Sunday, September 23, 2007

bleedin' teenagers

LG is out with a gaggle of friends, celebrating her birthday with pizza and a film. And so I found myself at home, in the quiet, with a bit of time to spare this afternoon to write this and play with pics.

This is the second year where we've had no birthday-party responsibilities and it still feels strange. We cooked a special dinner last night (steak, as bloody as possible for LG) and will be funding the pizza - and that is all. More financial outlay, less effort.

We've had some cracking parties with her in the past. One of my favourites was her Harry Potter party when she was about 8. We did a treasure hunt around the house, and then "lessons": herbology, potions, flying, can't remember what else but it was a lot of fun. Her last 2 parties at home were also fun: a "posh" dinner party, with myself and M in attendance as servants and about 8 courses, and 2 years ago a fondu party, with forfeits and choc. fondu for pudd.

One of her latest Big Rows was about this year's celebrations, when she conducted a brief but intense campaign to be allowed to go out with her friends, and stay out All Night. She would never have imagined that we might say yes, she was obviously just in the mood for a Big Row. I can't remember if that was the Row where she and M didn't speak to each other for over 24 hours, or whether it was the last occasion on which she left home.

I wouldn't say that I have conscious concerns about Sorren's teenage years. She has been genuinely teenagery for some time and we're doing ok. I did, however, have a scary teenager dream this past week. I was being harassed through our lounge window, at night and alone, by gang of teenage girls. A lairy mob - a "durr", a "whateva", a "strop" or maybe a "hormone" - of teenage girls. They became more threatening, louder and closer until they were suddenly (and mysteriously) through the glass and in my lounge. I managed to get them into the hall and just about out through the front door, more through speed than superior strength. Just as I reached for the phone to call the police they began an assault on door, leaning on the door bell - the noise of which gradually woke me up to the realisation that my alarm clock was going off.

How does the brain do that? seamlessly and instantaneously integrating sounds in the "real" world into our dreams? it always fascinates me.

So, teenagers eh? what a transmogrification.

One very significant advantage of the no-party-involvement is the timing of LG's birthday. It has always coincided with our start of term and student induction - spectacularly bad timing because of our extreme busy-ness - which never occurred to me at the time of her conception.

I can therefore enjoy a quiet, restful weekend and conserve my energy for the onslaught of next week rather than spending my time picking crisps up off the floor.

It needs all the conservation it can get. I've had a bleedin' period now for the last bloody week and a half and feel somewhat drained. I'd thought I was through with the bloody bleeding for good, but no.

If anyone out there wants to donate some blood, I am AB negative.
One of nature's aristocrats.
Which always struck me as a particular disadvantage. In case of accident or other mishap, you'd really want the commonest blood-type, wouldn't you?

Maybe I should also have had my steak extra rare last night.

Work has also been bloody horrid this past week, I can feel it leeching away my life force and will to live. Bloody timetabling, bloody room clashes, bloody bleedin' colleagues.

I found myself playing my "93" playlist on my way to work on Friday. But Bach on the way back home.

Bach helped me to relax and unwind, and so did a birthday meal with LG, M and my dad. And looking through photos - I've had such a good time looking through and picking out some faves, don't want to be a boring proud parent but you can bypass or whizz through on top speed.


Antipodeesse said...

Aah, but she is lovely really!

Your slide show is very entertaining!

Wendz said...

Was this really posted on Wednesday? Have I really not been to your blog since Tuesday? Oh my...oops!

Fab fab slide show..and lovely post too.

...and wincing in sympathy over the bloody curse....:-(

lettuce said...

oops, no was posted yesterday evening, Sat...... will change my date.

Dumdad said...

Great pix.

Akelamalu said...

Bloody, bloody, bloody 'ell - sounds like you've had a bit of a rough week?

I loved the photos, I get the impression LG likes dressing up! The photo of her as a baby with all that lovely dark hair sticking up is beautiful, and she is a beautiful young lady - must take after her mum eh?

Ex-Shammickite said...

My fave pic is the black and orange and yellow hair! It was probably a wig, but I hope it wasn't.

tut-tut said...

Ooh, yess; the instigated row, just to see you melt down. And I've had similar kinds of dreams, too; all this hormonal switchings on and off can really cause major uproars.

But am glad you had some downtime and LG had some friend time.

Gary said...

Growing up when you are the one doing it is a totally different experience than watching a child grow-up. My mom alwasy says that she wishes that we were all little again and although I am not a parent I can understand what she means. I want to hold on the kids I teach, how much more must this feeling be augmented when it is your own child. Thanks for sharing the pics of LG (love the tri-colored hair). This post makes me want to give my mom a call.

Sorry to hear that work is a bother but try to keep it all in perspective.

Joyce said...

what a beautiful girl. Isn't it crazy how they start out as BABIES?! It never ceases to amaze me.

Pod said...

what are you trying to do to the poor girl?


Reya Mellicker said...

Time blows by so quickly! It's bizarre, isn't it?

Your daughter is gorgeous and I see she also loves to place her hand in front of her face like you do.

The birthday parties sound fantastic, the extended period doesn't.

Bloody menopause. The only advantage to moving through this stage of life is that I can blame all my awful moods and behaviors on "the change."

kimy said...

GREAT slide show....your post took me back to the days when e was a teen. I had quite a few of those teen dreams....e is 28 now, unfortunately I seem to have a new set of periodic anxiety dreams...once a mother always a mother. all we can do sometimes is breathe deep and hold fast!

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

In times of weal or woe, Bach has the chops to soothe. Think of it this way, you have cast yet another beauty out on the waters. What she does and dreams, what you do and dream are surprises waiting to light up the night...and prove a splendid distraction from faculty meetings.

Lynne said...

Letty, your daughter looks very dramatic. Maybe she should pursue a career in acting or theater. Loved the slide show—I might have to try one of those. Very cool.

Menopause is no fun. Even when it becomes menostop. The flashes keep on coming! I've always thought our bodies were a bad design. Why not have removable female parts and take them out when not needed; put them in when you do. :)

Akelamalu said...

You have an award m'dear, please call by to collect it. :)

trac said...

Awwwwwww.... that 1994/Spikey haired, smiling baby LG pic! Really cute! :O)

Lynette said...

The problems we have with our children don't go away they just change. Starts with sleepless night because they won't sleep and ends with sleepless nights waiting for them to come home. Not until you are at this point with your own children to you understand what you did to your parents. Then there are the grandchildren.............another story!!!!!

Steve said...

Hey, Pod, I think fondu is stylish again, believe it or not. There's a hot little fondue place around the corner from me called "Dip" and it's always packed...of course, I think it's also a bar.

Lettuce, I love that first photo. Does she have henna on her hand? Pretty great!

lettuce said...

yes antipo, she is really - and good you were entertained - I was entertained putting it together.

hey wendy, hope you are ok. xx

ta dd

she does Akelu - tho now she calls it dressing goth more than dressing up. (and thanks!! i will pop over to see)

No shammy, it was no wig :o)

TT we suffer a lot from the instigated row (nice terminology) - she has no siblings, so has to row with someone i guess.

yes Gary, and its augmented when you are aware they are aware of the same tug - wanting to grow up and also not.
(call her!)

It is hard to believe Joyce. I spent HOURS with her baby pics last week. Sigh.

well pod, thats not very 80's of you.

Reya tis bizarre indeed, I'm constantly bewildered by it.

Kimy yes, holding fast - but also letting go.

Shelly the thought of being a distraction from faculty meetings is wonderfully heartening.

thats such a cool idea lynne. Brings to mind 'The Left Hand of Darkness' by Ursula le Guin.

yes, its true Lynette - or at least, has been for me. Happy to wait for the next instalment tho!

Well thank you Steve. (nyah nyah pod). I love that one too - no, sadly not henna, just biro which smeared off all over my computer mouse. :o/

la bellina mammina said...

Happy (belated) birthday to LG. She's adorable and those pics of her - gorgeous :-)

Pod said...

well, i'll hvae you know that i hosted not one, but two fondue parties when i was in nz...and f course i have my very own original and stylish fondue set.
so there!

lettuce said...

so pod, was your concern for LG's arteries more than her style?

(bet you like chocolate fondu)