some bleakness hanging around... Wishing for some light and brightness for you too

gary I spent too long on it myself. meh. holding on.

lusks, tis a strange expression that one.

you can keep your vegemite down there, pod. down. down under.

lib who are you? where is here? i must investigate...

intangibleone I agree. Bovril is also good. very good.

how very unpatriotic of you Trac, you're as bad as pod. tch

d. chedwick said...

i like the blue sad thing best.

nice capture on the trash!

Baguette said...

Marmite, no. Bovril, yes. On hot, buttery toast. Makes things seem immeasurably better.


PS am blogging again.

PPS Will write soon.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Sending big hugs. Messes, once shifted through, do pass. Strength and courage, Lettuce.
And I'm with Baguette - bovril rather than marmite :-)

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Lettuce

Thanks for your sweet message - good to hear from you. Sorry to read you're feeling somewhat blue. The weather doesn't help but the vase of flowers might, along with lots of virtual hugs from us all.

'Twas ever Marmite, but Bovril sandwich soldiers (with the crusts off) dunked into a cup of steaming Bovril when I was poorly. Sadly a few years ago Marmite and I suddenly didn't agree and now it has to be Bovril ... much as I'd love to have Marmite at the top of the list.

Shall continue throughout the day to try and find the elusive 'H' word.

Sue xx

mouse (aka kimy) said...

mmmmm marmite, definitely builds up the needed strength to delving into those nasty messes we have to face every once and a while.

a bit of 'sampler wisdom' for this situation:

"inch by inch life's a cinch; yard by yard life is hard"

you'll get through it all inch by inch ....

hugs, off to make some toast and slather it with marmite, you are right once thought of must be eaten.

love the litle faces in the street art

lettuce said...

ched, Philly was fully of these sad faces. Is it a sad place? :O/

who'd have thought i could be so happy to see a baguette? :o)

Vanilla, Bovril-love is an acceptable substitute for Marmite-love

Sue, don't fret too much about the "H", i think i've given up

oh Kimy, "slather" is SUCH good word