Saturday, April 05, 2008

children and animals

Rosie is the year-old golden retriever we stayed with in Jersey (along with her humans). The house was regularly littered with the disembowled remains of the soft toys she loves to play with and she has the eyes and expression to make you feel like an utter scumbag should you think of going out without her. Her ears are beautiful.

She loves other dogs and soft toys and humans and tug-of-war and television. Especially the animal planet.

This is our new nephew - how could you not nuzzle and sniff such a little head?

My mother-in-law is originally from Malta and most of M's family - including my own LG - were born with a riot of silky black hair like this. When LG was a baby people used to almost delight in telling me it would all fall out or rub off. It didn't much. So nyah nyah nyah.

My own hair is entirely different and much less delightful but i have recently succumbed to LG's make-over nagging and i too now have short newly-black hair, but its way less cute and nuzzlesome than this.

Our other (2) nephews in Jersey have transmogrified, over the nearly 3 years since we visited, into teenagers. The deep voices, height (they're probably both approaching 6' or more), teenage humour, large feet, disreputable topics of conversation etc.... were all predictable. Less expected was the mass of curly hair which they both now have.

Nobody in the family seems to know where it has come from. It must be some recessive gene. Last time I saw the boys they both had very straight hair (as they always have had) which was also kept pretty short because of the perennial peskiness of head-lice at school. Now - curliness abounds.

LG and the boys have always got on like the proverbial incendiary dwelling-place. Even after nearly 3 years, and with puberty in the interim (and all that that entails) there was scarcely a whisper of hesitation before they were back to their old hilarious loquacious riotous easy familiarity. Thick as thieves.

They hatched a plot.

We didn't expect it would come to fruition, given all the variables.

It has.

So, two teenage boys will be on a plane, London-bound, on Monday, to stay here for 10 days while they are all on their Easter/spring school break.

Wish me luck.


Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

There is nothing quite as wonderful as a golden retriever. Silky ears, eyes that will stare deep into your soul and a sense of humour bar none! Best dogs in the world!

And good luck for the descent of the nephews! Have fun!

Reya Mellicker said...

They're adorable! Wow!

OK - may the force be with you while they're in London, oh yeah! But you're also bound to have lots of fun. And they look so nice, too. Wonderful pics!

As for your own hair, you wouldn't really want it to be nuzzlesome, would you? That might invite people to get a bit too close.

I bet your hair is gorgeous, though. I'll see for myself soon enough. Can't wait!

tut-tut said...

The three of them look like they could hatch quite a few plots. It's great to have like-minded cousins, especially as she is an only child. You'll certainly have a busy time of it! But then, you're off on your own adventure, aren't you!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a delightful post...and pictures of a cute tv watching pup, a nuzzly babe and a trio of mischievous teens to boot (and I don't mean a car trunk ;)) and one of my absolute favorite things baby hands and feet! what's to say. thanks for the smiles and bringing into the family hearth.

have a great time with the boys and good luck - remember no matter what happens, remember that everything is transitory. xxxx

dennis said...

Dennis thinks this is a truly beautiful post. Dennis loves people.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

Three teenagers - yessss... I survived several years of three teenaged boys and one teenaged girls. Ten days should be bearable :-)
(actually, you'll breathe a sign of relief when they leave...and miss them the minute they board the plane home.)

The baby pics are wonderful, as are the dog's.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

funny: I wrote one teenaged girls - she was worth three, I guess :-)

Trac said...

I love Rosie!

Ears can make or break a dog I reckon!? :O)

Deb said...

Lovely pictures, a dog and a baby. Sounds like heaven. You'll have a wonderful time with your nephews. I always wanted an auntie I could go and visit.

Akelamalu said...

Oh the baby is just adorable! I love the photograph of the dog watching the telly! LOL

Good luck with your guests I'm sure you'll all have a great time. :)

Lynne said...

Those three look like they could hatch plenty of plots! You will be kept busy until you leave on your trip, won't you?
Lovely post.

Sally Crawford from London said...

Lovely family pics; perfectly beautiful babykins.

I have to say though that the little dog Rosie (is that Rosie?) interacting with the big cat on the TV is priceless.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Good to have you back on your game.

Gledwood said...

is the doggie really watching television in such a "wise"-lookin' posture..??...???


Gledwood said...

ps your clock's an hour out! i had massive trouble with mine (through same company) but eventually got it set on precisely the right clickstable and now it alters AUTOMATICALLY come each equinox...

lettuce said...

this particular golden retriever is certainly one of the best dogs in the world, Vanilla.

you are funny reya, and quite right - i wouldn't want all and sundry nuzzling my hair. ;op

tut-tut it is great for her, esp. as an only child. they've always been so effortlessly thick as thieves! [and yes! i am! :o)]

haha kimy, i'll try to remember. (i found it hard to stop taking pics of the tiny toes and fingers)

is Dennis an old softie after all?

lee, i'm sure it will be more than bearable. LG is more than equal to 3 teenage boys I think.


deb it is nice to be in that role i must admit.

isn't he, lamalu? (aren't they all?)

lynne i could tell stories of previous exploits. maybe i will sometime...

sally I was esp. pleased with that photo of Rosie - but it was quite typical behaviour!

good to have you here shelly.

yes gled, she was. In fact she'd been playing tug-of-war with me and stopped to go and check out the big cats... then returned to resume the game afterwards. :o)
thanks for noticing the clock. :o/ i'll try and sort it out and come ask you for advice if i can't.

Malc said...

That's a mighty powerful tie the young man has on there. Jeez, you could warm half-a-dozen pensioners around that thing. Cute dog and baby.

Steve said...

Maybe the nephews' hair got curly because they've finally been able to grow it out? Or maybe they got perms? (Probably not.)

Good luck with the visit. I'm sure you'll all have a blast.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Ahhhh Golden Retrievers! If I ever wanted to share my life with another dog, a Golden would be my choice. I still miss our dear old Wendydog, who went to doggie heaven last year.
The baby's lovely... did the little bootees fit? And to think the little tyke's going to grow up to be one of those curly haired monstrously large teenagers. My straighthaired older son went through a surprisingly curlywurly phase at the age of 15-17, but it's straight again now. Well... it's getting sparser too!

Gary said...

The picture of the puppy watching television is just too too precious, as is the one of the adorable baby feet. Why does everyone love a babies feet?

You know dear letty, when I initially read the first line I inserted a New before Jersey and thought...She is in New Jersey?! Wow. My bad. However, you will be in this part of town soon enough. I will indeed be in Florida when you are in NYC but if you want me to look into inexpensive theater tickets for you we can arrange something. (Let's do email :)

Looking forward to seeing you in DC for the bloggers extravaganza!

lettuce said...

malc, isn't it?! "standard!"

steve maybe its perms in association with this troubling 80's revival that seems to be going on? :O/

ex-shammie - curlywurly phase, haha. yes, they fitted pretty well thanks! yours?

gary, there is just something about them, isn't there? (the feet) (well, and the dogs ears too) and thanks for the offer, you are a sweetie. i'll email you.

Pod said...

i must touch those ears