Monday, February 05, 2007


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Well, this is it. I've now been blogging for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

It all began here during the worst year of my life.

I was eating lettuce and bananas during the night, due to a serious insomnia problem, due to.... various awful life-crisis reasons. Blah, blah, blah.

Containing tryptophan [like turkey] lettuce and bananas can/should/might cause drowsiness. And are so much more palatable in the night-time than turkey.

Hence - "Lettuce-eating".

I managed to give up the sleeping pills, but I think that may have been as much to do with blogging, and you lot, as to do with the tryptophan.

How strange to look back and re-read.

I've never kept a diary, and never really been a self-reflective type - but look at me now! and in public too.

I think I was more entertaining back then. Maybe misery and lack of sleep makes me funnier?

Having thought my (metaphorical) house was built well on solid ground and would last and keep me warm and dry forever, I had finally faced up to the fact that there were serious fault lines, unseen problems with the foundations, danger of subsidence or even complete collapse. I'd been ignoring widening cracks in the walls and had become so acclimatised to a wet and leaky roof that I didn't even notice any more that I was shivering.

All this with a jolt of weary, familiar recognition - at the same time as the shock of the totally alien and unexpected. It had been coming for years, yet suddenly happened overnight.

Life, huh?

But I am doing better now.

A few things I have learned begun to learn in the last year:

to talk

to live a day - an hour - 5 minutes - at a time


the wonders of digital photography

to cry in public places without caring

how to muck about with html

what html is

101 tips for a better night's sleep (well.... a few)

how different people are

to put fun &/ friendship before work much much more often

that being a perfectionist can be disabling

extreme knitting

to slow down

to treat myself, now and again (and again, and more often)

how very much I love my parents

how to make tassels

to live life now. Not to put off important things till later.

to say NO


and ... that I can have a tendency to ramble. Who'd have thought it?
and in public too ...... so Stopping Now.

Just this before I stop -

Its been so wonderful to make new blog-friends, as well as finding another way of knowing and meeting old friends. Its meant a lot to me to share parts of my life with some of you, and vice versa. If any of you are visiting London and want to meet up, just let me know, I'll be right on the bus.

And finally - I think I might have one or two silent invisible readers. Which is cool.
But if you want to say Hi, just for once, go ahead. After all, its my Blogday!


grumpy old woman said...

HAPPY BLOG DAY, dearest Lettuce :o}

I, for one, am very grateful that you came into my life via the magic of blogland.
I cherish this friendship, the trust that you have shown by sharing the bad times as well as the good, the support you show to others and the amazingly fab photos that you regularly manage to post.

Here's to another year Sweetie!


PG said...

Lettuce, Happy Blogday - I'm so glad I found you, and I always enjoy reading your blog. If ever I brave London again I'll drag you off for coffee somewhere.

Wendz said...

Hey Letty....happy blogday...I am also glad I found you...I cannot even remember how...maybe through Tat or Trac? Tat I think.

You've learnt a lot in the last! Amen to the html thing though - it's my current passion.

I hope to see you this year - not sure when I'll be over again....

Clarissa said...

Happy Blogday from me too!!!! :)

Ooh so I shall formally introduce myself, just so I'm not an anonymous reader anymore... I found you and Wendz through Keith (and Keith I found, I believe, via Blogger's "next blog" feature). You are both now part of my "daily reads."

I come from Luxembourg, I live in Brighton, and soon it will be MY blog day too - my 5th! (gasp)

trac said...

A year?

Has it really been that long???

Happy Blogday Lettuce!
I shall put my name here as Blogger keeps making people anonymous. I might be in hiding, but I am not anonymous! :O)

love Trac

tut-tut said...

Happy one year blogging! I've just started reading your blog, and look forward to more. I just began recently to blog, and it's been slow going and creaky business for me, but I guess it's part of the journey.

Calamity Tat said...

Cou cou ma puce... well I for one love the newer public Letty although I was always fond of the old Letty but you know how I can talk don't you, now you can talk to rival me oh and Netty... We've been friends for what 12 years now and you ROCK... I have been blogging for some time now and although I have soooo much more at the moment I want to express and say I can't but I am so glad you're there for me in the background :-)
kisses xxxx

Reya Mellicker said...

Happy blog day!! So glad you're part of this brand new phenomenon - blogging. I think of it as a form of salon for the new millenium, a social history of the way we lived our lives in the first decade of the new century.

It's wonderful "knowing" you, too! Bravo!!

Donna said...

Isn't blogging wonderful? I love the cathartic use it has had for you and I too am glad that through it I got to know you and swap buttons with you and to finally meet up with you. I know that if we lived closer we would be great friends and so the great internet just closes that gap. I just wish I could have been closer to give you a physical hug rather than a virtual one at times! Anyhooo I'm waffling now so Happy Blogday Letty, may there be many more, I enjoy your company :-) xxxx

Rosie said...

Happy Blog Day Lettuce.

Thanks for sharing your ups and downs with us. Glad that 12 months on things are better for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, alright, Lettuce. Since it *is* your Blog Day...... HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BLOG DAY! And many more to come! It's nice lurking in your corner. I'm definitely a silent cheerleader for you and your daughter and parents!

Kisses from sunny San Diego! (82 bloody degrees Fahrenheit! Ever heard of WINTER???? For gawd's sakes! How'm I supposed to cover my blubber without SWEATERS AND COATS?)
Athena Aurelius

Inconsequential said...

Congrats :)
and well done, quite an accomplishment to do a whole year.

Sooo, only 50 or 60 more years of blogging to go :)

Looking forward to it we are.

ramblingwoman said...

Happy Blog Day Lettie love. It's a pleasure to know you in real life and in this virtual world too.

You too, are my daily read!

Pod said...

i can honestly say i have never met such a wonderful lettuce in all my years!! x

Primrose Hill said...

Happy Blog Day Lettuce, have enjoyed reading your blog, looking forward to reading more.
L x

Jay said...

Haha, extreme knitting.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone. It's been a pleasure to read what's on your mind, and I hope it will keep up.

Steve said...

Lettuce -- I am SO glad I finally know the story behind the blog name! Happy Blogday, and I'm glad you're out there, sharing with all of us!

lettuce said...

Thankyou all for indulging me so graciously. And thankyou Clarissa and Tut-tut and Athena Aurelius for saying hi.

I promise to post something more interesting - or at least different - tomorrow.

Soozcat said...

I'm late (typical for me), but:

Happy Blogday to you,
Happy Blogday tooo yooooouuuu!

And many more!

Anonymous said...

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Cheers, See Ya Later

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