Monday, September 04, 2006

buzz buzz buzz

Busy busy buzz buzz buzz

Not with work though.
Nor blogging.
Nor buying school uniform. (Its okay, it is bought though).

M went to buy school uniform etc. today, with LG. Despite (actually rather brief) list and ample shopping opportunity, some items were mysteriously not bought. I always thought the function of a list was for reminding one what needs to be bought/done; for checking (?before leaving the shop??) to make sure nothing is omitted. I fail to understand how this happens. Is it "I couldn't be arsed & wanted to get home to my computer" disguised as "Oh dear! how did I forget that?"
Nothing crucial though, all will be ready for the start of school on Weds.
Including the round protractor thingy.

2 visits to TKMaxx within 3 days. Some great goth / skull-embellished clothes and trainers for LG's birthday. OMG she will be 12 soon.

Great visit from RW and her girls & visit to the London Aquarium (picture blog to follow, I'm loving my new(-ish) camera).
Lovely evening with RW and Molly - which involved rifling through some of my button collection - recently added to with some lovely lovely buttons from (lovely) Donna, via a swap.

Guests from Jersey - Dizzy and GOM (not so grumpy at all actually).
Watching and celebration of M's (excellent, interesting, engaging, articulate.....) appearance on BBC TV on Sunday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're waiting for further offers. (Lets hope they pay him, next time.)

Dizzy and I spent the rest of Sunday making tassels.

More pictures will follow on my textiles blog.

Work MUST ensue this week, I have marking to do.
Not before I do my tassel blog though - so much more compelling.

UPDATE - for more tassels, click here. (did do work first though :o( )


ramblingwoman said...

I wish we'd done some tasselling when I was there! Can't wait to see them.

So, that's a peg bag and a shell/rope tassel for RW's birthday and Christmas - sorted!

Forgot Dizzy had been there - sounds like you had a great time.

Geena said...

When you send a man to do the shopping he messes up deliberately in the hopes you won't send him again..

Fabulous tassles..

euro-trac said...

I mess up the shopping in the hope that Nick won't send me again... It doesn't work though! :O)

Yeah cool tassles!

dizzydaftdays said...

Now home, I found my loose beads (as you do!) and have continued to add to my tassels. I can tell you they are great.

Another fine skill learned from Letty!

lettuce said...

is that you looking at my blog, Tat? - I can't get to yours ????? :o(

Molly Bloom said...

I absolutely adored your buttons. I came home and got out my tiny, teeny box and felt that I wanted to go and get loads and loads of buttons to run my fingers through. So lovely they are. Thankyou so much for having me. It was such fun.

Jay said...

Making tassels? Tassels must be made?

grumpy old woman said...

Yay, we're just a pair of sleek and smooth girls - oh yes, with hot personas too! hee hee


PG said...

OOH, tassels, I love them, had a brief period of making them, but never took it as far as you. Don't they look gorgeous all hung together!