Thursday, September 21, 2006


Well, LG's age is beginning to catch up with her behaviour.

TWELVE today. A teenager next year, as she keeps gleefully informing us.

Twelve years of transformation from this:

through this, for a while

Milly Molly Mandy?

First day at infant school:

to this: in brand new twelfth-birthday gear:

Sorry for the not-quite-up-to-standard quality of the pic. - taken on a mobile phone.

The fact that she is just about taller than me in the buffalo boots greatly enhances their attraction for her.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GEM (I'm under instruction here) DEMON CHILD


Bird said...

quite a metamorphosis (sp?)

and stil more to come.

happy birthday to the daughter - and to the mum too - it was a quite a day for you as well.

Anonymous said...

My reaction on seeing the first photo was..."Aaaah!" and I got all broody - so I slapped myself.

Scary how they grow up so fast!

Happy Belated Birthday DC!

ramblingwoman said...

That first baby pic of LG/DC looks EXACTLY LIKE M's mum!

Hope she had a great steak dinner! (STill chewing it?)

lettuce said...

It certainly was quite a day. Well, quite a couple of days actually!

Do we EVER stop getting broody?

hahahahaha - Luce, how could you say such a thing!!!!!

bit chewy, but only in places

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday, Demon Child.

Sorry I missed it yesterday. Not sure how that happened.

ramblingwoman said...

Letty: Trac left a comment for youon my blog as she can't access your blog from Tat's computer - geddit? (ran home for my lunch in case you're confused)

Anonymous said...

Shot up in twelve years!
What happened to the spiky hair?

Donna said...

Happy belated birthday DC! I thought I had already left that message but now I remember I got called away mid comment and had to abandon it.

That girl of yours is gorgeous Lettie. Just wait til those hormones kick in and she discovers BOYS!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

She looks well random that deamon child, cool as a little salad, and all those pictures...what a poppet. Happy birthday DC

Joyce said...

that gave me a little grin--
How do they go from poopy cooing babe to "babe with attitude"? overnight?