Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I've felt very ambivalent about Christmas cards this year - the sending of them, that is. But I'm enjoying receiving cards and think that "ambivalent" is largely a euphemism for lazy.

So - having finally got a working printer I've managed to overcome my ambivalence by making my own Christmas cards, and I feel quite self-satisfied, not having made my own for years and years and far too long.

Here is my Christmas card design, and greetings of the season to all of you, i wish you all peace and joyful times with people you love and who love you. What more could any of us hope for?

Here is an "alternative" card produced by my precious Little Gem Demon Child.

(posted here with her permission and noting her copyright)
(isn't she a poppet?)

At the time of writing this post, she is in London with her father, shopping in Camden Market where she feels at home and with her own kind. She will probably returning with purchases such as these:

And (later now) below are the boots she brought home, which are our Christmas gift to her this year.

They should help develop the muscle tone in her legs.

I remember at her sort of age receiving - and being rather pleased with - a purple velour sort of house coat thing.

I'm a little aghast at myself sharing that with you and a little envious of LG's new footwear.


Donna said...

Gorgeous card design Letty. Love LG's alternative Xmas card too ;-)

Her boots were made for more than walking I fear. I went to Camden Market in September and was a bit scared to find that I have become too old for it. I used to live amongst that craziness not so very long ago!

Antipodeesse said...

Oh dear Lettuce. I rather think you should have kept the purple velour detail to yourself.

My illusions about you are somewhat shattered.

Please excuse me while I go for a little lie-down.


Dumdad said...

Love both the Xmas cards. Oh, and thanks for the Clangers vid - I'd forgotten about this weird and wonderful show.

Trac said...

Oh well - I am not too old for those boots!
I LOVE 'em! :O)

Cool card too!

Oooh yeah - I must see you shortly!

Queenie said...

I LOVE Camden Market. The other year when the old legs were working, I went to stay in Brian Coxs home on Camden Mews (now that place is something else), my sons girlfriends father was renting the place. We spent an whole day on the market and for �30.00, I brought back heaps of stuff. Stacks of beautiful jewellery, pashminas,Buddhas, I could go on and on. It was one of those days I'll never forget.
Both cards are superb as are the boots. Oh to be a teenager again, I'm sure I would rock!!!!

tut-tut said...

LG has lots of talent, doesn't she? I can feel the power in the whip-wielding arm of demon Santa.

Merry Christmas to you!

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

Your daughter doesn't know it yet (no need to tell her, she wouldn't want to know anyway) that someday in the far away distant land of old, she will see pictures of kids wearing purple and black bloots like these and think "oh my gawd!"
I know. I saw an old photo the other day: three girls in thigh high white boots with heels stacked to THERE. I felt so embarrassed (iwasoneofthethree?)

Trac said...

Thinking about it... I rather like the sound of a 'purple velour sort of house coat thing' too!

d. chedwick bryant said...

With those boots she can join the KISS ARMY... and wouldn't that be fun?

d. chedwick bryant said...

forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the cards--was hypnotizzzed by the boots.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I love the purple and black boots!
But I think they might be a teensy weensy bit young for me.
I'd fit better into a purple velour sort of house coat thing.
Well... maybe not.... but I definitely go for purple.

lettuce said...

donna, i fear that too - see the post i'm just going to put up.... (never too old tho)

sorry antipo. All i can say in my defense is that i was only about 12 or so, and it was the early 70's.....
(the hot pants were a more forgiveable error)

DD, shame on you. you're obviously sadly neglecting your childrens' education

No Trac, you certainly are not. :o)
(tomorrow!) (brunch) (beer) (brunch AND beer)
(if i ever come across another like it, I will buy it for you)

I'm sure you would queenie.

we think so TT, tho we are fond parents of course. And sometimes not so fond ....

hahaha - Lee, is that not a photo you ought to post for us?

Well thanks Ched, I don't think she needs that kind of encouragement

No no shammie, boots good housecoat bad.

Reya Mellicker said...

wow! The boots are incredible. My goodness!! I would be scared to even try them on. She is mighty.

LOVE your Christmas card design. It's gorgeous!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Ah - the housecoat! What a blast from the past!!

Hayyp (happy, even) Christmas!

kimy said...

those boots are made for ?????

well whatever, I do love them.

tell LG she has a great future as a card designer for urban outfitters.
(your card was pretty good too, let)

been over nearly 8 wks without a printer at my house. have messed up my 'routine' .... how dependent we get on gadgets, I fear.

Pod said...

i am hapy to hear that you are thinking of the health benefits of these boots. i laughed at that. and at the thought of you in your velour housecoat. did you also have a velour leisure suit?

Steve said...

What great cards! Each appropriate for different recipients and in its own way, I suppose...

I love that you said she'd be looking at boots JUST LIKE the ones she eventually bought!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Beautiful Christmas card design. I've made all my cards this year, the first time ever even my work colleagues got handmade! I've never been to Camden Market but it looks from your photo very like the wonderful Afflecks Arcade in Manchester which I visit with my partner every time we're down there visiting my parents. Though I go for goth styling those type of boots always defeat me, way too heavy! But you're right about the muscle tone!