Wednesday, June 13, 2007


In my opinion, mountains don't move. They only look changed when you look down on them from a great height.1

Q: What is the term for a device used to measure wind direction? A: metal chicken.2

We begin in the world as anagrams of our antecedents.3

Coffee was only a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your
slightly older self.4

...of course, the New Testament can't be taken as Gospel.5

Signifying the surrounding issues that control the myth and additional controversy that happened developments which involve both move-ments classify elements that might have been over-looked whilst these additional controversial disagreements were happening.6

"My name is Aled Jones. Its all gone wrong for me."7

Kierkegaard talked of a leaf of faith.8

I think when one has been angry for a very very long time, it becomes comfortable like old leather. One cannot imagine feeling any other way.9

"She sounds enigmatic."
"Nah. She's from Barnsley."10

People believe what they see and it makes more sense to them, beyond what they see is their imagination and that which needs reasoning whereas with what they see reasons and explains questions about what they do not see and that which is supernatural and can sometimes be beyond reasoning.11

Theres no such thing as bad weather. There is simply inappropriate footwear.12

... after many years Leonardo's the last supple also inveigles the true likeness of the left hand of the acceptance of death.....13

Its hard work being a person, you have to do it every single day.14

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5An undergraduate essay. (this was supposedly a complete sentence)
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7LG, stirring in the middle of the night as M, on his way to bed, tucked her in. Citing Bill Bailey. One of his stand-up routines.
8An undergraduate exam paper.
9Cpt Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek TNG, can't remember episode name, could find out if necessary, one of the first Cardassian ones....
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13an undergraduate essay
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Akelamalu said...

Love it, especially #10, but then there were some really great lines in Life On Mars! :)

Reminds me a bit of Lorraine Chase in that advert
"Did you come down from Heaven?"
"Nah, Luton Airport!"

call me betty said...

Ah, the immortal words of Gene Hunt

Gene: Right, find out who the dead woman was, find out who killed her. Do it now.
(They begin to move)
Gene: Hold up, hold up. Do it tomorrow morning first thing. Beer o'clock, gentlemen.

Reya Mellicker said...

I was a huge fan of Star Trek TNG. Isn't that geeky of me??

One of my favorite quotes:

"Find out who you are, and do it on purpose."
--Dolly Parton

She walks her talk, doesn't she??

Mike M said...

Number 11 is sooooooooo true....
Well...they all are, but I love number 11!!!!


tut-tut said...

3 and 8 do it for me.

Trac said...

haha - number 7!

She's so cool your LG!

Dumdad said...

For No. 12 it was Billy Connolly who first said:
"There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing."

ramblingwoman said...

Actually 'dumdad' my mother in law's been saying that ever since I've known her (which must be more than (OMG) 20 years now!). I'm sure she's never watched Billy Connolly! Mebbe it's just an old saying! She's Welsh btw (not Scottish) - Celt though! And it rains loads in Wales I rambling? I'll get my coat.

ramblingwoman said...

Hahhahaah I've just got the 'metal chicken' thing! haha.

Trac said...

Well... if we are doing quotes...

"You've seen one of the our gigs you've seen 'em all. But if you're into the music, you'll know that we played better the night before or we can play better."
Liam Gallagher

Pod said...

see, lorraine chase is here again!!
i just know she will haunt me when the time comes. all that long silky sheeny hair swirling around in the ethers!
love 3
6? what?!
7 - i still have the 7" of walking in the air (it makes me cry!)
10- pffff he he!


Shelly Lowenkopf said...

For a while, I fear you'd gotten all those from me, but I see you were typically kind and only took half from me, the balance from pod.

Gus said...

I love the "leaf of faith" and the "last supple."

But 6 makes me want to cover my head with a pillow until morning.

Wendz said...

That kid who thinks we measure wind direction with a metal chicken needs to meet Fabien. His method is far more effective and very quick. It's called a Fart.

You try it. Stand and fart into the wind and see how suddenly you discover the wind direction.

Pod said...

to test wind direction to know where to put the windbreak up when at the beach (skegness), my father would lick his finger, and jump up, landing on one leg whith his wet finger pointing up into the air. he claimed he could then feel the wind on the wetness. an old navy trick i think....

Queenie said...

Brill, I love some of Winston Churchills and Oscar Wilde. Just wish I could be that quick of the mark!!

la bellina mammina said...

Great list!

martin said...

List. Nice. But not on a boat......

Dizzy said...


1 - ok I get it
2 - ? Metal chicken ? Asked BH and brother, they have no idea - does anyone else know besides RW?
3 - ? ... Dont say anything yet, I'm trying...
4 - Thats ok, I think I get it
5 - Got it... (2 out of 5)
6 - Many ways to read this if I add my comma's... but what it means - its got me...
7 - Bless, don't you just love Aled, especially on the Radio.
8 - Yup, understand, leaf of faith
9 - Too true for all those grumpy old wrinklies
10 - Yup like it
11 - Very complicated but I think I get what he is going on about. It must have been a guy!
12 - Correct
13 - Got the error I am getting good
14 - Too true, its just managing to behave like what people expect that you should - I am joining in with the undergrads....

Thats why they call me Dizzy...

Jay said...

Inappropriate footwear.
I like that.

lettuce said...

lovely lorraine! yes, Ake - aksi 1970's.

good one betty, indeed one of the best ("beer o'clock" is becoming vernacular in our house....)

Geeky, Reya? NO. we've been watching STNG again with LG, and all enjoying it. Jean luc Picard, he was a v. sexy captain....

what Mike? you understand that?

3 is one of my faves, tut-tut. (its a great book)

isn't she, Trac?

no surprises there dum-dad, if its funny theres a good chance he said it.

RW you're welcome to ramble here as much as you want any time. Yes! i thought the metal chicken was funny. (one of my SIL's pupils)

hahaha Trac. eh?

pod she is becoming a bit of a regular isn't she? "Is she, or isn't she?"
you sure your dad wasn't just doing a jig?

now shelly, can i guess which ones you are claiming, and which you are attributing to pod? hmmm.....

gus my head is still under the pillow. (and hello!)

thanks for that Wendz. :o)

yes, me too Queenie! "I wish I'd said that" "you will, Oscar, you will"

glad you enjoyed them too bella.

haha martin, short and funny as ever. or should i say pithy and witty?

Dizzy - metal chicken, as in on the top of church spires etc. ? If you get 6 and 11 - Be Worried. As for 13 i hope you're not suggesting that one SHOULD behave as others expect?

do you have some, Jay? :o)

Pod said...

yes, she is!
my dad is always being silly...wonder where i get it from?

Dumdad said...

My wife is a fan of Maggie O'Farrell and I read her first novel which was excellent.

Actually, I just popped in to say that my son does have The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents and am reading it and it's great. Thanks as you steered me towards it.

lettuce said...

are you silly, Pod? can't say as I'd noticed....

you're welcome dumdad, its great isn't it? esp. their names, and the trap disposal mice. If you're enjoying that one, you might well also enjoy the Wee Free Men.

Steve said...

I've been thinking about these for a few days, Lettuce. Great stuff.

But what is up with those undergrads? Haven't they ever heard of a period?

"Anagrams of our antecedents" is kind of beautiful. The "leaf of faith" reminds me of my horse chestnut. And where's Barnsley? (I guess you have to be British...)

lettuce said...

its not just the lack of periods tho Steve (full stops over here) but also syntax, identifiable nouns and verbs.... any sense of meaning really!!!
Barnsley - its a town in Yorkshire - Yorkshire having an image of being no-nonsense i spose.