Sunday, January 14, 2007

Marmalade music

Music for making marmalade to.

Kate Bush, Aerial.
Aretha Franklin. (Best of...)
Jack Johnson. On and On.
Amy Winehouse, Back to Black.

and this:


And here is the marmalade.

Yum yum yum.

We may need to get the oranges in from Seville but theres nothing else like home-made British marmalade.

Sweet and fruity but also sharp with a sour edge.

And this is for those of you who think home-made marmalade is always runny:

Nyah nyah nyah.


lettuce said...

(I needed good music to cheer me up. I used to make marmalade with Rambling Woman.

and now she's gone)

ramblingwoman said...

ah, yes, I remember the days. I think actually marmalade is better made in smaller batches. Ours used to take so long to reach any point of setting and then it went over and we were left with congealed bits of orange peel.

I hope yours turned out well.....spare a jar for an out of towner with no Seville oranges for 80 miles?

ramblingwoman said...

Amy Winehouse would approve, she loves home cooking you know!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy - even though I don't really like marmalade...:O(

I was industrious too...ran up some new curtains for the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Hi, your marmalade looks so tasty. Was it easy to make?

ramblingwoman said...

If you've got my hint then can i have the jar with the least amount of bits in please? (HEHEHE)

Pod said...

aerial is one of my favourite things ever. it gets better with every listen. i could happily be chambermaid as long as i can listen to that and help myself to marmalade on toast. what uniform would you like me to wear?

(darts?! should we be worried?)

Calamity Tat said...

Yum I love marmalade and it's been a whole century since I ate some... yummmmmm...

Dizzy said...

10 Jars, that must be least 5 years worth; tis in our house anyway.

Very industrious of you - well done.

PS... My sister is now tassle making ;¬)

lettuce said...

Yes RW, I think you're right about smaller quantities. Though using jam sugar helps - added pectin, only had to boil for 5 mins! (after the pressure cooking). So yes, Rosie, quite easy, though a bit time-consuming and I have infrequently-used chopping and slicing muscles aching.

You're all welcome to some, but you have to come and see me to get it!

Well done on the curtains Wendz - will we get to see pics? and well done on the tassels Dizzy. :o) Very therapeutic.

lettuce said...

(yes Pod, I'm worried)

Anonymous said...

Excellent job you have done and with such a great soundtrack it's sure to be delicious (even though I can't stand it either). There's nothing nicer than home made produce x

James said...

How long does marmelade last?

Anonymous said...


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lettuce said...

hahaha - thanks James, excellent, that has given me a very good start to the day.

This lot wont last 5 years, cos it will all be eaten long before that. Should keep a couple of years though. If you don't want to eat it. :o)

Pod said...

i always wear a clean pinny!! how very dare you!!