Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4 days 8hrs 34 mins

I've just been amending flight details, Asian vegetarian seems a good option for my meal, don't you think?

Virgin Atlantic tells me it is 4 days, 8 hours and 34 minutes to my flight.

Before then I have essays to mark, library book orders to fill out, emails to send, bits and piece of work admin to do, organic veg. delivery to cancel, US train info. to check, camera memory cards to clear, bills to pay, cheque books to balance, niece's birthday gift to get ready for posting in my absence, confirm proxy vote for london mayoral elections while i'm away....
No more teaching (yay!) but one particularly tedious (but important) meeting to attend.

Work is shitty at the moment.
But, on the other hand, 4 days, 8 hrs, 26 mins.

Which should allow some time for last minute shopping.

Oh, and time for packing?

I've only had one NYC dream, which i hope wont be repeated as it involved a last minute (as in, seriously last minute only-one-hour-before-departure) panic about having left everything, including washing, packing etc., far too late.

I have, however, finally got around to spending some time with the NYC Guide I bought months and months ago... and I had a great planning session last night with L, with whom I will be in NYC.

We want to allow plenty of time for simply wandering the streets, following our noses. But we do hope/plan to fit in the following sights and activities (in no particular order):

Walking in Central Park
Visiting Brooklyn - the museum and a general wander...and food
Cultural/Food tour of Greenwich Village (already booked!)
Empire State Building
A broadway show (courtesy of Gary)
Chinatown and Vietnamese food (as recommended by Kimy)
Time Square
Guided street tour (with graffiti?) courtesy of Steve.
(other museums poss. depending on time and weather)

L has a shopping list from her daughter. I have no shopping list, but will be happy to see Bloomingdales, or Macys - I'd really enjoy visiting some thrift stores, maybe East Village? (see, i have been doing some homework)

How does that sound, for a 4 day 5 night trip?

If any of you know NYC, and would like to leave a comment with your 2 top recommendations of experiences not to be missed, sights we shouldn't go without seeing, food which simply HAS to be eaten - we will be very pleased to take them under advisement.

4 days, 8 hrs, 4 mins.

After 4 days, 5 nights in NYC I will be catching a train to Harrisburg, Pa, where I'll be staying for nearly a week with some long-standing friends who I've not seen for far too long.

My trip concludes with 3-3 1/2 days in Washington DC, where my priorities are:
-spending time with Reya [oh, and Jake :-) ]
-meeting other bloggers
-seeing a bit of the city

Now, if I'd not spent time writing this post, I could have got some of those chores done.
But on the other hand, if I'd not started blogging, I'm not sure I'd be taking this trip. Really.

And, as I might as well upload some pictures while I go and get another cup of tea - here are some more pictures of Jersey (Channel Islands):

Gorey Castle:


St. Catherine's bay:

St. Catherine's bay:

4 days, 7 hrs. 41 mins.
but who's counting?


Anonymous said...

Are these viruses that are above, had alarm bells ringing on my computer.

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

uh...(I never open see here links for that very reason)
back on topic:
Lettuce - I've noticed that those kinds of panicky dreams were a sure sign that the trip were be great . So panick if you must, but it'll all get done and what doesn't, won't. The world keep on turning nonetheless.
If you don't post again before you leave, have a wonderful time.

Forest Green said...

You might like to look here before you travel:

I hope you have a terrific time in NYC!

Reya Mellicker said...

The pics are fantastic. Even better is your upcoming trip across the pond. Can't wait!!!

tut-tut said...

You'll have a great time! I wish I lived closer and could meet up. L is a sort of Mobey fan; he has a teashop in the East Village (I think) called Teany. I think there are lots of fun bars in that area, too (but I'm sure these are of no interest to you . . .).

Lynne said...

You timed your visit well. Hopefully all the crowds coming in to get a peek at the Pope will have left the city by the time you arrive!

I hope we get to meet up!

Lynne said...

oops, forgot to say that I think Gorey Castle looks like it's made out of the same sand as the beaches ... a sand castle ...
and love the pic of the trees in St. Catherine's Bay!

Debbie in NC said...

The 2nd Bay picture is GORGEOUS!

You're going to NYC!! Oh, that has been my dream forever and one day, I too will go! I've been all over Europe but haven't been to NYC.

I am so jealous I might have to do nothing the rest of the day but brood. Good excuse, right?

And with your talent? Oh, I can't wait to see it thru your eyes! Please take lots of pictures and post post post! Can you tell I'm excited about YOUR trip?

Yippee! Have a wonderful safe and and kick-ass time!!!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

How absolutely gut-wrenchingly gob-smackingly exciting to be looking forward to such a trip! I visited NYC back in the early 90s, haven't been back since. But YoungerSon went last year with a bunch of male buddies... they visited all the locations used in the film Ghostbusters and had their picture taken in front of each one, holding a model of the Ghostbusters car.... well, it takes all sorts doesn't it? I'm not actually recommending you do the Ghostbusters tour, but they certainly had fun!
Have a great time.... next time, come to Toronto! I'll show you round.

dennis said...

Dennis says you are gonna have FUN.

d. chedwick bryant said...

Asian veg is the way to go. Am looking forward to seeing you! You'll have a great time. See you sooooon.

Trac said...

My top tip for visiting the US is...

If you ever hear the question
"Do you want hashbrowns or grits with that?"

Don't say grits! hahaha :O)

Have a great time Lettuce and let me know as soon as you are back as I want all the goss!
(Ooooh I might even have an internet connection by then?)

I'm off to Wales via Bristol now.


la bellina mammina said...

you're travelling again!!! - am so jealous!! :-( No, seriously, have fun Lettie!!

Steve said...

Can't wait to see you! I think we can do the Lower East Side and SoHo -- lots of street art in all those places. Get your camera ready!

I love the bay pic with the trees!

And trac, you are absolutely wrong about grits. Grits are wonderful. :)

kate smudges said...

Hi Lettuce,

Have a wonderful trip and didn't realise you were off to NYC. That will be a blast. I have just caught up with the goings-on in your life. There's nothing quite like having teenage boys around. It's great that LG's got fun & older cousins.

I agree - pillow saints are far better than pillar saints.

Enjoy your vacation! It sounds well deserved.

mouse (aka kimy) said... 3 day, etc. etc!!

I can't wait to see you! you have so many friends here on the other side of the pond waiting to meet you, I bet if you let yourself, you could start feeling a bit like the queen?

in the great grit debate - I side with steve - grits are GREAT - now that I think of it, I bet they'd be even greater with a bit of marmite on them!

harrisburg isn't far from philly; I hope you and your bud get over to check out the frida exhibition!

in case you haven't decided on what to see in nyc; I heard these two broadway productions are fantastic:
passing strange
and spring awakening

safe and smooth travels. I'm counting down the days too! eek!

Akelamalu said...

Oh you're going to have such a fabulous time!

How long is it again to your trip? ;)

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Gary said...

Looking forward to meeting you and having hours of stimulating conversation! I hope you enjoy the show while in NYC but Kimy is right, Spring Awakening is fantastic.

Well, until we meet in real time...

lettuce said...

lusks, i've just recently started getting spam. bah.

thanks Lee - i don't feel at all panicky in the waking hours - and i'm sure it will be! thanks.

forest green - hello! i like your name. thanks for the link, i'll check it out.

me neither Reya. xx

Tut-tut you're right, more interested in teashops than bars. (sigh. resigned to age) - i'll check it out if poss!

lynne, hopefully! not too interested in pope-peeking. see you soon! (yes! it really does look like a sand castle, in real life too)

debbie thanks!! yes, i think its a good excuse ;op

shammie, gob-smacked at the moment - not yet gut-wrenched, but probably on Sunday morning...

Dennis and Ched - 7 minutes of separation! (hope you don't mind sharing a response?)

have fun in Wales Trac. see what you started, re grits?

bella, i do truly appreciate my good fortune!

yay Steve!

thanks Kate

hello mousey. Yes I'm hoping to get to philly, and would LOVE to see the Frida exhibt. grits and marmite..... hmmm

2days 7hrs 35mins.

bog off dumuro

gary i can't wait

Lily and Agathe said...

I think I need to be a pillar saint.. oh my goodness the temptations of the flesh!
who is L by the way??

natural attrill said...

WOW, sounds fantastic, hope you have a wonderful trip.
Toby and I are having a charity give away on our blog, if you'd like to join in, draw on 27th.
Hope all is well for you.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Grits and Marmite??????

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

At least one hot dog from at least one Sabrett's stand, and at least one visit to Stage Deli, which is the NYC equivalent of Sheeky's.

Pod said...

pod is sulking
pod wants to come to nyc too
please squeeze jakey for him
and please buy tacky souvenir or a pair of y-fronts for him

Dumdad said...

Bon voyage!

taco fetishist said...

I want my recipe.

lettuce said...

L&A - no one should be a pillar saint. ;op L - Betty on my sidebar, friend from school days.

hello NatAt - and happy blogbirthday!!!

shammie. ????????!!!!!!!!?????????

ok shelly, on my list.

poor pod. Sulk ye not, i shall keep an eye out for orange undies.

ta DD

taco. um... theres a couple of recipes in my archives somewhere ;op

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful photos in this post and the previous one, I love the coast of Jersey.

Have a great trip!

call me betty said...

Well, I'm back home in chilly London (brrr!) while Letty is living it up in Philly. Poo.
We had an absolutely wonderful time in NYC and I have the sunburn to prove it!

See ya when you get back.
Safe travelling
L xxx