Monday, February 26, 2007

...and falling

184.72 yards.
click here for enlightenment (or not)

And thats quite enough for me, of watching the stick-person falling, flailing, lurching, languishing, bashed, bruised, sinking, stuck, jolted, precarious ... did I mention falling?

I have a couple of weeks at the moment with very little classroom teaching. I have other work to get on with, of course. Much of it put-off-able. Which is probably a bad thing.

And all sorts of other more/mostly enjoyable things to be doing at home. But I can't seem to get down to anything.

LG was off school sick all last week with a persistent gastric bug.

My in-laws are staying. Which is good in lots of ways. I love them and we get on well. But it means that much of my time at home just now is not time alone. Not quite the time I'd choose.

There is lots of tea-drinking, listening, shopping, washing, walking very slowly. All our mugs are dirty all the time.

If only I had the heart to make the most of this time - and their company - it could be a really good week. If only I could escape that falling sensation.

I was just going to finish this post with a concluding "look-on-the-bright-side", as is my wont. Its in my nature. That instinct to say something cheery or hopeful or positive when its just how I don't feel persists like a tickly cough.

But I'm sorry, I just can't be arsed.

Heres a pic. instead.


Pod said...

oh! how symbolic. stuck in the mud. give me yer 'and, i'll pull you out! like the new look letty!

Pod said...

love the pic by the way. have a thing for trollies....

Reya Mellicker said...

LOVE the pic. I've felt like that before, mudslogged, tipped over.

"All the mugs are dirty all the time." Yes, that's how it is with visitors.

My question is, with a sick child and the in-laws visiting, how are you supposed to accomplish anything whether fun or put-off-able? At least for me, visitors take up all my time. So glad you enjoy your in-laws. How's that for the silver lining?

Steve said...

That pic definitely says it all. Hang on, Lettuce - you'll have some quiet, productive time back soon!

That stick-man game is fascinating, by the flowing, and IS kind of Zen! :)

Wendz said...

I figured out the game after you explained it..didn't get far though....50 yards or so....bah!

I love that photo Letty - just love it...

And yes to the dirty mugs - so annoying.

I just wish I could give you something soft to land on.

tut-tut said...

Just the way I've been feeling. Good visual capture of that.

Primrose Hill said...

Poor LG, hope she's feeling better.

All the mugs being dirty - I hate that too, it's so annoying. You're very lucky you get on with your in-laws, on the surface I do, but look closely and it's all very tense and false, not nice or enjoyable at all!

Love the picture.

L x

ramblingwoman said...

Yes, great picture - i wonder just how many shopping trolleys are inthe Thames - in four hundred years time they will be dug up and displayed as artefacts in the British museum!


lettuce said...

Thanks Pod, any hands gratefully held. I like it too, I don't know where that horrid pink came from but I grew to hate it. (more trolleys coming soon)

And thankyou Reya, that will be my philosophy this week - how can I be expected to accomplish anything?

Steve - you get it too! I'm glad you agree its kind of zen - so long as you don't see it from the stick-person's perspective maybe?

I dreamed about you last night Wendz, a kind of mutual support/soft landing dream, it was nice!

Sorry you feel stuck too Tut-Tut. Maybe we'll feel better when the tide comes in?

Yes Primrose H., LG is fully recovered now thanks. Phew. And yes, I am lucky to get on well with my in-laws. It must be hard not to.

Funny you should say that Luce, I think of these trolleys as old bones - nearly entitled this picture "Paleontology". More similar pics to come!

Calamity Tat said...

You know what Lets I never was an alone person, always liked being with people still do but I find myself constantly trying to be alone lately, searching for that space, time and silence ! mostly so I can have a little weep and blame it on the onions... but I understand :-)

grumpy old woman said...

Mmmmmmm, time alone ...... very important.

Pod said...

always a warm hand for you to hold when you need to. i loved a line in 'the lovely bones' when she was talking about heaven, and said that you can do so many amazing things, or just sit in a quiet room with someone holding your hand and not speaking. so very touching and lovely i thought

Cream said...

Still trying to go the whole nine yards...
Sick of ending up like that trolley!