Monday, July 30, 2007

Perpignan - flora


I may resist the assumption that french food is always better than British. Or that french cheese is necessarily superior to local cheeses over here. (if you can find somewhere to buy them, that is...)

But windowboxes and balconies - the french do better.

I first saw window boxes with cactus and these succulent-type houseleeks in Barcelona - tumbling, sometimes for 4 or 5 storeys, down the side of the building.

I love the way these complement the colour of the paintwork around the window, against the peachy colour walls.

This next one I like because the plants are so wantonly unkempt.

And this one - is just so..... french!


Wendz said...

They are all beautiful and I completely agree that the French 'do' windows and balconies with uncopiable style.

The house are very shabby but I reckon if they were all tarted up, the flower decor would lose something. It would just be chocolate box pretty then instead of classy and full of character.

I love French homes.

tut-tut said...

Ooh; I love them all, for different reasons, but especially the second photo.

Akelamalu said...

I love balconies with window boxes - I want one!

Trac said...

I was going to say something either highly amusing or very clever (hahaha) when I got a bit side tracked!

It was your 'recent cities' flag thing.

All these snazzy sounding places from around the globe...

...then Plumstead turns up! :O)

Reya Mellicker said...

The windowboxes are beautiful. If you ask me, the Italians are best at this art.

I, too, resist the thought that French food and French cheese is "best." Who says that anyway - except the French?

Lynne said...

I just adore balconies, window boxes and shuttered windows! Beautiful, Letty! On our trip to the French Quarter in New Orleans earlier this year I found myself taking scads of shuttered window/balcony pics. I think I did a blog entry on them, but now I can't remember..duh!

French cheese is certainly one of the best, if not the best, at least in my opinion. (But then I'm a Francophile at heart! ;) The U.S. is certainly not—too many rules and regulations in the way. The French have over 365 different varieties; one for each day of the year. My favorite being Saint Marcellin. yum.

kimy said...

delightful...thanks for continuing the tour of perpignan.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

"They" may have better balconies and window boxes, they may do cheese well--although I recall some lovelies at a small hotel outside Bridport--but you bring us triumphantly to blog supremacy. Often difficult to choose between your words and your photos.

Lynne said...

Forgot to say that I hope you have more photos to share from your trip. I am enjoying them immensely!

Trac said...

Awww... Lynne there mentioned The French Quarter in New Oleans.

I got engaged there! :O)
So did Nick, now I come to think about it!?


Joanna said...

Love all your pics. I always admire balconies so nicely planted up.

la bellina mammina said...

I agree completely! They have the most stunning balconies!!

Drop by and pick up your award on my blog:-)

Ex-Shammickite said...

The French windows have a size, shape, ratio, perspective, that just cries out for window boxes with cascading plants and dusty colours, and so the French people oblige by planting, and letting the boxes run wild, and drip, and grow, and you have captured the result....

Gary said...

This series of images is so wonderful. It is amazing how plants and proper landscaping can transform the environment. The last photo reminds me of my visit to Spain where I was lucky enough to stay at an amazing hotel with a splendid balcony with the large doors (windows) and a cool breeze coming through that roused the curtains. Good times.

lettuce said...

wendz the shabbiness is just perfect, isn't it?

TT why the 2nd one esp. i wonder....

Lulu me too! i have one window box at the mo., its a sad failure.

hahaha trac, you always make me larf. i know! but then, maybe Plumstead sounds exotic to someone in Caracas?
so does getting engaged in New Orleans. ;op

um... lynne says so, Reya. :o)

i'd love to visit New Orleans Lynne. and i DO like french cheese. Rocquefort esp...
(yes, a few more to come...)

ta, Kimy.

Shelly there are some very good cheese shops (and cheeses) in the west country. (your comments are not good for my ego you know)

yes joanna, i do too. Esp. being unable to get the nack so far myself.

bella thankyou sweetie! i shall pop over for it.

they do shammie, don't they? i love the balconies and window boxes - and also the roofs.
...and the cheese...and wine...and olives... the thought of being there again soon!

sounds lovely Gary, i've only ever been to Barcelona, in spain. plants are transformative.

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