Tuesday, June 05, 2007

spring greens

ok, photos with which i promised to bore you, from wonderfully green suffolk.

Reflecting on this post,
and choosing pictures,
i realised that I came back from Ipswich
with an interesting collection of pics - with two particular
types of shot preponderate: wheatfields and hedgerows (as here) and street art/graffiti (some of those are on flickr).

- bit of a contrast, eh?
nature and culture
town and country
green and .... other colours.

I've also noticed that I've called this post "Spring" greens, though it is, in fact, June. So not strictly speaking Spring.

I excuse myself for this on the basis that it was so miserably cold and wet at the beginning of my suffolk trip that - when the sun came back on Wednesday - it felt like spring after a too-long winter.

But it is now feeling rather like summer.

Updates (click to enlarge):


in fact, as you can see, no longer tadpoles but little tiny tiny froglets, with 4 little legs, climbing on rocks and everything!!!!!

my garden, a more recent photo

(at RW's request)

and finally, before leaving suffolk for the time being, there is this:

(Warning: the following footage contains NO images or incidents likely to cause snorting of beverages or unsightly snottage)

no nuts.

no surprises.


ramblingwoman said...

ooh I'm first! I'm normally 18th or something!

Lovely lovely photos Lettie. That last vid. makes it seem that we were in a hurricane! We got very wet legs though walking through the wheat/barley/whatever that green stuff was!

Your tadders look like teenagers, hope they aren't giving you much attitude!


tut-tut said...

Wow, wow, wow; I'm viewing your photos on my NEW monitor. I feel that now my eyesight is restored! GREAT! thanks, and I'm so glad you had a good time, Lettuce.

Cream said...

Lettie, these photies are absolument beautiful!!!!
And that corn, what is it corn or wheat? was doing the Salsa, I swear! Did you see the way it moved?
I love the way you mixed water with oats... You've just discovered how to make beer!
Can't wait for you to discover grapes!

Jay said...

Oh, I love all the green, and the cows who think they're hams.
So picturesque.

Calamity Tat said...

Letty, it's me Tatty, come home now, soooo collllldddddddd, let me in at your windoooooooooow.......

Calamity Tat said...

ps, can you stop being so bleedin clever with your blog???

martin said...

You are a very clever lady to capture the essence of the countryside and bring it to me through my apple.
I could almost smell the cow ****. Bravo.

Wendz said...

Isn't Martin so very proper...cow****...I'd have said what it is...cow poo...and he's right, I can smell it...could also be the real cows outside my window though..

fab fab fab post - you restored a little bit of sanity to me with all that wind and water. Thanks.

Dumdad said...

Suffolk rocks!

Pod said...

...climbing on rocks and everything? oh my goodness letty! climbing on rocks and EVERYTHING? how very exciting ;0p
lovely lovely pics...enticing me into wanting to walk down an english country lane even more...shall i book my ticket?? great video (this time watched in my stripey pj's). all that swaying made me a bit slee........

Wendz said...

You have been tagged.....by me! ;)

Akelamalu said...

I love them all but especially the ones of the road disappearing through the trees and the one of the cows.

Pod said...

i love the tunnely one!

james said...

all of these photos look like they're on velvet, or butter. and you know it's a great piece of art if it's on velvet, or butter. mmm, butter.

i never know how far down the comment section is...the youtube links keep getting more tempting. you're a siren, trying to take my internet access away again. shame on you and your sharp carnivorous teeth, you should chew on velvet, or butter. mmm, velvet.

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

Ever the unreliable narrator, you gave us to understand these would bore us but instead they bore into us with splendid moments where we are made to feel sorry not to have been with you.

Is there no end to it?

One hopes not.

Bird said...

i have naught to say but "wow."

Reya Mellicker said...

I LOVE all the green! It's different, but no less green than the landscape of the midatlantic. I think looking at all that green, all at once, is profoundly healing, at least it is for me.

And the vid! YES, waving grasses like that always look like water to me, too. If you could catch a vid of the passengers moving through your Tube station from above, they would look like water, too, though people form rivers more than seas the way grass does.

And the froglets! WOW - the transformation has occurred. I wonder what it feels like to them?

Dizzy said...

Another lovely blog Letty. I will just add what the others all say... you are super ;-).

Love the green photos, liked the close ups and the ones of the lanes reminds me of here. The video was very good - very clever putting the wheat and water together, with the movement flowing from one to another.

Do you think the froglets are going to remain with you in your garden or do they go off and play?

ps. I did get about 3 downpages of blank space inbetween the close up of the lane photo and the wording 'reflecting on this post'. Was I the only one?

Mike M said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures!!


Ex-Shammickite said...

I'm so glad you posted all those pics of wild flowers and grasses. They all have names and different characteristics and are beautiful in their own way. Here, many people just class them as "weeds" which makes me so MAD!
Lovely pics.
And it's nice to see the Suffolk countryside, my cousin lives just outside Ipswich.

natural attrill said...

What beautiful photographs, I think my favourite is the first,the second could be a weaving, and I especially like the one 7th down, the colours of the greens work really well with the pale on the left and dark on the right and the path leading down to the hedge with the little red bush. Wonder whats through the hole, round the corner, seems like the begining of a story.

Trac said...

Thank You!! x

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon or churl, a day without a lettuce posting is of a piece with the realization that the newspaper has not been delivered.

Can the delivery person have been frightened off by a prowling giraffe?

Gary said...

Oh you make me long for a long slow walk down a dirt road, barefoot, stopping to look at the cows. Reminds me of The Waltons (do you know that 70s TV show? - I always likened myself to John Boy.)
Wonderful photos!

lettuce said...

it was wet wasn't it? i'm not sure about the attitude - they do skulk.

glad you like them TT.
and you Cream, and yes! it was rather like a dance. don't know about making beer. we did drink some.

Jay - cows, hams, hahaha.

i thought i heard you out there Tat, blowing around....

well thanks Martin.
He is indeed proper, is he not Wendz? and too polite, i suppose, to mention the cow pissing in the background?

indeed dumdad.

are you laughing at me Pod? Yes, EVERYTHING! they were having cocktails last time i checked....
and Yes. Of course. Do you need to ask?

i liked the tunnels too Ake, they are everywhere at the moment, all that spring hedgerow growth.

James you do say the nicest things. Well, sometimes the weirdest.... but this was one of the nicest. Butter, mmmm.....

Shelly you are so nice. (and NEVER curmudgeonly, I'm sure) (though curmudgeon is a good word)

hi Bird, glad to see you swooping past again.

I was wondering that myself Reya, about the froglets. The green was indeed very healing.

thanks Dizzy. The froglets will disperse (hopefully eating slugs and snails en route) - but should return to spawn next year. thanks for the headsup on the blank page problem... should remember to check my blog on other screen sizes.

Mike - ta. :o)

ExSh - agreed! no such thing as weeds, just sometimes plants in a less than suitable place...

Penny, you're right about the weaving idea, inspired thought

Trac. :o) :o) :o)

Shelly i'm not scared of giraffes.

I couldn't recommend bare feet on these lanes and fields! night night john boy.