Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I am still trying to be mentally in France at the moment, so continuing with the holiday-themed posts for the time being. Especially as there has been a distinct ever-so-slight Autumn edge to the air over the past couple of evenings. (oh shut up Pod)

I can hardly bring myself to mention the fact that i saw Christmas cards on sale - in a charity shop. How very dare they.

Its also now quite beginning-of-term-ish. I do sometimes remember that there are an awful lot of people for whom September doesn't bring that start-of-year here-we-go-again feeling which is so ingrained for we in education and/or with children. But its hard to imagine the year not having that rhythm.

Its also hard to imagine myself back in France, what with the inconveniences of name-labels to sew into school trousers (i could just scrawl on the labels....) and packed-lunch-food to buy and essays to mark and course books to prepare and the round of endless meetings cranking itself into rusty tedium again.

And talking of inconveniences.......

.... I managed to almost entirely avoid french hole-in-the-ground toilets while we were away.

We did see a number of medieval hold-in-the-wall toilets.

This one seemed to be a matter of some local pride in our village.

This one (in Domme) had a kitchen garden directly underneath. Lets hope its not still in use.

privy or prison?

This one, below, was in one of the "Most Beautiful" villages in France. A tres public convenience, n'est-ce pas? I don't think it was on the intended tourist route.

My BIL did offer to pose for the photo and now, of course, i'm regretting not taking him up on the offer.

And from one extreme to the other:


Reya Mellicker said...

The sign in the bottom pic ... huh??

Hey Lettuce, even though I don't have children and haven't been in school for ages, still September has that beginning of the year feeling.

In DC, Congress goes back into session, people come home from their holidays and get back to work with a fervor. Everyone suddenly wants to come receive massage.

It's the new year in many different spiritual traditions, too.

Personally I am SO HAPPY summer is over. My summer sucked. Welcome autumn!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Today is the day after Labour Day in Canada.... students and teachers are back at school, first year uni students are starting Frosh Week, and the highways are probably a traffic jam mess. However, now that I am !!RETIRED!! all that stuff doesn't bother me. Woohoo!

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Middle one is reminiscent of my class room in--are you ready for it?--the Taper Hall of Humanities.

Akelamalu said...

You really must send those photos of loos to


Queenie said...

Love it, It brought back memories of the loo I had to use in Turkey (you don't want to know , trust me). Had to get out my faithful old comfy sweater last night I was so cold, I refuse to put the heating on until late September (where is this Indian summer they keep talking about)?

lettuce said...

reya, its a sign to the toilets and babychange in french service station. You're right, of course, its not just an academic thing. I hope you have a much better happier Autumn.

woo hoo shammie. lucky you. :o)

Taper hall of humanities Shelly? tell us more....

ooo thanks for the link kmlulu, will do

comfy sweaters queenie, mmmmm - some things about autumn & winter are good.

Gary said...

I am not familiar with those 'hold-in-the-wall' toilets. Is that kinda like prmiative indoor plumbing? Does is just drop below? From inside the house? Interesting.

BTW - Nice link indeed.

la bellina mammina said...

Love the pics Lettie...especially the last one...eh, duh??

It's a tropical place here in Singapore but it may as well be autumn...it's gray and raining everyday the past weeks!

Trac said...

That baby has no feet!

Which is rather odd as I saw many signs in Spain where people had no feet!

I s'pose those mainland Europeans are just more metric than us!

Lynne said...

Look out below!

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

I get into trouble when I talk about buildings on campus--was already invited to coffee with the dean to discuss my observation that ours is the only university where buildings are named for crooks.

lettuce said...

oops Gary, i meant to type hole-in-the-wall, didn't notice my mistake. Yup, thats the idea - almost like a modern toilet but no flush, just the long drop...

hope your weather improves Bella!

haha, very witty trac (though i thought those bit sticking down were feet....)

also very witty lynne. In a "ewwww" kind of way.

oh dear Shelly, "coffee". What would the next level of warning be?

trac said...

Ahhhh.... that baby has no hands either!

kimy said...

and the hole in the floor toliets are a pisser too! enjoyed the pics! always. xxxxxxxxx

Pod said...

pod stands facing the naughty corner waiting for a smacked botty

lettuce said...

trac i'm convinced its not a human baby in any case.

haha kimy, yes indeed.

you should be so lucky pod. ;op

Steve said...

That's the weirdest looking baby I've ever seen.

The toilets all look quite picturesque, though!