Saturday, September 29, 2007


I've spent a LOT of time since May downloading, ripping CDs, borrowing bits of other peoples' playlists - and still my lovely lovely birthday iPod is not still yet half full.


In the course of all this, I've been listening to some music I've not heard for many years.

I still know all the words to every track of
American Pie
Band on the Run
Tumbleweed Connection
Selling England by the Pound
Hunky Dory
The Kick Inside
Bridge over Troubled Water
The Best of Bread

I wonder which others are also lurking in my head, waiting to be re-awakened?

Oh and some Carpenters, obviously - not sure which album though.

I probably also still know all the words to Cherish, given the chance to test my knowledge (not in too much of a hurry with that one...).

Which are your most nostalgic know-all-the-words-forever albums?

Oh and one other, Tapestry which I was listening to this morning:

"I have often asked myself the reason for the sadness
In a world where tears are just a lullaby

If there's any answer, maybe love can end the madness
Maybe not, oh, but we can only try

You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
And people gonna treat you better

You're gonna find, yes you will
That you're beautiful as you feel."

Its not as easy to believe these words as it was when I was a teenager. Sometime its hard or impossible to believe it, or to do it, or both.

But on the whole I do still think its true. And I don't know how I would keep on getting up in the morning if I didn't believe it most of the time.


tut-tut said...

Oh my . . . talk about a flashback to teenagedom. Carole KIng! FLEETWOOD MAC!! I could go on. Now I've got that soundtrack running.

Stevie Nicks; oh my

martin said...

I have just found The Small Faces again.
I was very very young the first time around...... they were fantastic.
Have a good weekend.

Akelamalu said...

Music can evoke such powerful memories. I love Carole King, Bread and Fleetwood Mac too!

Don't forget to pick up your award honey. x

Lily and Agathe said...

I know all the words to Bat out of hell..... the album that is! sad or what??

Reya Mellicker said...

Tapestry?? Wow, that takes me back!!

I love my ipod, and itunes and all the rest of it. It has changed the way I think about music in many ways.

I, too, have been "ripping" CDs. (In the U.S. we say "burning" but I like ripping. Very cool.) I just finished a collection called "Love Songs for Massage." I would love to send you a copy. Will you email your address to me?

Beautiful pics, too. Thank you!

la bellina mammina said...

Mine will be George Micheal! :-)

Gary said...

Let's see..

Of course this list would include anything by my girl, Linda Ronstadt. Especially some of the earlier stuff like:

Heart Like a Wheel
Hasten Down the Wind
Prisoner in Disquise

Dan Fogelberg - The Innocent Age
The Carpenters - A Song For You
k.d. lang - Ingenue
Olivia Newton-John - If You Love Me, Let Me Know
Nicolette Larson - Nicolette
Blondie - Eat to the Beat and Parallel Lines
George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice
Joan Baez - Classics Volume 8
John Denver - Greatest Hits
Julia Fordham - Swept

This was great fun! I love me my music!!

Dumdad said...

La Bellina and Gary mention George Michael.

Coincidentally, I put Listen Without Prejudice on my equivalent of an iPod last night. Great stuff.

Nea said...

It is often the case, we get what we give, but as you say, some mornings it is much harder than others to awake with a smile on ones face. That is the part I miss most about being a kid, there seemed nothing much to frown about, everyday was a new adventure and so much to enjoy. And when I went to bed, I went right to sleep and didn't wake till morning. Who would have thought that there would come a day, when that just doesn't happen anymore......ah, to get a good nights sleep once again.

Nea said...

I think everyone owns "Tapestry", don't they. hehe

Pod said...

what's your fave on 'the kick inside'?
i know every word to all of her stuff. she is a genius. i shall have to send some stuff to fill your ipod.
love the bottom photo

Ex-Shammickite said...

oooooh I have th Band on The Run LP, and also Wings Across America.... sadly I don't have a record player any more, so I just have to look at the labels and hum the tunes in my head.

Lynne said...

Wow, you took me back in time Letty!
Bread: loved that group. I had them on 8-track. DId you have that in the UK as well? Doesn't exist anymore I'm afraid ...

Tapestry: LOVE Carole King! what a great album that was ...

Tumbleweed Connection: First time I ever heard Elton John and remains one of my favorites. Great album. (hmmm, also had this first on 8-track)

I loved the Beatles too as I had an older sister, so I know many of the earlier albums by heart.

Tommy James and the Shondells brings back sweet memories to me as well. Especially "I think we're alone now".

Anonymous said...

I love Genesis, but I definately still know all the words to 'Cherish' and 'Could it be Forever' and ...(Oh mispent youth)

lettuce said...

Tut-Tut - go on! do go on. "Albatross" was THE slow dance track when I was a teenager - brings back memories of my first kiss. aaaahhh mmmmm

Martin, Small Faces, now thats a good idea

Akelamalu, thanks so much.

L&A - haha. I know quite a bit of that too - and so does LG. !!!

Reya we say burning here too when making a CD, ripping when uploading from CD to computer. Looking forward to receiving your CD.

bella, yes indeed!

Gary, John Denver! oh yes! sunshine on my shoulder..... I could have included Parallel Lines too. Love Ingenue - tho its a bit later than the others i think. Must get some Linda Ronstadt on my ipod.

Dumdad - yes, need to take action on George Michael.

Nea - really nice to see you here. Yes, I know what you mean, I love sleeping.... Glad its not just me with Tapestry. :o)

pod that is an unfairly hard question. Twas Heathcliffe at the time of course, I was a teenager and it was No. 1 for ages .... and the Man with the child in his eyes. Today - hmmm maybe Heavy People - so long as I'd be allowed to choose a diff. one if you asked me again tomorrow.

well ex-shammie, I've been borrowing and downloading the ones I only have on vinyl... go on, treat yourself!

Lynne, I'm told we did have 8-track over here, though I don't remember it. a kind of Betamax reality I believe!

jess, hello! where did you come from? Welcome. Yes, I suspect I know every word to every track..... :o/

Pod said...

i just realised how hard a quezzie that was. sorry little lettle! i just love the start to the saxophone song. but, yeah, different one every day
take it easy


lettuce said...

ha! i was intending to ask you your fave, but can't now you've apologised. I nearly said the saxophone song actually, love that one.

Donna said...

Blimey I had no idea that there was another Selling England by the Pound fan out there (not one who would admit anyway). I had a BIG Genesis habit in the late 70's hehehe!

Pod said...

....and suddnely i find myself
listening to a man i've never known before
telling me about the sea.....

lettuce said...

me too Donna, and not afraid to admit it!
oh oh oh and Nursery Cryme.
and Trick of the tail....
giant hogweed??

.... just took a trip on my love for him..... ooooh.....

Steve said...

Kate Bush is SO great. What about "Lionheart," and "The Dreaming," and "Never for Ever," and "The Sensual World"? But I love "Hounds of Love" the most...

Also any Joni Mitchell, particularly "Blue," and many of the others you've already named...

lettuce said...

ah yes steve - i was saying to M only the other day that I need to get somne joni Mitchell on my ipod....

And ALL of Kate bush really. The Kick Inside - partly because it was the first (i think? - first I remember anyway...) but love them all. Hounds of love is a p. good one yes.

Pod said...

oooooh i'm here again.....

tee hee

i love 'rocket's tail'

especially loud


lettuce said...

hello sneaky podule

tiptoing in when everyone's gone

holding the night in your arms
if only for a moment

hey look at me go, look at me....