Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Apologies that I've not been very sociable around blogland lately, too busy busy with workness and visitors and the like. The best of which was a trip over the weekend to visit Lucy in Ipswich.

Its 10.15am, and not having to go out anywhere today, I'd planned a full day of lecture preparation and/or balancing the cheque book. And here I am blogging.

V. pleased with self.

I set off straight from work with a suitcase full of Christmas presents and gin and an ipod with some special listening for the journey.

Wonderful walks in the sunshine, some of the greens were amazing. I love taking photos in London but a lot of them are rather grey. Greyness can seep into the soul.

and walks in the rain,

Ziggy had a great time flushing out and chasing game birds.

a bit of shopping, a lot of talking, enjoying Lucy's lovely new house and above all her lovely self.

The light and air in Suffolk have an amazingly limpid quality which keeps my camera busy

I had a horrid horrid dream last night but sorting out these pictures for you - and just gazing at them for a bit - has soothed my spirit.

The last two were taken at Snape Maltings, where I bought some 1963 editions of Victor comic for M for Christmas and a delicate spun glass angel decoration for Luce and for myself. (i buy myself one Christmas decoration every year). ... oooh and some other good christmas gift stuff for people .... Pretty conflicted about the approaching season, but at times I'm feeling more positive than negative about it all and I do love buying people presents.

I hope you like the pics too.


ramblingwoman said...

ooh ooh I'm first!

Yes, 'twas a lovely weekend. The light in the photos is wonderful. I've been told Suffolk light does have a particular-ness to it. It's something to do with big skies/sea - a hint/hue of indigo I think. An artist told me once what it was, and as usual I can only partially remember!

Glad you aren't working TOO hard Lettie.

xxxx and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! - I love that winter sunshine light, it's so magical. It must have been a real boost to see some proper countryside. (I'm missing it!boo)

Chick said...

Great photos. Lovely, subtle greens &'re right, they are good for the soul.

la bellina mammina said...

love the photos *sigh*

Trac said...

Lovely hue/lovely green...

Huey Green! :O)x

Mark said...

Great sunny winter did the gin go!!!!

tut-tut said...

Yes, these pictures were just the ticket. We were told to "smile within, without using any facial muscles" in yoga today, but I must say these soothed me.

call me betty said...

Beautiful pics, Lettie - they certainly soothed my spirit. I particularly like the 1st Snape one.

tut-tut, how do you 'smile within'?
I tried and ended up doing pelvic floor exercises!! :0

kimy said...

thanks for bringing us along, just what I needed today on this grey, snowy and cold day. best of luck on the lectures. loved the pictures!

Dumdad said...

What wonderful, vital photos - as usual!

I love Ziggy the dog.

Steve said...

Great photos, as usual. It IS nice to see such deep greens while everything else is going all wintry. Those latter photos look like they must have been taken toward evening.

It's funny how everyone is a little conflicted about the holidays, isn't it? Do you know anyone who just enjoys them outright, without reservation? I don't.

Lynne said...

Letty, your pics soothed my spirit as well. Very calming images ... my two favs are Ziggy against the stick fence (and reflection thereof) and the ship's mast.

Feeling pretty bah humbug myself except for our lovely wintry, snowy weather!


tut-tut said...

Call Me Betty:

yes, we did lots of "isolating" our sphincters . . . perhaps that's why I had trouble with the smiling business . . .


lettuce said...

now how d'you get from these lovely soothing pics to the isolating of sphincters? you lot make me laugh.

Reya Mellicker said...

These are beautiful! Yes, gray can seep into the soul. Well said.

But I love your London pics too. All of them, really. Welcome back.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Ahhhh Green. Everything is monotone here, black and white, snow and ice, but a blue sky. Lovely pictures.

Akelamalu said...

I'm planning to wrap all the Christmas presents tonight, I just have to blog first though!

Love the pictures Lettie, they're beautiful. x

Queenie said...

Love the pics and how cool is your dog?
Lettuce, would you do me a big favour and vote for my local forest "SHERWOOD", understand if you don't, details are on my Thurs post.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I loved this series--the dog running alongside the fencing--you can see how happy he is.

I love buying presents for people too--especially old old friends/ people you know deeply... that always love what you choose for them.

lettuce said...

you're right Luce, it is a "particular-ness". :o)

Jess get into the countryside and turn your boo into a boost. (heehee)

hey thanks chick. ("chick" makes me smile, too)

ta bella.

hahaha trac. thanks for that.

twas v - hic! - nice. (it didn't ALL go...)

Tut-tut, smile within. Is that easier or harder than sucking up inner ankles?

Betty it has that effect on me too!

kimy some would say you are lucky if you are having snow

ta DD. he is a very lovable dog.

It was just before dusk Steve you're right. Lovely light (but i already said that....) Yes, i do know some people who enjoy the festivities without reservation..... they're mostly below the age of 25 tho.

lynne glad you are enjoying your weather. I will pop over and hope to find more lovely pictures. Glad to be of soothing help. (Ziggy's reflection in the puddle was entirely lucky, i was pleased!)

thanks reya, its been frustrating not having more time for blogging

Shammie, glad you have blue skies at least.

Lulu you've bought them ALL. ALREADY???

Queenie, RW's dog, yes he is cool. I'll pop over and have a look!

ched, he was so happy! Buying things, yes - and also making things. If one has old old friends does that mean one is also old old?

Gary said...

thanks for sharing these photos. They kinda soothed my spirit too.

Sweet Dreams.

lettuce said...

glad to return the favour gary, your blog often soothes my spirit.


Pod said...

i love these pics, and realise i had forgotten the subtleness and gentleness of light back there. it has made me homesick. the urges, the urges....

Pod said...

ps. the silhouetted tree shots is great. would look good big on your wall somewhere...?