Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am entirely bereft of inspiration but feel the need to post something new.

So, here are some snapshots of the current state of The Mess:

("before" pics)

What do you mean, you see no improvement?

There are fewer piles on the floor than there were, evidence of not only re-arranging, but also of sorting, filing and binning. There is now also one pile of marked essays. I'd be happier if the ratio of marked to unmarked was more impressive.
{One student emailed me about an essay she is writing on Boxing Day. I don't know whether to be impressed at her industry or sad that she was not too busy with more fun activities}

About a week ago it was all a good deal less messy than it is now - in fact, I'd claim that it was quite tidy for a while, and there was even empty space on the desk. Its true, 2/3 of it was clear of all mess and paperwork.
But life goes on, and the new accumulation includes (from the bottom layer upwards):

some files, notes and books relating to new classes I am teaching in January;

nearly sorted piles of receipts waiting to be checked;

bottle gift bags, contents stashed away and/or drunk;

newly ordered and delivered battery re-charger (to accompany new camera I was given);

Digital photography book (additional gift yesterday to accompany the above);

packaging from new headphones (excellent Christmas gift, my ipod sounds way better at half the volume);

latest delivery from Postie the Bastard, whose rudely-awakening knock on the door was, for once, not even slightly unwelcome [even at 7.30 on a saturday] because he brought a most special package from someone very precious.


Ex-Shammickite said...

My previous comment was that you and I use the same office filing system.... Random.
But on second thoughts, you're is more random than mine. Let's call it RandomPlus.
And I have orange scissors, not blue ones. But that's the only other difference.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow. I see improvement (I'm lying, but I do believe you).

Sometimes when my desk gets this messy, I just want to throw a lighted match on it and burn it all. Fortunately I'm able to resist the urge.

Much love to you, Lettuce!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I see some improvement in the way the stacks are stacked.

Stacks happen...what can you do?

tut-tut said...

But I spy a very comely string bag, hand spun and knit . . .

Lori Witzel said...

Thanks goodness there are other people out there who pile high and deep.

(I come from people who do not pile, who file; who clean and sort and square away. I have heard from friends I may have been stolen at birth and left on my parents' doorstep, so vast is the difference between my parents' files and my roiling piles.)

Gledwood said...

bloody hell

don't worry though

i am even scruffier than you



Shelly Lowenkopf said...

This is choice, pure and simple, it is choice. If the Times Literary Supplement had not written off iconic, I'd have called it that, and posted it next to my picture of Pod. I have longed all my life for a desk as neat and tidy as this. You set the bar high, Miz Lettuce.

Akelamalu said...

The 'before' picture looks like the room I'm sitting in now - the office! :(

Molly Bloom said...

I like your stacks and piles Lettie. (Ew!) I think they are cool. As long as you know where everything is, that's all that matters. I love your house. It's so cool. I do have a confession to make though, I think I might have knocked a book down the back of your bookcase at the top of the stairs when I was lovingly looking at a Ladybird book when I was last there. Do you forgive me?

Have a brilliant New Year Lettiexxx

Trac said...

...and I stole the toilet roll holder

Oh alright, I didn't.

Ooooh - new camera? :O)

Funny how I sat in a bar with you a few days back, raving on about how much I loved your bags, when all along you knew there was one in the package you had given me moments before!? :O)



d. chedwick bryant said...

yes let's play "ispy" I spy the word "Sexuality"

Vintage to Victorian said...

I feel so much better now - and would post a pic of my detritus if I could find my camera! I've just lifted up a corner of a pile on my desk and found a blue deco pressed glass butter dish! Well, where else would I put it if I intended it to go on my website all those months ago!

Happy New Year Lettuce!

Lynne said...

I see that the scissors are still in the same spot and have not been moved. As far as anything else goes, well .. sorry Letty ... I couldn't really tell!

Do tell us about your camera though!

Akelamalu said...

Wishing you A HAPPY NEW YEAR and everything that's good x

kimy said...

the pile edges are ever so neat!

happy piling, sorting, but most of all happy new year!

Steve said...

The important thing, Lettuce, is that YOU see the improvement. :)

Squirrel said...

Two squirrels that I know have moved into the room pictured here, and Lettuce seems unaware of their existence. There are pretty much settled in.

Hubert said...

darling--don't worry about it--the last thing I want is for you to turn yourself into a ...maid -- ugh! how awful! You are too fabulous to ever come to that.
It's fine, dear--no worries. Just be your lovely self, stacks and all.

lettuce said...

how very dare you Shammie! i take pride in my randomness. Or is it randomicity....?

thanks for the lying Reya. xx

what indeed, Ched?
and.... well spied. And very discreet of you not to mention the other word.....

well-spied, Tut-Tut. :o)

roiling piles Lori? sounds kind of appealing. I too am a bit of a changeling in this respect.

Gledwood, I'm very ready to believe you. (& your pic is sooo cute I'd prob. believe you anyway)

well thankyou Mr. Lowenkopf. Getting higher all the time.

:o) KLulu {not :o( }
and thanks - and to you too.x

oooooh naughty Molly! just thinking about whether or not I forgive you.................. long as i can see you soon.

hahahaha Trac. Its ok. We know you did. And - I know! i felt so smug and pleased with myself!!

haha V2V, glad you found it. Best of everything for 2008 to you too.

oh lynne! its not true. They have been moved, and used.... and just replaced in the same place....
new camera, yes - i don't understand it yet, but i'm working on it.

how nice of you to say so Kimy. HNY to you too. Looking forward to meeting you in 2008.

Steve. Um......not sure how to take that. ;op

Looking forward to making the acquaintance of the squirrels.

hubert dahling, ta so much for the reassurance. Stacks are doing fine.