Friday, December 01, 2006


Lacking in energy or inspiration for entertaining blogging, sorry.
But my comments have been invaded by spammers, so something new is needed.

Here's a fact:

Between 10pm last Friday evening and 10pm on Tuesday evening - a period of 96 hours - LG slept for at least 44 hours.

It could be that she is turning into a cat.

Or a teenager.

Here's another fact.

It is possible to BUY pictures of ringworm on eBay.


I have no further comment to make.

oh - except :

a pinch and a punch, first of the month.

and no returns.


Anonymous said...

ouch ;-)

Anonymous said...


Oh..ouch. Right. 1st December..officially Crimbo month now, you do know that? Hee hee hee...

Anonymous said...

Yes Wendz ouch, you wanna watch that Lettuce, sweet as she looks, she has a mean right hook and a painful pinch ;-)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha

Anonymous said...


Calamity Tat said...

Look at me look at me, it's me, I got onto your blog... ooch ouch... look at me...

But why is all I have to say?
kisses my heartey one xxxx

lettuce said...

hee hee.

Arnica is good for bruises.

Molly Bloom said...

I hope you are ok and the ringworm, lice haven't got you. Peppermint oil is really good for lice. Diluted. Can't wait to put up my Christmas tree to put my bauble up. If anyone is interested, in Paperchase, they have these little miniature wooden trees with little tiny miniature wooden figures that hang from each branch. All for under a tenner. Really cute.

PG said...

I think they have proved that teens are biologically configured to sleep for ages at a time, I used to sleep ofr 12-15 hours in a go, wish I could do that now!

Pod said...

ow! you ol' bugger you!

hmm, how much more alluring can a lettuce with headlice and ringworm become i ask?

manuka oil from NZ is good for the job, applied three times a day. it isnt as harsh as tee tree and more potent, so it shouldnt harm the skin, though i am unsure about how it would affect a lettuce? :-/

ramblingwoman said...

i thought I left a comment here earlier!

Oh no I didn't...I left it in the last blog!

Did you win that Ringworm? Why on earth were you even looking for Ringworm on ebay? The mind boggles....maybe you meant to type some obscure weaving implement instead and your finger slipped!
Maybe you were looking for 'ring warm' (ooh err) or 'singfarm' or 'ringjars' or 'wingfarms'.....

Anonymous said...

OH RW is back and rambling...ha ha..nice one RW!

lettuce said...

hahaha - I wish!

nope, LG has had it. Cleared up v. quickly, thank goodness.


What other unpleasant childhood lurgies has she stil to catch I wonder? scabies? ricketts? there can't be many of the minor ones left that she hasn't had.

Pod said...


oh and that thing where you get cornflakes stuck to yer heed