Sunday, November 18, 2007

random stories

One grey day in early November I found myself needing to walk. Not solely in order to arrive somewhere, but just to walk.

I walked and walked.

I walked along the road, on pavements, across pedestrian crossings. Past shops, past schools. Past peoples' windows. Through the park. Along the bike path. Over the grass. Under the trees. Kicking through leaves.

At the end of the day my camera's memory card had accumulated more photographs than usual. It was a day of looking down and I wondered about the stories which might lie behind these items - dropped, lost, forgotten, left behind. Insignificant remnants and relics which might be strung like beads onto some kind of narrative thread.

The fuschias in the picture at the top had fallen of their own accord into this graceful order. Each one of them is given particular significance by its place in relation to the others.

So........... I'm wondering about these other random items which caught my eye. Do you glimpse any stories in them, behind them, between them?

(mosaic should enlarge if you click on it)

dunhill (tobacco) packet; broken egg; magazine TV listings; silver 25; Gap bag; empty yoghurt fruit corner package

travelcard; cable; pumpkin shell; sausage roll minus 1 bite; trainer; "Stripe"

Stella can; wedding order of service; hair band with black hair; cake wrapper; orange ribbon; empty whiska's (cat food) sachet

"No cycling"; Nicotell chewing gum; Marilyn Manson badge; notes from a language (mandarin?) lesson; tea bag; hub cap

bike lock & chain; gummy heart; shredded document; stairs; damaged wall/bricks; post-it note - 5-4-2007

chicken bone & fork; glue; pass the pigs lottery scratch card; car spray paint, grey; map of East London; dental treatment reminder


Akelamalu said...

You got some interesting shots Lettie, I homed in on the trainer right away - it always amazes me that people can lose ONE shoe!!

There's a story in every one of those pictures - it could keep you in blog fodder for years! :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Love this!

The first pic looks so much like a constellation to me - and your mosaic, a quilt of many stories, woven together beautifully.

I love days of long walks, and you know I'm completely in love with pavements, what I see there, how they crack, how the bricks heave upwards with tree roots.

Love the sky, yes, but I also really love mother earth.

Thank you!

Malc said...

I looked at the top pic and thought "starfish!", but then I've been hanging with the jellyfish just lately.

tut-tut said...

Oh my goodness; because of the way you presented these, I instantly translated them into fabric squares for a quilt . . . I agree that this inspires something with every picture.

natural attrill said...

amazing that those fuschia's just dropped like that.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking recently about al the forgotten things in my own life that are somewhere in the world now, childhood clothes, toys, things I've given away over the years. Are they in a landfill somewhere, or maybe someone else has them in their life now?

Jay said...

What a great array of photos. I just love a good walk.

Pod said...

the sausage roll must have fallen out of my back pocket as i took a dash to the dentist.
and i left the heart for you of course....

look at this photo. i love it. click on it to examine large

kimy said...

love the mosaic ...have to figure out how to do that!

stories everywhere! sometimes looking down is as good as looking up!

I too saw starfish at first on the top picture!

Lynne said...

Love the fuschias. I wonder how they came to be spaced that way?

You could definitely weave quite a story in-between all those discarded and forgotten items. Very interesting!

I look down a lot when walking, so much so that sometimes I run into tree branches. oops ...

lettuce said...

it is strange Lulu, I've never yet seen a pair of abandoned footwear

Reya, i'm so glad its not just me with the pavements!

malc, i think i'm happier with the fuschias. ;o)

TT - yes! could be a great quilt.

hi penny, nice to see you here. Yes, I was amazed.

jess wouldn't it be fascinating to know?

me too Jay. I'd like to walk with you one day.

thanks pod - for the heart and for the story. And for the link, what a great pic! so what did you do with your kidnapped gnome?

kimy its good fun - i'll send you the link. too lazy to do it here and now. :o/

lynne i'm surprised i've avoided a collision so far

Queenie said...

How weird is it that akela went straight to the shoe, same as me, Don't ask me why but it always makes me feel sad when I see a shoe all alone!!!!