Sunday, April 15, 2007

picture post

On Good Friday Luce (RW) and I went into London.

We passed wonderful Oscar

on our way to the National Gallery

for the


Which was Really Good.


was one of my favourite pictures.

When we came out into the

we saw this man:

What was he doing? I googled him afterwards, but could find no info. So I wish I'd asked his "minder" - it might have been another piece of art....

I saw an Easter window display I rather liked

On the way to the station in the morning, we'd passed this:

It was still there when we came home.


martin said...

Wonderful pictures.... you would have thought that they could done a better job on the Oscar Wilde thing. As to the man laying down in the square they were filming C.S.I there he was the victim......

tut-tut said...

I like this series; I feel I'm tagging right along with you.

ramblingwoman said...

Great pictures Letty. Yes, the Renoir was wonderful wasn't it? As was our whole day in fact!

Dizzy said...

Strange goings on in London these days..... must be the people.

Love the Renoir - very nice and very attractive chickens.

What size was the shoe?

Donna said...

Great pictures again Letty. You are so observant and find 'art' wherever you look :-)

London looks so lovely in the spring sunshine. I shall be there on Tuesday.

Thank you for the birthday wishes I had/am having a lovely day x

Pod said...

oh old londinium! gosh the streets look so busy compared to here (i sound like my musical nan). guess which photo i like best? the shoe one, or the one shoe. i have several pics of the same situation. i don't really understand how such things happen. i mean, wouldn't one realise that one's footwear had come off? i find it intriguing. i love the compo of the shot too....

goodness i'm worse than RW today!

Clarissa said...

Nice pictures :)

But how did you google that guy? "random guy lying on Trafalgar Sq"?

Reya Mellicker said...

A wonderful tour of a city I adore. Wow! Love the abandoned shoe, the man on the street, and the slogan "Be brave, not beige." Bravo!!

Cream said...

Lettie, I have to say that you ARE a natural! Everything seems to be just there posing for you!
Even bloody shoes!

Je suis jaloux!

Joyce said...

Oh, the history! That's the only bummer of living in a "new" country.

The Shoe: This is one of my lifelong burning questions, esp when we are driving along a highway and we see one rubber boot, or one running shoe. WHAT THE HECK? We're on a highway. Driving fast. How do people lose their shoes that way? And only one?

Akelamalu said...

Great pictures. It never ceases to amaze me that someone can lose ONE shoe!

Steve said...

What a sad-looking shoe. Maybe the person who lost it was lying next to it, sunbathing, as apparently Londoners are wont to do, and was hauled away by ambulance workers?

(Is that guy sunbathing? Or was he really in some kind of distress?)

This post leaves me with many questions...

Pod said...

Letto! i just got wind of this ozzie band, and aside from the vid reminding me of your obsession with that falling stick man, you may like them. praps rambloid will like them too as they remind me a little of the police. i can't stop listening to this one
let me know your verdicto

Primrose Hill said...

Great pictures, makes me want to come to London for the day to soak up a bit of culture. Love the paper chickens!
L x

lettuce said...

yes Martin, they could have done better. Tho' sometimes people leave flowers in his hand, which is nice...CSI eh? feasible....

thanks Tut-Tut. And RW, it was luvverly.

Dizzy, i didn't think to check. Doh! were you hoping to find one like it?

Donna, how could you come to London without seeing me?

I thought you'd like it Pod. will you post yours? is Sydney not busy, then? i'd always imagined it is. (snow in NZ I hear - whats it like there?)

yup Clarissa, something pretty much just like that :op

yeah, its a good slogan Reya!

Cream, thanks. tho it doesn't seem to me that i'm doing much more than clicking at whats there.

Joyce and Akelamalu - it is, indeed, one of lifes Big Questions. maybe we should have a Symposium on it?

He didn't look even vaguely distressed Steve. sunbathing - yes, possibly more feasible than the CSI theory.

Pod - thanks for passing on the wind. Police. and Peter Gabriel. But without being quite like anyone else.

Primrosie - do come! we could meet for coffee.

james said...

on 'this man...'

check out radiohead's music video:

Just (1995) The Bends

dir. by Jamie Thraves

Like something out of Beckett or Kafka, this masterpiece of suspense and absurdity is all the better for it's non-ending. Yet despite that famous inaudible whisper, a more significant moment comes earlier when the young man inexplicably trips over the older man laying across the empty sidewalk. The younger man begins compassionately asking the fallen if he's alright, but then quickly turns to anger once he realizes the man is not hurt at all. As people crowd around they shift between offerings of help and mad questioning of the stubborn man. These people are initially quite "civilized," but in their rabid pursuit of knowledge they lose all customs and inhibitions. And though we know from his mouth movements that the man probably isn't whispering "the horror, the horror" - he is waking these folks up to something rather dark and frightening about their guarded hearts.


lettuce said...

excellent James! thankyou for shedding a bright light on this, i think you must be right.

(is "obtusity" a real word)
(I like it anyway)

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