Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween lantern.

Stage 1. Bought pumpkin.

Thats All.


Not quite all gone.

Resident Demon Child.


Pod said...

goodness, that's a costume and a half!

Calamity Tat said...

Yes but where's her costume???

Anonymous said...

Oh.... she's so cool!

How did you get your own daughter to be your weather pixie though?

ramblingwoman said...

brilliant wings! Yes, as Tat said...where's her costume? She's just wearing her normal clothes? (hahaha)

No pics of Hols though I'm afraid....she went to a friends and did it all from there...when I picked her up five hours later all that remained was her red sprayed in hair and very very red lipstick!

Joyce said...

what I see:
pumpkin pie
chocolate lunch
and YIKES!

(moosehead is Canadian beer.
very cold,quite nice.)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Trac...

Cool wings...what happened to her tights though? There's weird white stuff on them.

lettuce said...

hahaha, yes it is mostly her normal clothes!

the white marks are skulls and cross-bones.

of course!

Donna said...

Brilliant, she looks proper scary!

I remember going to a Suede fan club gig, waiting in line to go in there were 2 parents and one boy aged around 7. A couple of goths came up and the little boy said at the top of his voice 'Oh look mum halloween people'. I would have laughed out loud but his mum was very cross with him (embarrassed probably!). Every time I see goths now I think 'halloween people' hehehehe

lettuce said...

halloween people - hahaha.

I think LG would be quite pleased with that!!

Carlotti said...

My version of a Jack-o-lantern is the uncarved pumpkin in the grocery store. You went a whole step further!

My breakfast started this morning with some Glossette raisins. Mmmmmmmmm...