Sunday, November 26, 2006



I heard a winter tree in song

Its leaves were birds, a hundred strong;

When all at once it ceased to sing,

For every leaf had taken wing.

by Mervyn Peake



poetically .......

..... my newest bird feeder.

Who'd have thought fat balls could look so sinister?

I wasn't at all prepared for the disturbingly gruesome wicker-man/totem appearance of this.

Lets hope it doesn't spoil the birds' appetites.


Pod said...

i'm sure they'll east it, but they may have to close their eyes whilst doing so?

Anonymous said...

Aah the crab apple tree still has its apples...can't believe its 2 weeks since I was there.

I got the CD's Letty - sent you a mail..hope you got it. Thank you again I am wearing them out! :O)

Anonymous said...

Oh those greedy little peckers won't mind a bit. I put out 4 fat balls and 2 days later they are gone.

Anonymous said...

What? Those balls are for eating? I thought they were tennis balls.

lettuce said...

tennis balls??? no, fatty fat fat balls. Yum yum.

and donna is right, they're nearly all gone.

trac said...

hahaha - Pod!

Yeah, def coffee this week! :O)
Hope you're ok...

Pod said...

are you ok little love?
do you like dr who? having been away for so long, i dont know if it is cool to admit that i liked it or not?

lettuce said...

oh yes, at least 50 extra coolness points for liking Dr. Who.

Anonymous said...

Oooh look at Pod, he's all grown up! Quite dishy too by the looks of things ;-)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

excellent bird poem. i love when the grackles and red winged black birds come an army stong and turn over oak leaves to find aconds. its like the whole earth is crawling.


Pod said...

yes i always loved dr who, especially tom baker. i have lots of dr who memories, but i did really like the new one and dare i say (eek) billy piper!!

i just posted something yoy might like.

whats up chuck? big pod hug comin' atcha


Molly Bloom said...

Hello there Lettuce, thankyou so much for your lovely prezzie. That was the sweetest thing ever and just what I needed. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyouxx

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lettuce said...

Lets not, eh?

Good bye
Good bloody riddance

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Pod said...

what the fek is cod soma?
hope you're ok

ramblingwoman said...

fat balls eh?