Friday, March 10, 2006


Hmmm ... what to talk about today?

Well, Bendy Wendy's yoga class this morning.
I didn't need to find an excuse to get out of doing a shoulder stand this week because:

a. we didn't do them
b. I still had my period anyway.


It seems to be going on forever.
If I did have a period/menopause pixie (see Trac) it would be looking extremely weary, pissed off, and bleached of all colour. I can feel my life-force being leeched away.....

Anyway, yoga was almost (not quite) boring (!!!) (don't look at me) because over half the class was stuff I couldn't do. (Only because of the period. Obviously. I could totally have done it all otherwise. No, really.) So I did a lot of this instead:

Which is very nice and relaxing.

But then a lot of these:
which aren't so much.

(I don't know where the bare chests and water came from - there was none of that in rainy Charlton this morning)
(but I did find out, after the class (whilst searching for these pics), that these are particularly good poses for menstruating and/or menopausal women - so Clever Bendy Wendy! she clearly knows what she's doing.)

The rest of the class were doing this:

which I was glad to be avoiding.
So there you are.

I am actually at work at the moment and feel very naughty (hee hee) to be drafting my blog when I could be getting on with serious academic business. Though I shortly have a meeting about induction and registration of new students in September, which is one of my big administrative jobs. Its a real pain in the arse to have to start thinking now, in serious detail, about September; this is planning which will go on from now until then. Relentlessly. With unforeseen complications, major/minor crises along the way, uncooperative colleagues, hundreds of emails... blah blah blah. And people always say "Oh, you get those lovely long holidays, don't you?" I WISH.

Yesterday, however, was a day off work, at my weaving class where I am spinning some wonderful alpaca, and silk. I then met a friend and we saw Capote- I'm having such a cinematic and cultural week - which is also truly excellent. Completely absorbing and Phillip Seymour Hoffman was mesmerising. He well deserved the oscar. We then had delicious tapas in the new tapas bar downstairs in the cinema complex, and sniggered about the man at the next table sounding off about the film in a very pretentious way. So I will refrain from further comment about the film for danger of sounding similarly pretentious. But go see it!

Tomorrow, Saturday. I will try and lure little Gem out for a bike ride again, and take pics to show you all.

Today's dillo (No. 10) is anaemic, as I feel myself:

(Its also v. small, at 3.5cm/1 1/2 inches).


ramblingwoman said...

hi Lettuga. Accessing this from sunny Bedfordshire (the other two are talking about their dogs - i'm leaving them to it while I log on. It's 1.13 in the morning. Should be in bed!)

Calamity Tat said...

Wow dog walking at 1.13 in the morning, them girls know how to have fun! All that yoga Lettuce makes me feel giddy.....

Molly Bloom said...

I'm impressed by the yoga. I think it must be very relaxing. I don't think my body would be up to such feats of gravity defying body movements. I think it would just be a heap of sweaty Betty on the floor. Hee hee. Good on you for taking some time out at work. We all work too hard.

lettuce said...

yes, made me feel a bit giddy too! and i certainly don't do any of the gravity defying stuff!

Molly Bloom said...

My biscuits have caused quite a stir across blogdom. I think it might be time for another batch. Today I have already eaten half a family sized packet of maltesers, a gallon of lucozade and a bite of a chicken shaped gingerbread thingy, which was very disappointing and hard. I need to look in Nigella to see where I'm up to in the book - the best is the Madeira cake so far and Ramblingwoman can vouch for the snickerdoodles which I took to work and were gone within minutes, but I didn't like them that much. Betty Cress loves to bake - it takes my mind off things. I haven't cried for 4 days - yeehar! Maybe things are looking up.

hippo_pepperpot said...

I would like to try yoga looks hard. How come you can't do some yoga if you are on your period? I had an operation last summer on my uterus because it was giving me such a bad time... my periods are really light now and not painful anylonger.

Kitty said...

It doesn't look at all relaxing to me. I can't even stand on one leg without falling over. I'm really impressed if you do half the stuff in these photos.
Have you been out on the bike or is it snowing where you are too?
As for Betty, why stop at half the packet of maltesers - they'll just go stale! Wish I could bake.

ramblingwoman said...

not walking the dogs - talking about the dogs! The dogs have slightly taken over the conversation. So, maybe another reason not to have a dog Tat?!