Friday, July 07, 2006


I'm just away for a little bitsy while, and everything changes.

Wendy is gone.
Pauline is gone.

Thank goodness for new blogs too, nice to have Dizzy and Geena around.

And Trac is all different and brand shiny new. And will be away soon. ptb. (For us not for her)

New (new-different, not brand-new) stair carpet which looks v.good.

New shed still waiting to be painted and erected. Time and weather need to coincide.

Same old guinea pigs.
Same old moody old argumentative extremely stroppy looking-for-a-fight 11 year-old.
Same old bloody PMT nearly all the bloody time.
Same old heart-ache.
As well as the new one.

Time may change me but I can't trace time.

Gardening is wonderful and therapeutic.
In-laws are a mixed blessing.
Blogging and button- and tassel- making takes my mind off things. For a while.
(btw, anyone out there who will confess to finding me while searching for "orange hippopotamus"? I'd LOVE to know why!!)

But nothing helps as much as friends.
Off to see a v. good friend today.
Back later.


euro-trac said...

Oooh, you've come over all Bowie!

Hope to see you in France :O) looks like I've missed you here before I go....

Kitty said...

Hope you have a good day. Nice to see you back.

Dizzy said...

70's, the best years for music, I say.

Hall must be looking nice with the stair carpet - gone posh eh.

Not long now till your hols Letty only 2 1/2 weeks to go.

Have a good weekend with the outlaws, hope the conversation changes....

Lots of love XXX

Geena said...

I've always wanted to have wooden stairs that I can paint in different colours...not that this has anything to do with your carpet, of course.

Nice to meet you by the way. I'm Geena ;-)

Molly Bloom said...

I hope you are ok. It's good to see you back. We've missed you!
Let me know if you need anythingxx

Donna said...

Hi Letty. Good to see you honey. Thinking of you and missing you too. Stay strong :-)
D xxxx

cream said...

Plus ça change...
Things always remain the same really! It's our outlook that changes!
And the number of glasses of wine!

Dizzy said...

Hi Letty,

Hope your weekend is going ok and that you had some fun last night. XX

Calamity Tat said...

Letty love, I am sooooooo looking forward to seeing you if you can make it.. I promise much fun and laughter to cheer your heart, I hope you make it, let me know.... Gros Bisous

Dasha said...


Tasha said...


Dayngr said...

The only thing that remains the same is change... Great blog!

PG said...

Dear Lettuce, I'm not sure about all this PTB stuff (??!) but good wishes speeding over from here to you. Life is so bloody difficut sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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