Thursday, June 21, 2007

some of my news

i've been with exam work.

(in between and and

and and )

I marked one set of exam scripts where over 20% were
absolute and made me

Do these students think they are going to get a degree for ?

they have clearly spent more time

and than they have


Some of them however have done a lot of and and wrote

some exam papers.

I some of them are much more than me.

We have a particular group of students who have been very

and who also our teaching and courses.

This makes me

The of the marking is followed by exam meetings.

Last year i managed to out of most of them.
The year B4 that some of them want on for nearly 12 hours.

and in the meantime, there is more to do preparing for new students in and course preparation.

And, in theory,

In theory.

You can for yourselves, from this post,

how much I have been spending on those tasks lately.

In practice I am looking forward to

In fact, I plan to spend more time

than with
(where the latter indicates for work rather than for pleasure)

In other

I had a that our .

I used to have such all the time.

We have only one left now, the a few weeks ago.

Poor Marigold is all alone and .

In my she escaped into a neighbouring

In the there was a

She got in the , shut the and sat at us.

is that?


lettuce said...

last time i did a rebus post, wonderful wendy was the only one to follow suit and if you didn't see it, click here
just don't have food or liquid in your mouth at the time ....

Shelly Lowenkopf said...

It[your post, named after the Scottish policeman, in fact] is absolutely wonderful and as I set forth to give a class, I am inspired, uplifted, and well read.'

is the Atwood I'm not wild about, and one of her collections of essays on writing leaves me a bit pod-less.

My question for you: Which is your favorite pod image?

tut-tut said...

ha! I'd still try and fit the yoga in, if I were you . . .

Trac said...

Oh that was so cool!

And now Pod isn't the only person who has made me smile today!

I hope that I can help you out with some of that drinking you intend to do! :O)

martin said...

A fantastic post. I have enough trouble with three pictures and words......

Pod said...

ha ha! i sat here all bleary eyed and grumpy at the coldness of the rudely early morn, and the gp dream made me titter. esp. the sitting in the car dream. that is very funny. what are you worried about? are you neglecting it? strangely, or maybe not these days, i also dream about our old gerbils, that i have forgotten to clean them out, and that they have eaten each other. it is purely a guilt dream, as i did feel bad that i ended up leaving mum to look after them. i have some funny gerbil stories that i will tell you one day. bet you can't wait?
what does shelly mean, podless?
sleep tight

Ex-Shammickite said...

Incredibly funny.... and pretty clever too! Wish I knew how to do that, but unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for the people who read my blog, I am a self-declared techno-peasant.

ramblingwoman said...

hahaha Lettie. So, when you have more time you are going to swim with dolphins?

I liked the way the gp sat looking at you in the car!

Which reminds me Lettie....driving lessons...your gp was trying to say 'if I can drive, so can you!'
See you tomorrow!

Wendz said...

Ab fab as usual....your gp dream had me sniggering. I will follow up and do another one as soon as I can. Busy weekend ahead though.

Dumdad said...

I enjoyed that. Almost as much as Roobarb and Custard.

Akelamalu said...

That's brilliant! Where do you get the pictures from?

PG said...

this made me :-0)

ja said...

If I understand you correctly, you're clearly favoring the plants and beers of your class, and you've taken to dating hamsters (?). I know you're stressed, but I must advise you as a friend and caution you against favoritism and/or bestiality (?). That is, of course, if I've read your nuanced script correctly.
Oh, ... you're working hard.... oh, ok....not that I have anything against hamsters.

ja said...

i should amend that with an lol (just in case offense was taken) by explaining i wondered if there were any censor controls on the b word....
am nervous about my own results....didn't get to date any beers but the questions were too broad for me to right down any specifics. Bah.

Gary said...

wow, this was amazing. Good luck getting through all of it and then finding time to listen to music, etc. I too am running like crazy these days. The summer class I am taking ends on Tuesday (and I have too much to complete for it by then), teaching the little ones ends on Wednesday which is also the first day for the college course I am teaching. I could use a beer and a nap!

lettuce said...

Shelley - i'll pop over to yours to discuss Oryx and Crake. Your question to me however..... that will take a lot of thinking .... only ONE?

Yes TT, loving being back at yoga, i will go on finding the time

Any time Trac!

ta Martin. (you seem to me to do quite well)

always a privilege to make you titter Pod. I'm agog re the gerbils.

glad you liked it, Shammie. Tis just like uploading any pics really

Only if there are dolphins in the Waterfront now, RW. driving lessons - haha. Yes. WEll, you do go on, don't you?

will look forward to it Wendz. hope you're having an ab fab weekend

only almost as much, Dumdad?

Ake - the animated ones were from a free emoticon site (some of these should have animated but wouldn't :o( - if anyone has any idea why, let me know?) - some were just goodle image search results. i hope you're going to have a go!

good pg. Smiles are good.

guine pigs ja, don't you know your guinea pigs from your hamsters?
.... actually, this does look more like a hamster doesn't it? Otherwise a sophisticated reading of my text. If you were as articulate and nuanced in your exams, i'm sure you will have done swimmingly.

hey Gary - good luck with finding beer and nap time in all that.

Akelamalu said...

Presumably you had to resize them? That would lets me out then, dunce that I am as a techie!

lettuce said...

nope lamalu, no excuses there for you. you can just click and drag the corner of the pic. in or out once uploaded to your post, as with photos. Dead easy!

Reya Mellicker said...

This is pure brilliance! Cheered me up tremendously, thank you so much. You're amazing, Lettuce.

Email on its way. I've been waylaid this week because my friend died. Much love to you and sweet dreams without any gerbils or G.P.'s!!

Akelamalu said...

Eh? I didn't know you could do that! I might just have a go - give me a fortnight! ;)

Steve said...

Lettuce: That was brilliant! I laughed, I cried...well, OK, I didn't cry, but I did worry a bit about the fate of that rodent (whatever it is).

Vintage to Victorian said...

Brilliant Lettuce!

Mike M said...

This is the way you tell a story with pictures!!!

Great post!!

lettuce said...

Reya i'm so happy if it cheered you up.

lamalulu, hope you will, its fun.

oh steve - will have to try harder with the pathos next time.

Ta V2V :o)

and ta to you too mike.

Akelamalu said...

I've had a go and figured out how to size the images but how the hell do you place them?

Erik said...

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