Wednesday, July 11, 2007



blankety blank

is how i feel at the moment.

blank on various levels
in various ways

and for a depressing variety of reasons.

and i'm not sure whether its better to feel blank
or to focus a bit and feel the misery

sorry if i've been a bit absent lately
and not many words here

just some recent random pics.

There is, however, some brightness on the horizon as i'm off on Thursday to spend 5 days with lovely Tat. A brief escape just in the nick of time.

I'll be internet/broadband enabled, of course, but might be a bit absent from blogland for a while.... back next Tuesday.


la bellina mammina said...

I'd rather feel blank than miserable. Feel better soon and have fun!

PG said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling low, you sound like you need a holiday with a good friend, so have a lovely time. :)

Steve said...

Well, nothing's ever REALLY blank. There's a lot going on in all these photos, and I'm sure in the mind behind them, too. :)

Love the star at the end! Have a great time on your trip.

Cream said...

What I really think you need is Wogan's Blankety Blank wand to reach the blooming bell on that stairless door!

Just one look at Tat's ENORMOUS melons and courgettes and you'll feel as right as rain... without the rain!


Trac said...

Oh fab pics as usual. I especially like the last one...

"It's never too late"

(Except is is actually as I was rather hoping to catch you before you go!?)

Still perhaps next week eh?
Have a great time... :O)

tut-tut said...

I agree; not blank photos at all. Have a good time away.

Reya Mellicker said...

Maybe this is my justification, but I believe the blankness serves its own purposes...whatever they may be.

Your photos are beautiful, though, not blank at all. Thinking of you with love.

call me betty said...

Hugs, hun. have a lovely, perfectly timed break. see you when you get back.
Much love xxxx

PS fantastic pics, 'specially the one from the darkened room looking out at the light and the plant.

natural attrill said...

I like the grey photos at the top.
Enjoy your trip.

Jay said...

Beautiful photos, you've really got a talent for great subjects. If they haven't inspired you, they have me.

Calamity Tat said...

Well Miss blankety Blank, bring your cheque book and pen because you'll need it for all that sangria!! Yay... can't wait, I shall be at the airport waiting for you, just checked the weather 29, 30 degrees hot right through until late next week baby... have a good flight xx

Dizzy said...

Have a great time with Tat Letty, put your worries aside for a couple of days and enjoy the sunshine and sangria. Thinking of you. xoxoxox

Light is there.

Pod said...

i used to love the music when the people were revolved away on blankety-blank, and the new ones came round all happy and waving and fresh. and i used to love the jingles too

come on and supermatch game supermatch game supermatch game!

blank is ok

especially in wooly socks

see you


Gary said...

It is interesting to view your last two posts in comparison with one another. The trees are so beautiful and this one dark and drab. It speaks to our moods and where we choose to focus our energies. I guess the pictures reflect your mood. I seems as though you need a break, some time to refresh and enjoy.
I love the last picture, It's Never too Late!

Mr Farty said...

Sometimes blank is good. It can be your mind's way of recharging. Have a nice holiday.

Country House Antique Textiles said...

Have a lovely time Letty darling. I hope you feel less blank on your return. I wish you many sunny days :-)

I feel rather like I am living on a damp sponge wrapped in a wet blanket! Will it ever stop raining?!!!

Z said...

I think blank is healing too. Have a lovely time.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Blank is the momentary lull before the storm of idea and notion kick in, crisping lettuce up to a fairtheewell.

Dizzy said...

Welcome back! (hope I am not too early)

Now its time to sit on that chair and absorb the bright and energising zap from that smiley star.

Lol x

Lynne said...

I share your blankness lately. It certainly sounds like you very much needed this holiday, Lettuce, and I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating time away!

Ex-Shammickite said...

The last pic is the best... and I love the message it's giving me!

lettuce said...

bella - i agree sometimes. thanks.

yes pg. it was just what i needed.

steve i wouldn't be so sure about that! ;-p

lots of blankety-blank on Youtube Cream - was Wogan ever so young?

i liked the last one Trac. Previously there was just the pic - the chair and loo are recent. Maybe someone is living there?

not blank TT, but a bit grey...

yes Reya, i know you are right. about the porpoises, that is.

ta betty. actually, it was from the garden of the Greenwich Union, (i know you know it well!) looking through to the next door's pub garden! which had more sun, as you can see.

thanks P. Hope you are okay.

Jay I'm glad if you like them. Grey isn't always bad.

missing you Tat.... and ta ever so. xxx

hi dizzy. you are a ray of light :o) (you were a bit early, but i'm back now)

pod - too warm for woolly socks! even back here in blighty!

gary its true, i notice such diff. things at diff. times. we all do i suppose.

Mr. F, my charge is topped up a bit, enough to keep me going.

oh Donna - sun here yesterday when I got back, and today - I so hope you are getting some of it too.

thanks z - sometimes our systems work on automatic to do whats best for us.

Shelly, faring a bit better thankyou kindly, crisper than i was.

hey Lynne - its one way of dealing with stress i think. It was relaxing, wonderful and rejuvenating. Just rather brief.

Shammie - yup. I can't stop hoping.