Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yes I know its already virtually a week into December.

Blimey O'Reilly.

And I think I have finally faced up to the fact that it is nearly Christmas and I need to get a little bit organised, do shopping and stuff.

I've been doing a lot of shopping on behalf of my parents, so thats always fun - spending someone else's money.

Mostly in TK Maxx.

I was just about organised enough in time for LG's advent calendar to be ready on the first.

Lovingly made for her by her aunt, my lovely sister, this is it:

Definately a labour of love, my sister isn't a naturally crafty woman. She can sew very well if she needs to but wouldn't particularly choose to do it.

But this was a special gift for a long-awaited niece.

She asked my permission first (!) - knowing from her own experience that November 29/30th "Oh crap" feeling - and how difficult it is to find things to fit in all those little pockets.

Here are some of LG's gifts so far:

Her Wade animal collection began when I found some in a charity shop a few years ago and realised they would fit perfectly in the pockets.

There are a few more to come this year, and a few more of the little mini stone eggs. (dragon eggs to those of us in the know)

Many of the other pockets contain chocolate/sweets (hmmm, maybe it shouldn't be hanging above the radiator?) coins - a few have bits of paper starting treasure hunts. Not because we're such brilliantly creative interesting parents, but because we're simply not dedicated enough to find sufficient little teensy weensy things - some of them simply wont fit and are stached around the house somewhere.

Some of the pockets are still empty.


Don't tell.

More of those "Oh crap" moments to come, unless I think of something else soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh you're home.

I always mean to do an advent calendar for the boys but the thought of finding 50 little thingies is just too much. So yet another year without one..and I won't buy the crappy ones in the shops.

Pod said...

how lucky!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely aunty she is. I loved your idea of putting bits of paper in some pockets as clues to a treasure hunt. I remember you telling me that at the CL Fair. I used to do the same for Jazz when she was little (easier when you have one child) and I felt so proud of myself until one year when she asked me if she could just have a chocolate one from the shops! Yes Wendy those crappy chocolate ones from the shops are a source of great joy to my 3! I have a very beautiful little paper one in the kitchen that looks like my welsh dresser in the kitchen. I shall have to photograph it for you, it is so nicely illustrated.

Anonymous said...

Dons they would be a bit of heaven for my 2....but oh hell they eat enough junk as it is. I can't bear the thought of a daily choccie in their mouths.

ramblingwoman said...

We've got a Sponge Bob Square Pants and a Bratz calendar this year!

I did buy a lovely one at the CL fair but only I open that one - they others aren't interested! If it ain't chocolate it ain't worth it! (sigh)

Primrose Hill said...

I think I've got the same one as Donna, it's by Pheonix Trading - I wish I had a welsh dresser like that! It is really sweet though. Will have to get myself organised and make a pretty one like yours for next year - keep meaning to do it but there are always a million and one things to do at this time of year!

lettuce said...

yay! i did it!!! thanks to Wendy for the fab. Christmas header, all her own work, I managed to cut and paste it in but only with her help.

Anonymous said...

Yay - it looks lovely - I am just trying to suss out why there's gap above the bottom border - it shouldn't be there.

Anonymous said...

Oh maybe you should change the border margins so that the last bit is 0px instead of 10px..i think..just try and preview it.

lettuce said...

border to 0px meant no border at all - but reducing the height a bit did it!


ramblingwoman said...


Jay said...

That's a really neat calendar, what luck to have such talent in the family. I can barely use the stapler!

Clammy Tats said...

hahaha Jay !
Oh letty such talent, I fogot this year to buy calendars thankfully MIL purchased one so we have the joy of fights in the morning deciding who's turn it is !! well she's never in a million years buy 4 ! Bof

Anonymous said...

what a great advent calender. Wade animals are lovely animals to find in it.

I would love a new header but can't find how to do it anywhere.

Bird said...

lovely calendar. wonderful post.

your post reminded me i had yet to put out our advent calendar. so off i went to hunt through boxes and pull out our old and battered advent calendar. i made it after my daughter's first christmas at which we had a family reunion. each door opens up to reveal a picture - some from the reunion, and others cut out from magazines and christmas cards.