Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Thank the fates that they are both out of the house for a while.
Alone me me me time.

Sitting in bed trying to wake up and come to terms with the dawn of another day against (sic) a background flurry of early morning sniping.

Its bad enough (only sometimes, not mostly) living with one adolescent, sometimes it feels as if i am living with two.

She - cross and worried at inability to locate dance kit, but knowing she is responsible for the squalid stew which is her bedroom and where the task of finding anything may become an epic quest.
He - unable to absorb or ignore her tetchiness and resorting to the guaranteedtowindupfurther "why do you always..."

I know too well the risks of reticence and lack of self-expression but - lack of care with words..... sigh.....

Why does he always do that? she said, in an ironical sort of way...
(but only in the privacy of her own head)

And Relax.
Not asking for or needing sympathy, rant over.

Today I fully expect to be a lovely day off, ignoring the piles of work to be done, going to an exhibition with a good friend, i will report back later i expect.

In the meantime, I thought it was about time I posted a picture of our very own household pig - to follow all the guest-starring creatures in my previous post. She's not appeared here for far too long.

Is it the keyboard she is after, or the Jack Daniels?


Sivle said...

She's working out how to type with one hand(?) and swig out of the bottle with the other!

PG said...

Judging by the manic red look in her eyes, the JD!

Lynne said...

She's very cute!!
HAH! I spied the Jack Daniels before I scrolled down to read your very last sentence. I was going to make a crack comment about it but you already did!

Enjoy your day!

Reya Mellicker said...

First the Jack Daniels, THEN the keyboard. I believe that's been the correct order for literary minds throughout history, yes?

She's lovely!

You know, fathers and daughters are supposed to get snippy with each other. If they're too close it's ... well ... weird. Sorry you have to be a part of their struggle though!

Malc said...

The inability to cope with teenage tetchiness is, I think, a bloke thing. We're just not that good at it, especially if its something out of our control. Be patient, we really are trying.

Queenie said...

Why do they always say that?
The JD without a doubt..

Anonymous said...

she has cute little feet

Ex-Shammickite said...

Every household should have a pig of some sort, your's is the height of cuteness. But you should hide the JD, look how bloodshot her eyes are!
But on second thougts, maybe she's been up too late on the keyboard, chatting to pigs around the world on Facebook.

kimy said...

awwwww what a sweetie! would it be correct to call her a calico?

can't accuse of her not knowing jack!

tut-tut said...

Teenage girls' rooms are ALWAYS a maelstrom. Many an item has crept under L's bed, but as it's her room, she's responsible. However, I'd like to read some of the books I buy . . .

Just cuddle the guinea pig and talk to it, until the barking is over. Or retire to a corner and have a quiet drink.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Enjoy your day off from one third of King Lear.

Mark said...

If your pig is anything like ours it's the Jack Daniels, the worst thing is though when they have hada tipple they are even worse than a stroppy daughter,well mine anyhow.
Getting some cracking pictures with your new camera,I particually like the ducks, it's almost like a zoo there.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I want a pet pig!

Gary said...

Oh, peace to spend time alone without worry if only for a day. What a blessing. Well, as I see it you are blessed.

I am with Reya on the Jack Daniels/keyboard comment.

Steve said...

Good Lord. What IS that? A guinea pig? She's kind of all head, isn't she?

(But in a cute way.)

I hope you had a good, relaxing day off. :)

Akelamalu said...

She's HUGE! Or is it just the camera angle?

Hope you had a lovely day. xx

Sally Crawford from London said...

Is Jack Daniels good, then?

PS: you can do things with red eye in Photoshop, should you want to bother.

PPS: Reya's comment was ace - quite intellectual I thought.


Lee's River/Zlatovyek said... can I say this? when someone looks particularly spaced out and google-eyed (his spouse included) my husband says "he/she looks like the guinea pig who's just met his first radar." I don't mean to imply your pig has never seen a computer screen but there is something of the google-obsessed in the stance, the craning forward, the "what's this I'm reading and why is it so." Definitely time for the bottle. I'll have an anisette myself; water; no ice. Stop! perfect.
Here's looking at google eyes, kid.
(And who was reading King Lear in your house, I wonder?)

CresceNet said...

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tut-tut said...

I agree with CN above, but I think the entire blog is likeable.

Dumdad said...

Obviously, she's a journalist!

(Note to self: don't let Princess Perfect see this adorable creature otherwise I know what'll be top of her birthday list).

kimy said...

you make my day. there's something for you at the mouse.

Seraphine said...

A day to yourself, spent with a tiny pig. I'd pull the covers over and sleep.

Anonymous said...

That is an enormous guinea pig. I had no idea they could get that big.

As for daughters and fathers, my husband is the same way with my 17 year old. You can't leave them alone without them arguing about something.

CrazyJaneDesigns said...

Now that is the sort of work station I like to see, a small something furry and a bottle of something to keep out the cold

Salty Miss Jill said...

Yes! Sweet piggie! I also have a guinea pig, named Porky.
Lovely blog!

dennis said...

Dennis would like to babysit Marigold for about 27 minutes.

lettuce said...

well its a key life skill, sivle.

yes pg, transformed from her normally sweet shy self....

i did thanks Lynne. details will follow, when time permits

yes, reya, i'm sure you are right. (about both)

yes malc, you are trying.

ALWAYS queenie!!

yes anon she has, and she also needs a manicure.

heehee shammie, pigs on facebook.... it SHOULD be true

isn't she, kimy? don't know about breed
(and ha ha very good)

it would be more ignorable, Tut-tut, if it were all under the bed. :o/

i did shelly. (but which 3rd?)

hmmmm mark, at times i'd prefer the tipsy pig

everyone should have one Ched.

yes gary, i am in lots of ways.

Steve she more often looks all bottom, i think the reaching for the JD had a strange distorting effect.....

see above Akelu. I think she's about medium size for an adult.

lettuce said...

hello sally. its not bad though my choice would generally be vintage single malt. (& i thought so too)

Lee thats a good and apt saying - where did it come from?

well hello CN. and thankyou TT, so is yours. :o)

oh go on Dumdad, go on go on go on. they are such sweet funny creatures. (and so are the GPs)

thankyou kimy, you made my day.

hello seraphine - what a tempting idea.

deb it does wear you down, doesn't it? tch. (and hi)

crazyjane (was going to call you cjd, decided against it....) unfortunately its not my work station, i have a much older computer and the JD is not quite so easily within reach.

hello miss jill - i think i've crossed your path in someone else's comments? Porky, hee hee. :o)

yes Dennis, i bet you would.

Donna said...

I hear you honey, I hear you. I too have 2 adolescents in my house who snipe at each other constantly although I am sure SHE will grow out of it!!!