Friday, October 05, 2007

random ... and autumnal (as it turns out)

I'm sat at my computer with no idea at all of what to post, and unsure whether to take a break from blogging until inspiration hits, or to just write and see what comes out.

You can work out which way that decision went.

Its feeling quite autumnal here now and though I've spent some time resisting the change of season, thats not at all to do with the season itself. I enjoy autumn, especially when its bright and sunny as it is now, with complicated and smudgy patterns on the pavement from last week's wet leaves and conkers thudding on the road around me as I walked to work today.

I passed some large and tempting piles of leaves today, but resisted. Maybe I should go back in my wellios?

I'll be glad to be wearing jumpers and slippers and scarves again.

Must get the chimney swept.

Too late to get the boiler serviced, the heating is already on.

I remember standing in my grandparents' garden, waiting and watching for the sweep's brush to emerge from the chimney. It was a long, thin, dig-for-victory garden in London and - as well as all the veg. and fruits - my grandad grew glowing giant-headed chrysanths (mnmnmns) and beautiful dahlias. Which seem to be back in fashion lately.

My garden at the moment is a bit dishevelled, with some late flowering cosmos, michaelmas daisies, plumbagos, ice plant, autumn crocus, sages - and a tree laden with yellow crab apples. This year has apparently been the best apple-crop year in living memory in the UK and the arms of my tree have never been so close to the ground. Mum would sometimes make crab-apple jelly from them. This year they will be staying on the tree for the birds to feast. I suppose the seasons always bring a new pain when someone has died.

My spell-checker wants me to put a "c" in dishevelled. My dictionary tells me that this is the medieval spelling. Is it also an american spelling? What does it mean to be "hevelled"? (or (chevelled"?)

I've made my elderberry syrup for this year. Each year I make more, and each year we seem to use it up earlier than the preceding.

How long would this post be if I just kept splurging out the thoughts which cross my mind? possibly long enough to take me up to G&T time.

But I wont inflict that on you, I will go and walk around my garden and poke in my frog pool. And take some photos of my crab apples:

Happy and/or relaxing (and if possible both) weekends to all of you.


Steve said...

I do that sometimes -- just start typing. It's amazing what comes out!

I am intrigued by your spell checker. I have no idea why it would insert a "c" in disheveled -- that is definitely not an American spelling!

What's a "conker"?

tut-tut said...

What are you going to do with all those crab apples? I'm afraid I'm in a blogger-as-well-as-everything-else rut. What to do? I like your post's attitude!

Wendz said...

That was a lovely rambly post...happy weekend to you too.

ps. am back in fulham.

Lynne said...

lovey, letty, just lovely.
the writing
the words
the crabs
the random wanderings
even the pain

Oh how I wish for autumnal weather!


Gary said...

And a happy weekend to you as well. Speaking of rambling thoughts...I had a discussion last night about beginning a sentence with 'and'. It is perfectly acceptable nowadays but I think this must be a new thing. Do you accept that from your students?

Anyhoo, I do enjoy your thoughts Letty and the pictures make me a bit...I don't know, yearning for something in the past. That is not a bad thing but for some reason brings that up. Hmmmmmm....

kimy said...

what is it with conkers and the brits (flashes of dumdad) -totally enjoyable post, tis always amazing wher the mind goes when the fingers start their thing. happy fall! though I must say its feeling like summer right now on the shore of lake michigan in north america. as always love your pics

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

You are hardly running on empty, you are running on crab apples and syrup and frog ponds and autumn leaves, which is something to run on and to run on about.

Diva Carla said...

Lettuce, as the trees drop their leaves in Maine, and the frost holds off while Sweet Peas bloom really late in my garden, I love reading what approaching fall is like in the South of London. And those crab apples are gorgeous!

Bud said...

Love those crab apples! I just want to pick them all and make something.

I'm really enjoying the book, I've read four of them already. Thankyou so much! So cool. The buttons are ace too. Are they the French ones?

Hope to see you soon.

Dumdad said...

Crab apples and conkers - ah, my mind is cast back to my merrie England.

And sweeping the chimney. Up you go kids and clean every nook and cranny or there'll be no bread and dripping for tea!

(Chimney sweeps and I always think of Mary Poppins).

martin said...

Did you use those huge beer bottles for your mixture ?. My conkers dropped years ago. Have a very cosy weekend,lots of hot chocolate.....

P.S. Wendy's back in Fulham. Hooray !.

Jay said...

I love the photos, the reminiscences...and I hope for you a nice weekend too.

Akelamalu said...

The photographs of your crab apples are stunning Lettie. You should carry on your Mum's tradition and make jelly out of them. Have a lovely weekend. x

la bellina mammina said...

Why are they called crab apples?

I love this post Lettie, it happens to me too sometimes, just rattling on what's on my mind.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Those crabapples are gorgeous in the autumn sunshine. I haven't seen yellow ones for ages, the ones around here are all red.
But I have conkers falling everywhere.... but the game isn't well known here in Canada. I think I'll get some string and start a war...

ramblingwoman said...

Hi Lettie, yes, apples everywhere I look at the moment. I found a tree in the country yesterday which apparently is a medlar tree - we broke one of the very small pink apples in half and found the flesh to be pink.

Medlar jelly/jam - is that a possibility?

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Reya Mellicker said...

LOVE the crabapples! Love the idea of wearing a SWEATER ... jumper ... whatever they're called, I yearn to wear one. Can't even imagine it getting cold enough here, though. It's still 90 F. (32 C.)

I, too, am a believer in sitting down and beginning to write, see what comes out. Your post is beautiful. Love having a peek inside your mind.

Annelisa said...

I don't know about rambling, Lettuce, but I feel like I've just been privileged to see a snapshot of your many things going on.

Sorry I haven't been around awhile... Life has dragged me kicking and screaming from the computer and told me to do something with it... there's just been so much going on, and throughout it all is an awareness, as you say, of someone being absent and not being able to share the pleasures of it. But then, again, your mum and Julia would be the first to want us to live that life like there's no tomorrow, eh?

Hope you're well, and things are going fine! Take care XX

lettuce said...

tis bizarre steve, isn't it? dischevelled that is, not "conkers". Click here for a nice link all about them.

lettuce said...

Tut-tut I'm very pleased with myself - I listed my crabapples on Freecycle, and one person has already been to pick some, one more coming at the weekend and a couple of other queries pending..... brilliant, eh?

happy midweek to you wendy. x

wishing you lovely leaves lynne x

oh yes Gary! if a sentence makes sense I accept it - can't afford to be too picky. I know what you mean about the yearning - something about autumn? thats partly the appeal of the conkers.

kimy - see above to gary. Its largely to do with nostalgia. But also - they are lovely things don't you think?

yes shelly, true. thank you.

thanks Carla - nice to meet you.

goodie good bud - i thought you'd like it! reminded me of your writing, which is a compliment to her. no, the buttons were from geenwich market. :o)

schtep in time, dumdad! (did you spot my dumdadesque shadow?)

haha martin. No, can't envisage using those bottles, they are too intimidatingly large.

'lo Jay! sounding a bit yoda-ish there. I wish for you a good week. xx

Akelu - we don't eat jam or jelly much, would be a waste. Tho Pip, who came and picked on Sunday, is going to give me a jar of the jelly she made. :o)

Bella I don't know - maybe because they are hard and bitter (crabby?) and inedible before they are cooked?

do shammmie, do! spread the word.

Hi RW - I bet suffolk is lovely this time of year. I'm sure its a possibility! go on go on go on

32 Reya. Blimus. Has been down to about 13/14 here already, tho wet and clammy at the mo.

hello annelise - so glad to see you again I'll pop in and catch up.

Steve said...

Lettuce: Conkers! Who knew? And I have one of those trees outside my window, though I don't think it drops nuts. (Maybe it's the wrong gender, botanically speaking.) Anyway, thanks for the education!

Joyce said...

lettuce, these apple pictures are to die for!! just yummy for the eyes.