Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bizarro world

No - its not RW and the girls (in London, at the end of the summer holiday in August) who are/were bizarre (on the other hand ..... )

Nor even the pigeons eating left over lunch

It was after lunch that we entered Bizarro World - AKA the London Aquarium.

Lots of pictures follow - I'm so pleased with my great new camera (not only new, but free).
So if you're not interested in bizarre pictures, or if fish leave you cold - feel free to depart now. Please come back another day.

We saw:

1. the predictable

(but still quite impressive)

2. The pretty:

(Nemo fish to most of us)

3. The surreal and alienesque:

4. The closest I'm ever likely to get to a coral reef:

5. The bizarrely-named :
Peter's Elephant-Nose

Fox-face rabbit (???):

"Tom-pot Blenny" wouldn't even come out to be photographed at all. And who can blame him/her?

6. The whiskery. (personal chin hair comment deleted)

7. The almost-invisible.
There are 3 fish in this picture.

8. Those that probably wish they were invisible

and 9. Those which really should be invisible:

10. The vaguely disturbing

11. The definately disturbing.

12. The beautiful. My favourite. What fabulous colours. Inspiration for a tassel maybe....

13. The beastly. aka "butters" (butt-ugly according to current south London slang.)

14. The extraordinary and not-at-all-fish-like

15. Robotic. Bizarre on quite a different level.

16. Touchy-feely.
Also bizarre and unexpected, in that they felt unbelievably soft and velvety.

17. And finally - the cute and very appealing.
At least, to me. Does that make me bizarre?

So which of these would you most like to eat/be/be eaten by?


euro-trac said...

Awww.. I thought butters was quite cute! Still, I always go for the underdogs. Errr... underfish!

But, where oh where are the seahorses?
I love seahorses!

No prob leaving a comment here at all, in the slightest!

Geena said...

Not tempted eat one of those critters, thank you...but the 'tassel look-alike' is very pretty. I could be that one.

Oh Trac - I also adore seahorses!

lettuce said...

yes, did see the seahorses. Which I never quite believe are real.

Didn't get any good pics. though.

Kitty said...

I'm not a big fan of aquaria but I do love seahorses and turtles.

Cool photos. Hope you didn't dive in to take them!!

Dizzy said...

What great photos. I liked The Beautiful, The Surreal and Alienesque, Nemo of course - who doesn't, and The Touchy-Feely - I liked his spots.

What a fasinating world we live in. I do dive and its fabulous, you enter a complete other world full of beauty and colour (and the ugly).

I was bitten once by a Titan Trigger Fish, little git! Apparently I got too close to its nest.

a seahorse said...

Of course we're real!!

Look how many fans we've got...
Everyone loves us.

euro-trac said...

I love turtles too!

But don't tell the seahorses, they'll only get jealous...

Joanna said...

A lovely fishy collection. I would not eat any. Maybe it would be fun to go paddling with turtles!

Joanna said...

A lovely fishy collection. I would not eat any. Maybe it would be fun to go paddling with turtles!

Molly Bloom said...

Dearest Lettie, these photos have really cheered me. You are such a wonderful person. Thankyou for your kind wordsxxx

PG said...

Wonderful, I love anything underwater and now I really really really want to visit a big aquarium...I would like to BE a jellyfish I think. Although I did once dream I was a manta-ray. Very peaceful it was too. Brilliant photos.
(thank you for the blackberry liquer recipe I am going to try it if I get out soon for the berries)

Donna said...

Brilliant photos Lettie, you are a great photographer. I liked 10, the vaguely disturbing. Their faces look unreal, like something out of Monty Python!

ramblingwoman said...

We couldn't get near the sea horses because they were being fed when we were there and there was a massive crowd of people around their stable.

Sea horses are much smaller than one might expect. More ponies than horses.

euro-trac said...

and they're really rubbish swimmers! :O)

lettuce said...

hahaha - love that male pregnancy thing though!