Wednesday, April 18, 2007


from essay marking, book ordering, trying to sort out the accounts, too much emotion.

Intrigued. How could this happen to a lamp post?

Concerned about the twin moons in this picture. Could there be a fault with my wonderful camera? or is there some technical reason you "proper" photographers know about?

Surprised to discover that my sister and her family have been reading my blog (hello you lot)

Grateful to same sister for going back around the roundabout and stopping the car last night so I could take this picture. (thanks you)

Delighted with lovely gifts from a special friend

Listening over and over and over and over and over to this (thanks Pod for recco). How brilliant is it? the rest of his stuff sounds excellent too, different, eclectic..... CD already ordered. and over and over and over

Frustrated that said CD, already purchased in haste and excitement, could take 5-6 weeks delivery. $5.49 for surface mail??? (or do I not understand Aussia $$$?)

Relieved that my mum is having a weeks respite/evaluation in their (wonderful) local hospice - she is happy and comfy, dad is relaxed and sleeping well, i'll have a bit more time at home over the next week or so. Hoping to begin to feel less
strung out.

Cross because our neighbours have had their sprinkler on in the garden about 12 hours a day for the last week at least, watering primarily the trampolene, fence, lawn and various bits of foliage.

Enjoying spring, sunshine and gardening.

Determined to start cycling again tomorrow.

Happy happy happy with the little

in my new frog pool (will post pictures later.........)
I keep going out to watch them wiggle. In between listening to Gotye.

Sorry I didn't get around to livening this up with sound track and titles as I'd intended, but they're growing so fast I thought I'd better post this quick cos I'm
hopeful that i'll have more for you to watch soon, more interesting, maybe even with little legs.


martin said...

Lettuce I don't think there is anything wrong with your camera, I think that the lens picks up the bright light of the lamposts. I started my cycling again it's so cool.....but hard on the legs.

Akelamalu said...

What a colourful post - I so enjoyed reading!

Once A Princess.. said...

Hi! I currently live and the US and have always wanted to live in England instead. If possible, would you talk to me about living there?

My email is

Thank you!


tut-tut said...

I see THREE moons . . . and I want to live in England, too. How are you fixed for spare rooms??

mist1 said...

My sister reads my blog, but she doesn't have internet at home and doesn't have a car to drive to coffee shops with her laptop, so I talk about her.

la bellina mammina said...

hi - enjoyed your blogs and your photos. Especially the one of the cockadoodledoo!

PG said...

Cycling is good...always makes me feel better.
I was waiting for some grand final with the tadders, but they just went on wiggling - I guess that's what they do best! you sound perkier -I'm glad.

Pod said...

i can't stop singing the one i sent you. i was woken several times in the night by mating possums, and i was already singing it before i was even conscious!

tadpoles! hurrah! i used to fill my wellies with tadpoles from the dyke when i was younger!

rest up love

Pod said...

ps. glad the tads make you happy. little things like that cheer em also.

pps. how rude what? i got up too early and no understand....?

Pod said...

ppps. it's ok noseybonk, i know what you mean now....ooh

Donna said...

I see three moons too. Thought it was just the wine. It isn't is it?

Lovely presents, always nice to get pressies :-)

Reya Mellicker said...

Tadpole vid? DELIGHTFUL
Music vid? DELICIOUS
Saggy lightpole? WHY NOT?
Good news about your mother? YES PLEASE!

I love your posts. They're all so different from each other. I salute you!

Dizzy said...

Is that there the frog pond/bucket that we saved? I am guessing you put the frogspawn there, right (?) or were they laid and hatched?

There were more intrigued, surprised, grateful's than there were fatigued and frustrated, so you must be on the up side Letty.

Hope your CD arrives sooner. I will check it out on bitcommet (I'm a cheap skate).

Selfish sods those neighbours, can't you knock some of their lights out.... Of course you can't your too nice for that. Maybe they are trying to create a pond and attract your frogs?

Glad you mum and dad (an all the family) are having a week of respite and that they are both having a good week.

I am well, things are going slowly, but going.

lettuce said...

Martin - thanks, i was hoping that was the case. Yes, me too, back on the bike, its great!

glad you enjoyed it, Akelamalu.

princess (no more?) um... well I'll visit your blog for sure!

tut-tut hahaha. i'll get back to you.... (yes i saw my mistake right after posting... couldn't be arsed to change it...)

mist1 - i'm sure she'll catch up with you sooner or later!

hi bellina mammina, nice to meet you.

pg, yes, thats what they mostly do at the moment.... either that or lying motionless. I didn't think that would make such an interesting vid. (though it could have had a John Cage soundtrack maybe?)

pod, i'm still singing it too. so possums mate in the autumn? or is it all year around? we have lots of peacocks and foxes screaming with passion around here at the moment. noisy blighters.
(is noseybonk Aussie? or a podism?)
(not that I'm admitting anything)

Dons, i didn't have your birthday in my diary (it is now). There will be a gift on the way... in just a bit...

Thanks Reya, salute returned, to you too! and its the only explanation of the light that i've heard so far!

Yes Dizzy, its the very same tub-bucket which we hauled off the skip and up the road. The frogspawn was another special gift actually.
Nice key-word analysis I'd not spotted that! :o)

Cream said...

Great song!
Wet jumpers, your neighbours!

Pecos Blue said...


Very neat post.

Annelisa said...

What a wonderful post - so much going on, to think about, to talk about...

Listened to the YouTube vid - it was great! Your lamp-post has obviously been visited by Uri, and the tadpoles are great!

Your moons? Did you take the pic from inside the car?

lettuce said...

hah! cream. yes they are!

nice to see you again pblue. Lightpost struck by lightning - sounds kind of satisfying.

i think annelisa is right, Uri is the best theory so far.

no, i wasn't inside the car....

Joanna said...

That poor lamp post. I love your way with words, it makes me smile.