Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Winter Wonderland 2

Ice rinks are appearing almost magically (well, no, I know - just indulge me) all over London.

And lucky us - one of the best is just down the road in Greenwich, between the historic colonnades of Wren's Naval College with Inigo Jones' "Queens House" on one side, and the good old Thames on the other.
Not my picture - the others are.

So a family party went last week, for my neice's 22nd birthday (1st picture below, in the brown) and managed to avoid falling over for an hour.

After a brief 5 mins. or so of hotly whispered "this is supposed to be FUN, if you can't stop being CROSS I wont go round with you. Oh thats GREAT. Go off and leave me by myself then" LG regained her sense of balance and stopped blaming me for the risk of slippage. Much quicker recovery time than in previous years!!! She was skating pretty well by the end of the hour.

And thanks to my great family who spent a lot of time skating round with her, so that I could enjoy some solo skating too - as opposed to balancing and steering with angry appendage.
In fact, by the end she was even willing to skate with me holding my hand (how embarrassing when you are 12) rather than hanging weightily onto my elbow.

We used to have skating lessons for PE at one stage, when I was at school.
Yes I know! in London!
and 3 years ago, when I first tried it again after more than 25 years (blimey, its always a shock, remembering just how old I really am) I was pleasantly surprised to find it coming back fairly quickly and easily. And apparently its very good for bone density (assuming, presumably, that you manage NOT to fall and break something) - so maybe it should be prescribed for women of my age? ice skating on the NHS?


Anonymous said...

Aaah Letty that's wonderful. All Christmassy and Mommy/Daughtery...lovely.

My Mom is here now and it's marvellous. Ab fab.

Pod said...

i want to have a go!! i was once a whizz on rollerskates you know!

Anonymous said...

How lovely, see it really is a winter wonderland in Woolwich :-)

Gorgeous photos of you and LG.

Joyce said...

blue skates.
I've only ever seen black or white.
mind blowing.

Joyce said...

That's what I'm saying- mind blowing. We Canadians must choose between white (girl, figure skates) or black (boy "hockey" skates).
How cold is it up here? Have we no imagination?
It's like birkenstock sandals- for years and years we saw light brown and dark brown. Now there are all sorts of colours available for us. Still, it seems that most people choose brown. (Or maybe I haven't made it to the folk festival for so many years that I am completely wrong).
I suppose its true about us being conservative and just plain polite?!!

Just don't let my kids see these blue skates. They think its bad enough their skates come from the thrift shop!!

Molly Bloom said...

Happy Christmas to Lettie and allxxxx Happy Christmasxxx Thankyou for everythingxxx

Anonymous said...

Have a great Christmas, Lettie and everyone that's in your heart. x

trac said...

Merry Christmas! Fancy popping by for a virtual drink?

Anonymous said...

Got them butterflies today! Arrived with Tanya's package so I feel very spoilt! Thank you so much - they are brilliant. Love them.


Calamity Tat said...

Love those skates, what fun... Happy christmas Letty and yours xxxx see you in the new year..