Wednesday, November 14, 2007

autumn songs

I've posted this Mervyn Peake poem on my blog before because I love it
and because I often think of it at this time of year. As I compulsively photograph leaves. And more leaves.

And trees.

And more leaves.


I heard a winter tree in song
its leaves were birds, a hundred strong
when all at once it ceased to sing
for every leaf had taken wing

And this poem is pretty well suited to bit of video I took in Eastbourne last Friday. I visited my father. We went to Eastbourne - another first for my father who'd not yet been back there since my mother died. They'd had a lot of special times there together. We walked along the beach, before dinner and a theatre visit (The History Boys - which was excellent).

The dusk light was exquisite.

Do watch the vid. to the end.... starts out a bit subtle but gets better....


tut-tut said...

A lovely lovely post, all of it. And it IS like an air show . . . Thank you for putting that up. And the poem!

Gary said...

Wonderful poem and fantastic pictures. I am here at work and these pictures immediately calmed me down, stopped me from the fast pace that is my normal operating speed. Videos are blocked here so I'll have to wait until I get home to watch but anticipation is also a wonderful thing.

How is your dad doing?

Queenie said...

Brill, I couldn't get the sound but loved the birds, there was an article in my paper yerterday showing the shapes they make. Never been to Eastbourne, must try it someday. Giad that you and your dad had a nice day.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Those birds are fantastic! I love Eastbourne. Apparently - it's the new Brighton. I prefer it to Brighton. I love going to Brighton for the day and shopping (especially as they have a Noa Noa), but I could never live there. I could live in Eastbourne.

Lynne said...

What a fantastic poem!
Love the leaf pics and I agree that leaves can become an addiction. Did blogger allow you to make that montage, or did you do it in another application?

I especially love the lamp post pic. So elegant.

and the birds ... WOW ... awesome but creepy too. It reminds me of the movie, The Birds. ;P

Glad you had some quality time with your Dad.

kimy said...

awesome all around - starting with the wonderful leaf pics, the poem, the other photos and oh my god that video! magic. do tell what kind of birds are they, inquiring minds need to know!

ah another place to put on my list for places I want to visit. what a beautiful place.

Jay said...

I love crispy fall leaves and the satisfying crunch they make as I walk right through them.

martin said...

Eastbourne is a wonderful town. Great tea and cakes on the pier. Lovely pictures and video. 10/10

Dumdad said...

Tremendous post.

P.S. It's Mervyn Peake.

trac said...


Reya Mellicker said...


love the grid of leaves! And of course the poem. Of course!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures and a lovely poem. Very inspiring. Those birds in the video are amazing - I'll have to show my mum this as she's looking for property there right now.

Akelamalu said...

Beautiful photos Lettie and the video was awesome - those birds!

Lynette said...

Fabulous. The birds are amazing, wondered what I was watching for to begin with but it was worth the wait.

Malc said...

Thanks for a terrific post. I love the pictures and the clip. I'm surrounded by the sea with any number of species of birds, but it's still a treat to see stuff like that. And I've always loved seaside towns.

Pod said...

the vid is just wonderful, and the sound of your dad (i presume) saying such lovely things. to be cherished forever letty
ah, so much

lettuce said...

aaagh i left a comment respondung to most of you and blogger has eaten it. or maybe it was the birds.

lets see if i can reconstruct:

TT - glad you liked it. Really.

Gary - thats the effect it had on me. Calming. Stopping. Lovely. Dads ok. Ok and not, thanks for asking.

Queenie, which paper? i'd like to read it, if its available online.

DMW - i think i could happily live n eastbourne too.

lynne - its a flickr tool, though possibly even available if you don't use flickr. Though i think you might like flickr. i will email you some links. Very Hitchcock, i agree.

kimy they might have been starlings - which do flock and fly like this, and do roost rowdily, as these did under the pier. But it was too dark - by the time i got there - to see them clearly.

Me too Jay. And i love it when people have swept them into neat piles which I can kick through/over. :o)

thanks martin. Though I'd go for fish and chips on the pier, then tea and cake in a tea shop. (and maybe some beer, later....)

oops DD, well done spotting the typo.

Trac - xx.

Reya i thought of you whilst messing about with the leaf pics. Of course.

Do Jess - and good luck to her. What a nice place to have relatives to visit.

Thanks Akelulu and Lynette. This was an unexpected and impromptu post for me - glad everyone enjoyed it!

malc, there is something about seaside towns, isn't there?

tis pod. xx

Steve said...

Lettuce, you've totally made my morning. From the leaves to the poem to the amazing video, this was a fabulous post! I too liked the sound of your Dad's voice -- he really adds to the experience!

Queenie said...

The Mail (don't tell anyone).

Joy said...

Such a lovely post, the photos, poem and then the little video, I love it when birds do that so magical. but best of all to hear the waves lapping on the beach and the crunch of walking across the pebbles. I lived in Eastbourne many years ago and that brought back very happy memories, thank you.