Friday, December 29, 2006

Winter Wonderland 3

The Christmas Lites Lights of Sarf East London.
Regent Street can't hold up a candle to them.
And who would notice if it did?

Natural light just can't compete.
I figure this kind of festivity really HAS to be completely over the top to work. One plastic illuminated Santa just looks sad, lets be honest. Half-a-dozen - even 10, why not be metric - is way better.

I long ago got over my middle-class, snooty, tasteful disdain for such tackiness - I think its GREAT.

We have some fairly good examples "round our way". One has a sort of light/slide show projected (how?) on the walls of the house. I couldn't get a very good picture. Maybe I should go back and video it for you.

Here are two of the best in our immediate vicinity.

This one (below) is very restrained in comparison.
But is redeemed, for me, by the fact that its such a brilliant Father Christmas. It looks home-made, I'm not sure if its paper or fabric - I didn't get too close to inspect it for fear of getting beaten up as weird or intrusive. Maybe if I go back in daylight.....

Anyway, I love it, and just hope he survives the winter weather.

All these pictures will enlarge if you click on them.
Go on - they look SO MUCH BETTER at twice the size.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are right! One has to be totally OTT if you're going to get into the lights thing...

Marvellous...I wonder how anyone around them sleeps with all that light!

Go on - video the light show...I dare you!


cream said...

Is the last Santa on a diet or on his last stretch?

Anonymous said...

I love the completely OTT lights. I would hate to have them on my house but as a form of entertainment I think that sort of eccentricity should be applauded! We used to see lots in Bromley but now we really have only one in this area which is so crazy and OTT that people drive for miles around to visit. They have an indoor grotto and everything! The kids love it and they raise money for the air ambulance so it's all good :-)

Anonymous said...

A pinch and a punch....well YOU did it last month...:O)

Happy New Year Letty....may it bring you the peace and happiness you so very much deserve.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure if you'd pop back to me today - so thought I'd personally deliver your pain's a dollop of Arnica cream.

Now, could you perhaps send a few aspirin for my hangover? I am all out.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put such stuff outside my own house, but love looking at such tackiness. It's my dirty little secret. Everyone loves tack, but at least you are out of the closet in proclaiming it to the world! And I applaud you for that.

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Letty-Lou. I hope 2007 is soooooo great for you. Kisses

Pod said...

hello love! i like the skinny santa, bless him. happy healthy silly new year to you. great to have met such a lovely green leafy vegetable x

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