Sunday, June 03, 2007

springing about in suffolk

I had a lovely lovely 3 days (not long enough by half) with RW in Suffolk last week.

larking and drinking

larking around with the dog
drinking coffee
listening to sky larks
drinking gin
larking about in shops
drinking wine
larking around with solicitors and bankers
drinking tea
larking around at times without little girls

(or men)

(but with my camera)

... despite miserable cold cold rainy weather for the first two days...
... and soaking up warm sunshine on the last day.

At some points, larking and drinking at the same time.
Imagine that if you can.

Suffolk is wonderfully spring- green and lush and luscious after all the rain and I took endless pictures which I plan to bore you with in due course.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this.

Spring (late)


Pod said...

ha haaaa! i just spat my earl greay nad vegemite on wholemeal turkish bread at the screen. i thought i was hallucinating when i saw the first 'jump out', then the final bounds at the end!! so funny. i laughed aloud. wonderful!! i am still sniggering. i wish i was there! how come you weren't laughing? i would have done a little wee.
one day we shall stroll down a country lane and share stories.
thanks for the laughter lettle!

lettuce said...

nice breakfast pod. (or was it lunch?) (except for the vegemite ofc - marmite is so much better)
Isn't he hysterical?
but how very dare you cast aspertions on my pelvic floor!

Akelamalu said...

I like larking and drinking can I come with you next time please?

Love the videos!

PS I've tagged you but only if you want to. :)

Country House Antique Textiles said...

Hahahaha That dog is soooo cute! I'm glad to hear you are having fun larking about with RW. It's just the tonic eh? x

Wendz said...

Oooh I recognise that t-shirt!

And that mad dog is hilarious.. I also spat on the keyboard but it was my snotty, cold-ridden nose, not Earl Grey.

martin said...

That trick with the beer mats shows a misspent youth. I myself got up to twenty...... o for the old days....... as for larking around with bankers ?.

Pod said...

oh wendz how crude....
i object and stand firm that vegemite rules!!

Gary said...

Sounds and looks lovely, especially enjoyed the jumping pup coming out from the distance.

Wendz said...

Oh Poddy Pie - NO! Not vegemite. Bovril rules. On white buttery toast. With Earl Grey, I will concede.

tut-tut said...

Ha! What was he doing in there, I wonder?

Mike M said...

Love the video!!


Annelisa said...

Ha ha... looks like you weren't the only one larking around in that field!! :-D

Primrose Hill said...

Hey, haven't been over for a visit for ages! Your trip to Suffolk sounds good, I could do with a break, fighting the flu right now. Your video cheered me up no end, very cute bouncy dog!
L x

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

That was no dog, that was pod, wearing a dog costume.

lettuce said...

you'd be most welcome AK. will check out and consider your tag. thanx!

yes, CHAT (oh look, you are Chat!) - just the tonic. (not forgetting the gin, of course...)

eeewww wendy, thankyou so much not.

20 Martin. Impressed? moi?

pod you are a marmite traitor.
Yes, Wendz, bovril is also great.

Gary, glad you enjoyed. It was such a wonderful Spring moment!

Tut-tut i wonder - he spent lots of time out of view...

thanks mm.

and annelisa yes, the field was full of larks.

PH, hope you feel better and springy soon.

shelly your comment made me snort tea all over my keyboard. A perfect comment.

Dizzy said...

Theres a lot of spitting, snorting an coughing going on here...

Lovely video, at first I thought it was a goat, lovely Pup. How could someone not want him?

Glad you have had a lovely time with RW, spent interestingly practicing old tricks.

ps. We get a puppy on Friday - Golden Retriever - 10 weeks old.

Reya Mellicker said...

Many rounds of applause!! Wow. OK first I have to say that if I've been drinking I can't flip my coaster, let alone catch it. Wow.

The second vid!! I was sinking into my own memories of England, trying to imagine the scents, etc. and like Pod I believed I was hallucinating the first leap.

FABULOUS. The dog was the happiest creature on earth. BRAVO! Cannes film awards to you! I salute you and your dog, too!!

Akelamalu said...

Thanks for joining in the Tag.

PS I have now published my Dad's book on my new website, details on my blog today. Thanks for the encouragement! x

julia said...

All that larking and drinking sounded like the kind of fun I'm up for. I'll have to see if I can get anyone here to do that with me. My sister would love to lark-and-drink. I'll ask her.

Mark said...

Larking and bouncing dogs, what more could you ask for....

Cheers Mark

Cream said...

The Darling Buds of May... Larking about...

james said...

as soon as i turn in my assignments, I'm asking for travel tips then.

and what year am i in? don't understand. i'm a postgrad....just here for the year.

Calamity Tat said...


call me betty said...

he he he, love it. thought it was a kangaroo at first. (don't ask!)

Queenie said...

Oh Lettuce, I nearly wet myself watching the dog. I have a king charles spaniel and he's crazy out on walks, but I think he needs a spring attached to his rear to reach those heights. Gin, wine your my kind of friend (by the way not bragging or anything, but I can do it with two mats).....

lettuce said...

oh dizzy! please please please post pics.

thanks Reya - i knew you'd like it!

AK - um..... haven't got around to it yet .... So pleased you're publishng your dads book.

hello Julia. Yes, i recommend it.

what indeed mark?

haha cream - you have such a good eye for a pun.

travel tips James. Again I say "wear a hat".

Tat - hee hee. (imagine your dog in those fields!)

okay betty, will call you betty. But also - I AM asking.....?

queenie, you too with the pelvic floor? and is that a brag or a challenge?

lettuce said...

PS - no blog betty? :o(

call me betty said...

yes, blog. a very tiny one, tis true, but still a blog. Hmmm, wonder why there's no link?? (puzzled face)

Steve said...

Lettuce - I finally had a chance to watch your videos. I usually read your blog at work (I know, I should be working, but whatever) and I was scared to watch the videos there after I read about people spitting food at the screen etc.

So, anyway, finally had a chance to watch them. Hysterical! That was an awfully happy creature! I'm going to send this link to some friends of mine. They'll love it.