Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Ugly Sweater Day

About time for something new!

and the perfect occasion -


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If only I could be at your party, I could perhaps have worn one of these:



But the truth of the matter is - I have to confess - I have been unable to get organised to buy a plane ticket and be there because I have been so completely mesmerised by the choice of gorgeousness over here, that I can't drag myself away from the screen.


I really do wish I could be there.


ramblingwoman said...


Those gold trousers on that woman!!!!!!!! I mean, the jumpers were bad enough! BUT THOSE TROUSERS! AND HER DEAD PAN FACE! hahahahahah. very funny Letty.

Kitty said...

oh God yes RW is right. The trousers. I've never seen anything like it. Sorry I'm laughing too much to say anything else.

Joyce said...

Okay, so I actually sorta like sweater #3.
And isn't she a peach?! I discovered her as well when I googled "ugly sweater". I'm so glad you invited her over to your spot to have a little party all on your own!!
thank you,
and yes, we'll have a smashing good time. Wish you were here.

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe brilliant. You shall jolly well have to host one of your own my sweet :-)

Joyce said...

come and see your prize!

Carlotti said...

Well done! My ugly sweater can hardly compete with those specimens. What a scream, and the tights are just the icing on the cake.

Pod said...

ooh (expressed with very small round pod mouth). nasty!

my goodness


Anonymous said...

Nobody could click onto that and not smile! I think you may have found the cure for depression Lettuce!

Or SAD at the very least. :O)

Anonymous said...

What trousers? I can't see the last picture..ptb.

trac said...

Oh Wendy - quick! Click on the word 'here' in the post. I know you'll love it!? :O)

(I can't see the last pic either)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweater #3.

lettuce said...

Hi Judy, you have no blog so I can't say hi anywhere else.

Yes, I was in 2 minds about whether or not sweater no.3 should be here. It just seemed a bit much all together.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Trac - I missed the 'here' bit...well that was a 'spit-my-coffee-over-the-keyboard' moment....hilarious....I want gold pants like that to scare everyone away.

Dizzy said...

OK, the gold pants and the very pretty sweaters, but what about the names they are given... Flower fortune cookie, Trapezze Lay' Tease, Goblit From Bethlahem!!!

And... you know that lady had to change all those times to show us her pretty collection, and get back in to the exact same pose... what patients.

Very funny blog Letty.

PS I didn't find sweater number 3!

Dizzy said...

Pps. Are you sure you didn't knit that 3rd jumber on you blog... Oh is that jumper No. 3 - Doh!

Molly Bloom said...

Oh goodness me! Avert mine eyes! Christmas wrapping paper sweater! Made me giggle.

Molly Bloom said...

I wonder what you are going to send me??? Intrigue! Thankyou whatever it isxxx

Joanna said...

mesmerising ineed a little like a colidescope

Anonymous said...

Blasted blogger beta! Sometimes I show up, sometimes I don't. When I switched to beta it put all my info on a very private blog I keep for my grandson. I have got to find a way around it.

Glad you found me anyway. I'm really only hiding from my daughter's in-laws!

Judy - Anybody Home